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Keaton (Olive)
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Keaton (Olive)
Keaton (Olive)
Keaton (Olive)
Keaton (Olive)
$289 USD
Reg $389
Feature | Keaton [Olive]
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Fabriquée d'un cuir souple portugais et de détails en denim, avec un bout arrondi et un bon rebond aux orteils, un style innovateur, construite sur une semelle de caoutchouc moulée par injection, la botte Keaton propose un look entièrement nouveau. À la croisée stylistique du rock n' roll et de l'ultra-chic, elle porte le nom de la légende du vaudeville et du grand écran Buster Keaton. Il a eu une grande influence sur le film comique et on retrouve toujours l'influence de son style d'écriture dans les films d'Hollywood d'aujourd'hui. Be the Good Guy in your movie. (Jouez le rôle du bon gars dans votre film.)

Instagram @fluevog #vog_keaton

From the fit experts:

Brian from our Toronto (Queen St) store says:
This boot is tight on the arch but the zipper doesn't add pressure on the foot.

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Posted by Tammy from Austin:
I want these

I don't own these. I wish I did. These would be awesome women's shoes. If I could get these in a size that fits, I would.
Posted by Miriam from Phoenix:
Made for each other

I kept eyeballing the purple Keaton boots when they went on sale, but I couldn't bring myself the pull the trigger on the purchase. When they disappeared from the website, I was not a little heartbroken. I decided right then and there that if I could find them again, someway, somehow, I would commit myself to those beautiful shoes. Well, a few e-mails and a few hours later, I tracked them down in New York. I was a little nervous about buying them site unseen and untried, as these were to be my first (but not my last) pair of Fluevogs, but the kindly gentleman on the phone assured me that this style would fit a lady's wide foot quite nicely. Sure enough, they fit nearly perfectly out of the box. No pinching, no rubbing, no slipping, no break-in time required. I couldn't zip them all the way up at first, on account of my large calves, but after several wearings the leather has softened a bit, and I can zip them, though I don't prefer to wear them that way. These have been my go-to boots this winter, and now my feet complain when I wear my "economical" shoes. I love them so much, I may well wear these through the 115 degree Phoenix summers.
Posted by Brendan S. from Boston, MA:
Best Boots EVER!

I loved my purple Keatons so much, I just picked up the olive ones! Pair #24!! As always, the crew at Boston cannot be beat. They're simply the best. Much love!
Posted by John S:
Keaton is the best

I bought a purple pair and they are so excellent I need an olive colored pair too.
Posted by Bill Anderson from New Zealand:

I've got radios in a 10 and Beat whalers and Beat Duncan's in a 10. The radios were a bit tight initially, but are great now. The Beats are just FANTASTIC Iin terms of sizing. I got these boots in 11 cos the sizing said "Fits small" to a degree. My 11s are a bit big. I've got an insole to make them fit well. But I'm besotted. I CAN'T do without my Fluevogs!
Posted by Rochelle:
A nice woman in London very kindly offered to mug me for these boots. She said if she were going to mug anyone for their boots it would be me. I was very flattered.
Posted by Cathy from Halifax:
Finally mine

These boots were instant online lust for me. I love this take on laceless boots, since I swore off laces years ago. I tried on a pair in Montreal so I knew that the size 8 would fit me (I wear women's 8.5 to 9). When they finally became part of the SAD sale the same week as my birthday, I pounced. ]:o) Out of the box they feel like they were custom-made for me. Soft leather, sold comfortable sole. My orthotic inserts fit perfectly. I want to wear them every day. I got these in black and now I daydream about them becoming available someday in a forest green with blue or black denim accent.
Posted by John Pettitt from San Francisco:
Love the boots but no 13s?

Love these boots, have them in black and they have become my favorites. My only complaint is you don't have the purple in a 13. :-(
Posted by Omigeo from NYC:
Such awesome boots!!

I received my Purple fluevog boots and they fit like a dream. The color is georgous because its not a bright purple but more of a faded or a washed out purple with faded denim strips that is attached besides the length of the zipper. These do not eat my socks up which some boots I owe tend to do. I'm a women and I wear a size 8.5 to a 9 in boots and in these (since they are mens) an 8 fit perfect. If your ankles or calf are to big they might not fit since that part of the boot is narrow when zipped. I think when buying any of the fluevog shoes its best to try them on in the store in my opinion. I have gotten like 5 pairs of Fluevog within this year alone. @>-
Posted by Pat from Madison, Wis.:
Awesome boots

I just received these, and while I'm normally not one to jump into relationships too quickly, I do love them. They are a darker purple than I expected based on the photo, but I think that's a good thing. They fit beautifully. I am a women's 10, and I ordered a men's 8. Extremely comfortable. I've been walking around work showing everyone. Fluevogs rule!

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