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Supervog (Noir avec des points de couture Beiges)
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Supervog (Noir avec des points de couture Beiges)
Supervog (Noir avec des points de couture Beiges)
$99 USD
Reg $189
LIQUIDATION | Angels: Supervog [Noir avec des points de couture Beiges]

Un style angélique classique avec des tourbillons bien détaillés sur les côtés combiné aux rayures sur la pointe. La languette rembourrée et le cuir dont elles sont faites assurent un confort et une excellente durabilité. Semelle angélique originale; 100% naturelle, biodégradable, qui se ressemelle, qui résiste à l'alcali, l'eau, l'acide, la fatigue et à Satan.'

Instagram @fluevog #vog_supervog

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Posted by Billy Prime from Washington, DC:
Unbelievable Comfort

These are, hands down, the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. I've worn my Supervogs just about every day for an entire year. Though I've nearly worn through the sole, they still remain the best day-to-day shoe I've found. The toe cap on this one is slightly higher than your average shoe, which has had the unfortunate side effect of scuffing on everything - so if you're clumsy like me, you'll need to polish them regularly, and the toe may need to be repaired after some use. Overall, I consider this the best value for a shoe I've had in memorable history. I will certainly replace these with another pair when these fall apart.
Posted by Al from Los Angeles:
they suck

X-) The glue holding the soles together came apart after a week. They opened p liek a mouth. I returned them for repairs 3 x and they cannot be fixed You guys should warranty these!
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Hi Al, they are warrantied under 8 months. Someone will be contacting you shortly about resolving this for you. Sorry to hear about your Supervogs!
Posted by Ekoorb from Minneapolis, MN:
I love these shoes and have had several pairs. I still think my favorite are the old-school ones which were blue, green, and burgundy, so awesome. I have again (after about 7 years of heavy use) worn though another pair. I would love to replace them.
Posted by Charlotte from Portsmouth, NH:
Love em'!!!

I have had my Angels Supervogs since I was in high school circa 1998. I love these shoes. They survived high school, college in hawaii and have taken me on my travels with the United States Navy and even made it all the way to Yokosuka, Japan where I'm currently stationed. I love these shoes, and I'm looking forward to adding another pair to my collection... I just have to choose which one I want... :-D
Posted by Marie from Gatineau:
Simply adorable

I just opened the box containing my burgundy/grey Supervogs, sent from Toronto, and I burst out laughing! :-D They are the funniest looking shoes ever! I will definitely have to wear the pins that came with them (No, you're weird!) to field off comments. I had ordered size 8, based on a carefully calculated average of previous Fluevog purchases (these are my 5th pair of Fluevogs), and they fit perfectly. Thank goodness, because no one contacted me to check sizing. Walking around is like a dream - these are seriously comfy shoes. And I can't stop looking at my feet! Simply adorable. They've grown on me really fast!
Posted by Lin:
I *adore* these shoes. When I first wore them they rather uncomfortably chafed my insteps, but since I've broken them in they are by far my most comfortable shoes. They're my go-to shoes for when I don't know what to wear, and I get compliments on them all the time.
Posted by Robin from Minneapolis, MN:
Best Shoes ever!

I purchased the Red w/Grey Supervogs when I was in NY. Every time I wear them I get compliments, this is the first pair of shoes that truly matches my personality and I can wear on a daily basis. Supervogs are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had on my feet, I want the blue ones too, those will be my next pair. P-)
Posted by Davidmichael Schmidt from Upstate New York:
Rejuvination for the Dogs!

WHY:I wear these shoes on days my dogs want to bark. As a high end event designer, work days are fast, on my feet, hauling, loading, designing, and I still need to look good. I can put these on at 5:30 AM and flip them off at 11:30 PM. GOOD: I was iffy when I purchased these but they are so GD comfy its like my feet are getting a massage all day long. BAD: The lace on one of them stripped third day out. GOOD AGAIN:I had a back up set and they are going strong.
Posted by Tammy D from Prince George BC:
Ahhhhhhh Thank you!!!!

I bought these this past summer in Van at Granville Location. I spent 3 days this fall shopping West Edmonton mall in these and WOW other than my feet getting a little hot I am sooooo happy I chose these to bring as my walking shoe :) Love em and would tell anyone to buy em.
Posted by Janet from Kensington, MD:
When I wore these the other day, two people said they look like bowling shoes. I'm totally happy with that. Love my 6th pair of Vogs.

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