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Supervog (Blue with Gray Rub-off)
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Supervog (Blue with Gray Rub-off)
Supervog (Blue with Gray Rub-off)
$99 USD
Reg $189
CLEARANCE | Angels: Supervog [Blue with Gray Rub-off]
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A classic style of Angelic descent with Super swirl details on each side, stripes that reach from far to wide, padded tongue and collar maintain comfort, strength and a snug fit. Leather uppers with leather lining and padded leather foot sock. Original Angelic Sole, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Resoleable. Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.

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Posted by sef from toronto:

I was buy one angel pair in blue color in Toronto shop. excellent. another pair, in red,i bought in Portland. same number but completely different feeling. very uncomfie, and after 15 tries I throw them to basement....
Posted by Blackie from Alabama:
Let Down

I have been wearing JF shoes and boots since late 90's. Last pair I purchased in 2011 were apparently made in China. Seams ripped almost immediately. Pieces of the soles broke off and wore down within a year. I love the style but can't justify the price without the quality. Fortunately I still have my old ones because they are indestructible. What a shame.
Posted by Jeremy from Vancouver BC:
i have this pair - funky but low quality

I bought a pair of these in the spring of 2013. Paid 200 dollars for them and they came out of the China factory and they are very low quality. I already had the heel cup replaced under warranty and the finish is looking terrible - all this before I even had them broken in properly. Any chance I can trade them in for a pair made in the Poland factory? I have several other pair of Fluevogs and none of them are this bad.
Posted by Lady Nottingham from Canada:
I too was unimpressed with the quality of fluevogs in recent years. I didn't buy supervogs tho. HOWEVER. I own an old pair (probably 10 years old), and love them to bits. So I picked up some sole replacements, and went to a cobbler. After some repair and care, my old vogs are as good as new. To those posting here who are unimpressed with the new vogs but might still have their old supervogs, take them in and get them fixed. Its better than buying a new pair.
Posted by Lori:
Terrible quality now

Fluevogs are wonderful shoes in terms of design. However, after owning several pairs of Angels, it is clear they have sharply and rapidly declined in construction quality and wearability. Mine wore out and ripped apart (soles, lining, heel) well before their time. No way did this happen with my first pair, bought in Montreal 10 years ago. It is shameful that a wealthy company with such style should so destroy the brand in this way to save some cash on manufacturing. Customers deserve better.
Reply from Fluevog at Fluevog:
We're so sorry to hear about your Angels, Lori. The good news is that we've moved production back to Poland. If you check out our 7th Heaven Family, you'll find all of the styles (and more!) that you loved before in their new home. Even Supervogs!
Posted by Rossco from Vancouver:
I feel betrayed...

These shoes are so bad I inspected them to see if they were a knockoff! The stitching is off, the sole is warped, the glue came off of the insert, and they are so uncomfortable that I got a blister after walking less then a kilometre. I can't believe that I'm saying this about fluvogs, but I feel embarrassed to wear them. Which is for the best considering the blister I got and how uncomfortable they are. I am so utterly disappointed with my recent purchase I feel like I have been betrayed by a friend. This would be the 8th pair of Vogs currently in my closet and I am so disappointed that I am actually shocked that John would put his name on such a low quality shoe. I feel ripped off. :( Over the years my brother and I have bought at least 18+ pairs and have turned people on to Fluvogs who wouldn't have bought them without our influence. Outright insisting that someone to "stop humming and hawing and buy a goddamn pair". Some people jokingly told us we should get commission for our efforts. But now I will be telling people how awesome Fluvogs used to be and how they should be careful not to get ripped off like I did. Not all is lost however because, as I was walking away, I found another shoe store in gas town that has some really unique soles for about the same price. So the next time I buy shoes, which is going to be very soon, I will give Fluvogs less consideration, if any, and will give that consideration to people who I believe would't sell such poorly made shoes in their store.
Posted by Colin M. from Vancouver:
Not impressed.

My first pair of Supervogs lasted through 4+ years of heavy wear. I only retired them because I'd burned through the second set of soles, the upper was starting to separate from the sole, and I'd neglected to get an eyelet replaced before it started to tear out - it was cheaper to get a new pair, especially with them on sale, than to bring them back up to snuff. Unfortunately I've been as disappointed with the new pair as I was impressed with the old. In four months of use, eyelets have started to pull; I've shredded two sets of laces, apparently because of a burr (that I can't see) in one eyelet; and both heel linings have worn through. The padding around the cuff is also inferior to that in my old pair, and the finish seems less durable. And yes, they were made in China, though my old pair had been as well and had held up well. As much as I've loved Fluevog in the past, I'd have a hard time recommending these to anyone until the quality can be assured. These have fallen far short of my expectations.
Posted by James from Vancouver, BC:
Next time I see "made in China" from Fluevog, it will be an instant return.

Unfortunately I didn't check to see where these were made until after the first time I wore them outside. The worst experience I've ever had with a pair of shoes (including my pre-Fluevog years). My last pair of these was (like other Angels) one of the best I've had. After being burned with lousy construction on a previous attempt by Fluevog to make some shoes in China, I'm surprised it's been done again. Some companies do get quality products manufactured in China. Either it's not possible with shoes (yet), or Fluevog needs better advice on working with manufacturers there. I'd like to be able to once again trust that Fluevog means quality.
Posted by Vogboston1995 from Boston:
Long time, last time?

I bought my first pair of fluevogs in about 1995,Michaels, brown/burgundy and before the angel sole they had a big beefy work sole, I loved them.. my dog ate them, I replaced them but with, black/red (or black/blue) and then all black (white stitches), I have like 5 pairs around the house.. It's the only dress shoe I wear, anyway, when did they start making them in china or rather not in Poland? The pair I have I've had for a while, 4+ years. But I bought some boots, two years ago, can't remember the name and they are not made anymore. They fell apart, I just figured I was tough on them. I almost bought the supervogs because they're on sale, after reading the reviews, I'm not going to. Sucks, any thoughts on what to wear now? I'm disappointed....
Posted by Reg from Vancouver, BC:
Love em.

I love these shoes lots, first pair. The leather inside feels nice, it does rub a bit, because they're less than a week old, went into the store and got them stretched a bit, and they seem better, just wear double socks to wear it out a bit! :)

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