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Derby Swirl (Black)
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Derby Swirl (Black)
Derby Swirl (Black)
$109 USD
Reg $225
CLEARANCE | Angels: Derby Swirl [Black]
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The Derby Swirl is a classic Fluevog Design. A stylish ankle height boot with six eyelets, vegetable tanned leather uppers, leather lining and padded foot sock. Original Angelic Sole, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Resoleable. Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.

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Posted by John Smith from Ontario:
Cheap terrible boots. There is more hype than quality. Save your money and buy a durable pair that won't fall a part after a few months
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Hi John, Please contact one of our stores if you are having trouble with your Angels. We will gladly fix them up, possibly even replace them.
Posted by Hugh Galyean from North Georgia:
After YEARS of happy daily wear of my Derbys, the soles needed replacing - imagine my joy to find the replacements on the website. Then imagine my sadness when I returned to my local shoe repair store to find that not only had they closed shop, but also discarded both Derbys and soles with no hope of getting them back. A few years have passed and I have not been as happy with any alternative boot, so I am about to purchase my second pair of Derbys!
Posted by oldtdevil from San Francisco:
These boots replaced my SAS shoes!

I have really wide feet and wierd ankle issues. I thought I was condemned to wear the comfortable yet complete fashion-void SAS shoes for the rest of my life. And then I found the Derby Swirl. I was converted! Perfect fit and so comfy and stylin'! As God as my witness I'll never wear ugly shoes again!
Posted by Toby from Burlington, VT:
Still going strong

I couldn't be more delighted with my Derby Swirls. They're my third pair of Angels, but my first Fluevog boots and I simply couldn't be happier. With regular care - cleaning, waterproofing, polishing - they're going strong on their THIRD Vermont winter as my sole winter boot. (Check out that shine! http://is.gd/73ymK - flickr link.) Snow, ice, sand, salt, mud... nothing gets 'em down. My custom orthotics fit comfortably inside and my feet stay snug, supported, and happy all year round, dressed up for formal events or down for a day in the woods. Perfect, wonderful, lovely, all-around first-class boots!
Posted by gillian from vancouver, bc:
All Day Long

I bought my first pair of Derby Swirl boots while in High school.. they lasted me years and years. I bought a new pair recently and they are my go-to boots, still. I work as a photographer, and while shooting ALL DAY weddings these bad-boys keep my feet happy. Yaay! Not my only pair of Fluevogs, but my fave. Thank-you Angel Soles!!
Posted by Sebastian from Copenhagen, Denmark:
Boot win

I bought a pair of these on a visit to SF in the summer of '08. They've been my favourites ever since. The most comfortable footwear I've ever owned! I often think that those angel soles ought to fly across the Atlantic more - so I could buy more of them! ;-)
Posted by Richard Gordon from Boston, Massachusetts:
Best boots EVER!

Have worn the same pair, twice resoled, for the last 19 years in rain and snow (though not waterproof.). They are my most frequently worn shoes and definitely my most comfortable. I am just now looking to replace them since the right side has now developed a crack in the upper. I'll definitely be on the lookout for another pair of Derby Swirls. Very highly recommended!
Posted by John from New York:

This boot is a classic. I do agree with previous poster about old styles. Other brands are making similar old school boots like Red Wing and Frye. Expanding the angels line would kick some ass. I love mine they've lasted years. :-{
Posted by Melissa D. from Portland, OR:
Once broken in...AMAZING BOOTS!

These are my first pair of Fluevog's. I happened to stumble across the Seattle store while visiting the city with a friend last month. Needless to say, I am (and my friend as well) completely in love with Fluevog's now. These most definitely will not be my last pair! That said, these boots took a good ten to twelve wearings to break in, and those first few times were extremely painful. My heels were completely shredded, and I ended up having to temporarily put in heel pads to complete the break in. I don't know if this is because of the stiffer China made leather, or just the shape of my feet. But I do think it is worth mentioning for those considering buying these. Also, as a long time wearer of Doc Marten's, this has been a common problem I've had with certain styles of Doc's as well; so this may be just me (but again, I think good to note for potential buyers). However, now that the boots are properly broken in, they are quite possibly the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned (and yes, they beat the Doc's). The Angel sole is like walking on a cloud, and the leather is forming well to my foot. They feel solid and very well made. I have no doubt they will last me years. Not only do they feel fantastic now, but they look HOT. The dark red and overall design is a head tuner, and I've already have a number of people compliment me and ask where I bought my boots. These were worth every penny, and once broken in are a boot for the ages!!
Posted by Lauryl Sulfate from Milwaukee, WI, USA:
My Favorite Shoes

Are always my Angels with the derby swirl. I've been wearing the same boots since high school, and I'm now 30. I've bought them twice and would like to buy a new pair to replace the ones I'm in now, as they are finally starting to fall apart.

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