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Charles (Black)
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Charles (Black)
Charles (Black)
$175 USD
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Future Angels | Charles [Black]
GROUPS:   Casual   Mens   Shoes  

The Charles is styled with classic brogue details and is made with scratch leathers and contrast stitching. The custom made molded sole brings you forward to the future and still protects you from the elements and most of all, Satan. "Your sole will direct your future". Not resolable.

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From the fit experts:

Sean C. from our New York store says:
Fluevogers love the Future Angel Charles because they run true to size and are ready to rock.

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Posted by Charles from Portland, OR, USA:
comfortable and stylish

I bought these at the Seattle store while waiting for my wife to try on every pair of womens' shoes in the store. A great buy (and my first pair of 'vogs) that I have enjoyed for almost a year now. Very comfortable for all day wear, and the added advantage that they look like boots under jeans, and get lots of nice compliments. A definite recommend!
Posted by Winona Johnston from Victoria:

My husband has these shoes and every time he wears them I just love it, these are such sexy shoes! He loves to wear them and this says a lot as he is not one for dress shoes. ,-> He always gets great comments on these shoes. Thanks for making such fabulous shoes.
Posted by Brent McCombs from alteregohalifax@mac.com:
Most Comfy Ever

These are by far my most comfortable pair of 'Vogs. I can wear these for an entire day of shooting on a concrete floor (I'm a photographer), going up and down ladders and never get tired.
Posted by Archie from Hell City, Hell:
Future Angels

Super comfy, good looking and holding up well in the harsh weather. I was a little put out that they were made in China given the price-I still haven't gotten over the stigma of low quality items coming from there. Only time will tell, I suppose. For the record though, I would happily pay more for a shoe that is made elsewhere.
Posted by Jeff Richardson from Tulsa:
Past, Present, and Future- Angels

I'm a longtime Fluevog fan, and I've got to say- the Future Angel line is my all-time favorite. These shoes are extremely comfortable, and really stand out in the crowd. I've gone through several pairs, and I come back to them every time.
Posted by R. Potter from Chicagoland:
People stop you on the street

I've only owned these for a couple of weeks and I've already had people stopping me to ask where I got my comfortable looking shoes. One of these people was actually a sales clerk at a store down the street from the Chi-town store. Right now these are my everyday kicks. I am going to take them back to the store to get the eyelets worked on because I'm already well on the way to shredding my first set of laces.
Posted by Neal Eaton from Dallas, Texas:
So Stylish, So Comfortable

I got these in the Green/Brown combo as a birthday present when they 1st came out, and I absolutely love these shoes. I get tons of compliments from every one when wearing these...old ladies...young guys...postal workers...everyone! I have not had any of the issues with these that other reviewers have had, but I do not wear them often enough to wear them out.
Posted by Kelsey from Seattle, WA:
Great Shoes

I have the Charles in the Blue and White. They're over a year old now and I continue to get compliments on them. I'm also a girl wearing mens shoes, and still the case! These are what I refer to as 'footgasm' comfortable, especially for office acceptable shoes. As people have said, the rear of the ankle cuff has broken down a bit, but not badly in the case of my pair. All in all, great shoes. I need to get them polished though....
Posted by stan from Kelowna:

I've had three blacks pairs and one brown pair. I wear them nearly every day. They are super comfortable. I've received tons of comments. Women really like them. Downside: They last about six months. The heels wear out first. The interior heels wear out, too. But at the sale price, they are worth it. I wish Fluevog would put their Angelic original soles on them.
Posted by Bob from Victoria, BC:

These are so cool that I bought a spare pair on sale. I get tonnes of positive comments from people and the retro 30s look to these are real eye-catchers. I'm still on the original pair so any concerns of unusual wear might be just an isolated case.

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