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Supervog (Black with White stitch)
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Supervog (Black with White stitch)
Supervog (Black with White stitch)
$99 USD
Reg $189
CLEARANCE | Angels: Supervog [Black with White stitch]
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A classic style of Angelic descent with Super swirl details on each side, stripes that reach from far to wide, padded tongue and collar maintain comfort, strength and a snug fit. Leather uppers with leather lining and padded leather foot sock. Original Angelic Sole, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Resoleable. Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.

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Posted by Richard from Victoria BC:
I want to love my Supervogs...

... but right now, I just can't! I bought burgundy/gray ones in February on a trip to Seattle, and they were perfect right out of the box. Over the last month, though, the crease in the left one has shifted back onto the knuckle of my big toe, and it's EXCRUCIATING to wear it. I got my cobbler to stretch the spot out, but it turns out that it's not a space/roominess issue. There's kind of a box in the front, and for some reason everything around has softened up, but not the one patch where it bends. What should I do? I can barely wear them right now, and only if I'm not walking around!
Posted by No longer a customer to be... from Seattle:

I was about to buy some of these shoes for my upcoming wedding, but now I hear the shoes are being made in China? I'd write a long note about how much that sucks, but I think I'll let my money do the talking. :/
Posted by Jane from PA:
China shoes

For years I have worn Fluevog shoes. The best were made in Poland. Then they were made in Portugal - OK. The ones Made in China are just not up to your high standards of 5-10 years ago. I think people would pay a little extra for you to go back to better made shoes. Now I am looking for a new shoe company, but none compares with your formerly high standards. HElp? :-(
Posted by Brent from Portland:
China made shoes

I have been loyal to the Supervog's for close to two decades having owned more than 10 pairs. It saddens me to say that the quality of the one's made in China don't hold a flame to one's I have made in Poland. Please please please consider increasing the quality control of your Supervog's so I can continue to buy more. :-)
Posted by Ken from Vancouver:
Love these shoes but not new blue colour

O managed to get one of the last pairs of darker blue for this line and I am so glad I did, they are the most comfortable shows I have ever owned. I was so impressed I bought 2 more pairs of Fluevogs (Different styles). I was so depressed when I noticed teh new brigther blue. ( Iagree with teh other person who commented and called them Clown Blue) Please bring back the original colour blue!!!!
Posted by Jerry from Bozeman:

John, My Angel Supervogs (Cobalt Blue w/ Gray rub-off) have reached a state of severe decrepitude. The stitching has pulled away, the well-cared for leather has cracked, etc. All of this wear and tear has resulted from nearly daily use for many years. "So what's your problem they gave you good service--just buy some new ones", you might think. My problem is, I tried to buy new ones and failed--I stopped in at Fluevog SF on Haight on Memorial Day to try on a new pair and to my utter dismay the new Angel Supervog Blue w/Gray rub-off is not even close the original shoes that I own, or more importantly, to the color of my hair--in fact, the new ones are for lack of a more polite way to say it, clown blue. I told the salesman I was not interested and he said "Why not?" At which point I took my old shoes off and held them up next to my hair and the salesman looked at me and said "What's your point, lots of people like the new color?" As a supreme purveyor of style, you can surely understand that I cannot wear clown blue shoes with midnight blue/lapis lazuli hair. Nor for that matter can I wear clown blue hair. Moreover for the rest of your beloved customers, the old shoe color goes, in my opinion far better with black than the new. I own about 50 black shirts so, I am rather heavily committed. If you would be willing to restore/recreate my most beloved shoes, I would be most grateful. This following may refresh your memory regarding how we met: My household of three collectively owns more than a dozen pairs of Fluevog shoes. As we like them so much, and I was so impressed with your unique approach, I set out to learn more. A few years ago, I drove all the way from Montana to Vancouver to meet you. Upon arriving at your store, I introduced myself to your staff and let them know that I had sent a few emails as advance notice to see if you might be around when I arrived. Their initial response was of the form "Are you kidding?" I said "Do I look like the kind of cat who kids around?" They said they would see if you were in and lo and behold you were. You came over to the store, cup of coffee in hand, and said to me "Nice blue hair" at which point I pointed to my matching Fluevogs and you smiled. I then asked you about the inception of the business and your unique approach to shoes. You leaned in quite a bit (I am rather a bit shorter than you are), looked over your glasses and said "I'll tell you if you really want to know." You paused, peered intently and then said, "You look like you really want to know!" You then began to tell me about the business, the tough days in shoe retail and the vision that led you to create your own company. We talked for about 30 minutes. I found our conversation fascinating, because I believe that there are no coincidental meetings, and came home to Bozeman to tell all my friends (who, not coincidentally, all wear Fluevogs) about our meeting. Sadly, the store in our town that sold Fluevogs, no longer does so. I submit this long request, because I believe that of all the shoemakers in the world, only you would understand or perhaps undertake the style challenge presented herein. The pictures attached to this email may help clarify my dilemma. Most Sincerely, Jerry P.S. Don't think I can put pictures in you web thingee--email me and I will send them.
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Thanks Jerry, we sent your note to John. :)
Posted by Tarek from Victoria BC:
tell-tale photo

I read a negative comment about the red ones. Too bad. They could have been great, but looking carefully at the blue photo vs the red photo - ya. The red does not have the same shine. At least not in the photo. I've had many pairs of angels. I'm pretty sure I had a green pair. If I didn't, then I would like a green pair. lol
Posted by Vincent from California:
7th Pair, not very happy

I've been a huge fan of Fluevog shoes for well over a decade. Sad to say though that my newest pair of supervogs are not up to my expectations. My blue (polish made) pair are in beautiful shape, but my newest red (china made) pair are already tearing badly on the inner lining. I still love you guys, but I guess they just don't make 'em like they used to.
Posted by Raiff Tsapatsaris from Winchester, MA:
literal angels on the soles of my shoes

When I was first looking at these shoes online, I honestly couldn't decide between the white/black and the blue/gray colorings. While I admired the elegance of the white/black, I ultimately decided that the blue/gray would pop better in real life. My shoes just arrived and it turns out that I totally made the right decision. They look just awesome and I am super excited to have them on my feet. I have never before in my life been so satisfied with an online purchase that I went out of my way to give it a good review. These shoes are worth it. I just put them on, so they still have a little of that new shoe pinch, but they already have the right feel of footwear that will settle in well. I now feel free to set forth across this great, rolling world that much more resistant to Satan.
Posted by Kiara from Mammoth Lakes, CA:
A year later...

and my supervogs are definitely the most comfortable pair of shoes I've owned in a long time. The roomy toe box and yet snug midfoot make a perfect combination. No heel slippage but plenty of wiggle room for my toes. Get a pair...you won't be sorry!

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