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Cooper (Black)
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Cooper (Black)
Cooper (Black)
Cooper (Black)
Cooper (Black)
$265 USD
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Swordfish | Cooper [Black]
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An iconic Fluevog line from the 1980s, popularized by its distinctive pointed toe shape, The Swordfish has been reimagined by John for rockstars everywhere. Inspired by a Swordfish sole request from Alice, this extremely dangerous shoe arrives in rich black or dusty grey leathers, and features a half zipper detailing design. (No marine wildlife were harmed in the creation of this shoe.) Stay Sharp!

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From the fit experts:

Heather & Kailey & Tara from our Toronto (Queen St) store says:
The super soft leather is great for average & wider fit.

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Posted by Peter Bremmam from Victoria, BC:
I am a full blown Vog nut

I just got my Swordfish Coopers a week ago. They fit like butter and the compliments are plentiful. These are the fourth pair of Vogs I own. I can't get enough. Bringing a full loaded Visa over to Gastown next weekend to get pairs 5 and 6 and...
Posted by Dean Halaj from Malton/Toronto:
Alice Cooper Made Me Buy 'Em

As my title states,that's how I was ingulfed into the Wonderful World Of Fluevog's by Mr. John by way of Uncle Alice LOL.In 1991 Alice wore a pair of COWBOY BOOT SWORDFISH boots for his "HEY STOOPID" album and tour.Being a total Coop nut,I had to have those boots.I bought my first pair of SWORDFISHIES which I still proudly show off on special outtings to the Toronto Store where the coolest "Fluevogians©" serve to please, including Miss Heather(a fine lass)and friends.Since then I have purchased my brand new worn black "COOPER" SWORDFISH and resently took home my blue "BUXTON" SWORDFISH 3/4 boots.And yes there are more planned soon.So comfy cool I figured I'd collect the family.Now if only I could get Mr.Fluevog and Mr. Cooper to autograph them for me..Hint hint. Heather,I'll be at the T.O. store soon.Let ya know.LOL.
Posted by Chranders from Boston:
The Pinnacle

I tried on a pair of these over a year ago, but they were a little too intense (and small) for me... but they left their mark, and recently I was informed that a 2nd run had been produced with slightly larger fitment. I was more than ready. They hurt like hell at first, since I normally wear a 13 wide. Things to look out for - separation of the sole from the top near the sharp angles on the front halves, it seems to be glued. Also, the zippers will gouge the leather on the opposite shoe if you hit them together when walking. Finally, the shoe leather is actually brown, and the black dye comes off VERY easily (i found this out when cleaning them with some saddlesoap) It's all worth it though, these are the most daring and noticeable shoes I own. Get ready for everyone who sees them to say "Wow! Those look like a knife should come out of the tip!" and "Wow! You could really hurt somebody with those!"
Posted by Robert Campbell from Canada:
Joe Jackson

Yes, even Joe Jackson said I Looked Sharp!
Posted by Matthew from Burque:
Shoes so cool they can walk on lava

I wore these to the office today under a matching gray suit. Over the course of the day, these shoes stopped conversations, interrupted trains of thought, and generated at least one long, low whistle. One coworker was inspired to start a list of 'most interesting man in the world'-styled facts about me, which included that my shoes were so cool that I could walk on lava. So yes, I'm staying sharp.
Posted by Tim Casey from Minneapolis:
Love my Swordfish Cooper

I bought a pair of these in Quebec City last week. The sales person said they hadn't sold many, which was odd because they are such awesome shoes. I totally agree, and am glad they are not yet common. I LOVE THESE SHOES, and they are very comfortable and super cool. Looking forward to wearing them on-stage with my band, The Martyrs (www.reverbnation.com/timcaseyandthemartyrs). I've got several other Fluevogs, and wear them as often as possible!
Posted by anarchylane from Cowtown:

i own original Swordfish ankle boots from the 80s. it's amazing, but they are in near-mint condition, and the sole is just starting to wear at the bottom edge of the heel. i wear these often, but mostly for special occasions...it's a special occasion when i wear them!!!! most amazing shoes i own. any womens Swordfish coming soon?
Posted by Aaron from Halifax, NS:
BOOSH!! (and/or ka-KOW!!)

I had a Fluevog catalog in High School (the "Fluevogist Manifesto") and always marvelled at the Swordfish. They were like no other shoe I'd ever seen. I didn't get to start my Vog collection until many many years later and always wondered if I'd get the chance to strap on the grandaddy of them all. My 20th pair arrived in the mail last week and they're the Coopers. The website photos do not do them justice. Absolutely sublime.
Posted by Holly Thrasher from Ojai, CA:
Swordfish Boots

I had a pair of women's swordfish boots in the 80's and I had to have them resoled 4 times...they finally gave up and I would love another pair! They were my absolute favorite, most comfortable pair of shoes I ever owned. Pretty please bring back swordfish for women ]:o)
Posted by Brian from Calgary:
Swordfish in Cowtown

love these, comfy and shock value!! these are great shoes and have been a great addition to my collection. Warning...people have spilled coffee while looking at these shoes and not where they were going. BWC

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