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Derby Swirl (Black with Blue Sole)
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Derby Swirl (Black with Blue Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Blue Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Blue Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Blue Sole)
$109 USD
Reg $225
LIQUIDATION | Angels: Derby Swirl [Black with Blue Sole]
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Le Derby Swirl est un modèle classique de Fluevog qui possède vraiment du style. De cuir tanné, avec ses six oeillets, cette chaussure est menue de la semelle angélique originale; 100% naturelle, biodégradable, qui se ressemelle, qui résiste à l'alcali, l'eau, l'acide, la fatigue et à Satan.

Instagram @fluevog #vog_derbyswirl

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Posted by Dave from NYC:
perfect boots, bring back old styles!!!

These boots are the best! Very comfortable and versatile. My only gripe is that the selection of styles has become limited. I own the ones that do not have the derby swirl. They've lasted over 5 years but need to be replaced soon.
Posted by Natasya from Ojai, CA:
Derby Swirls

I own 2 pairs of these. One pair of hi-tops made in Poland and a 2nd pair of BLUE mid-calf made in China. Def prefer the Polish-made but kept the chinese for their blueness. I wore the hi-tops CAMPING of all things and hiked 12+ miles of rough terrain. Also wore them to dance a punk rock tarantella onstage at GothLA. Versatile but they are def stiff/heavy for dancing. Still breaking-in the newer pair - the chinese leather is waaay stiff. The sole is bouncy & comfortable but not flexible. Can't explain it ... but derby swirls somehow make combat boots SEXY.
Posted by blu from san francisco:
great, great, boot

I bought a pair of these red boots a year ago. It would be an understatement to say how many people tell me what a great looking boot I have on. Bikers, lawyers, artist, young people, old people, too many to list here. One important thing I learned: Women look at your shoes. :-O All types, sizes, shapes, and ages -- and they give positive compliments. I wish someone would have told me this when I was in college. These shoes make a statement. They scream comfort, smoothness, and style. If you have to buy one pair of fluevogs, this is it! ,-)
Posted by Michael from Maine:
Angelic Derby Swirls !

I have had a few pairs of derby swirls and I have to say they are my all time favorite pair of shoes. They always fit perfectly and I felt the style was an extension of me! Years ago my wife had white ones. She wore them when attending nursing school with this little white skirt type outfit they had to wear while working in the hospital. It was hot!!! Thanks for the awesomeness...
Posted by Jenny from Madison,WI:
Since 1993 or 1994 I have worn out 3 pair of these classy boots working on my feet 8 hour days shipping, receiving etc on tile, cement, snow and New Orleans Mardi Gras parades. I have re-soled them, painted one pair and searched in vain for more in the city. I have just blown the seams on pair #3 and hope to have them stitched. I have walked the National Mall in DC for 8 hours of museums and rainy weather, climbed the bluffs here in WI and worn the new ones to the opera. They polish nicely and they elicit envy regularly. I want more!
Posted by di.audrey from Sydney, Australia:
I bought these babies for 80 bucks when I was living in New York. I bought them 8 years ago and they have only gotten better with age. They are the fluevog that started my fluevog obsession!!!! Thanks John!!
Posted by Suzanne from North Carolina:
Still goin strong since 1994

I LOVE my Fluevog boots...bought them in the 90's as an alternative to everyone else's Docs, and they feel and look just as good nearly 16 years later...even after 4 years of slogging thru Alaska rain and snow! Thanks for making such awesome shoes and boots!
Posted by Diana from montana:
hello out there! just got my pair of Derby's in the mail..just in time for first snow in Hamilton! ripped open the box n my angels fit like angels..! I have to say that I wish the sole and heel were the same as my first pair(that I got back in 95)..they were and inch higher and the sole seemed to be hand-crafted. And the all cotton laces lasted forever... Nonetheless, I'm sooo glad to be sportin my Fluevogs!! "Thank You" to all the team. :-D
Posted by derek dick:
fine looking.

These boots have worn very well for me and they still look great. look great with jeans or even shorts..funky & dressy. I am very sad/ disappointed to hear that they have moved the production to asia "for quality reasons" as some have mentioned that the quality has dropped off so i'm now hesitant to buy my next pair. Here's hoping my current pair last a wee bit longer.
Posted by Dennis from Kentucky:
I have had mine since 1993. I am going to have to get some new soles for them, but all in all they have been great. Very comfortable, and interesting to look at. People ask where i got my shoe from time to time. Thank you for making such quality boots. people are amazed that they have lasted as long as they have. Gratefully, Dennis Charles.

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