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Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
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Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
$109 USD
Reg $225
LIQUIDATION | Angels: Derby Swirl [Black with Red Sole]
GROUPES:   Vente   Botte   Décontracté   Femmes   Hommes   Meilleurs Vendeurs   Unisexe  

Le Derby Swirl est un modèle classique de Fluevog qui possède vraiment du style. De cuir tanné, avec ses six oeillets, cette chaussure est menue de la semelle angélique originale; 100% naturelle, biodégradable, qui se ressemelle, qui résiste à l'alcali, l'eau, l'acide, la fatigue et à Satan.

Instagram @fluevog #vog_derbyswirl

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Posted by Natasha from Ottawa:
This could be called obsessive...

[First of all I would like to thank Greg for replying to my guest book comment. This is in reply to it ;)] I thought it would be fair to post about these boots after I had gotten a chance to properly break them in. It did take a good two weeks or so to have them fit perfectly, but when I say 'perfectly' I mean it. They are very comfortable, they don't pinch at my toes like other not-so-awesome boots do, and they go with all my funky outfits no problem! I would highly recommend these boots to anyone - be them a stylish boot connoisseur or a random person on the street. =P I love how they are so unique (the soles say they repel Satan! I had a good laugh at that one) and at the same time they are so versatile. Buy 'em and you wont be disappoint, trust me.
Posted by metrognome from Vancouver:
Bless these boots!

After drooling over these beauties forever I finally picked up a dark red pair while in Vancouver last year. They are hands down my absolute favourite boots, and not just for the random compliments I get from perfect strangers when I walk down the street in them. It did take a couple of weeks of solid wear to break them in (ouch) but now they fit like a second skin and are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. They are a cheeky winter addition to conservative skirts and pants, as well as looking tough as nails with black jeans. Thank-you Fluevogs, for making shoes that make me happy!
Posted by chgochefgirl from Chicago:
I bought my first pair of Fluevogs - the Derby Swirls - 6 years ago and they are the most awesomest shoe! Ridiculously comfortable with almost no break-in time. I've since acquired 4 other pairs of Fluevogs - these are still my faves!
Posted by Mehron from Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA:

These are adorable, easy to wear, and the swirl has been described as a "mustache". Good shoe? Or BEST shoe?
Posted by Nicola from New York City:
Incredibly Disappointed in Poor Quality

My last pair of Derby Swirls held up through thick and thin for three years, and I absolutely adored them. When they started to get too beat up to wear anymore, I knew I had to invest in a new pair just the same. Apparently, the new boots are being manufactured in Asia, rather than Poland, and the quality is just horrible. I feel like I could have gotten better boots for $30 at PayLess. The first pair I got had the toe cap crushed irreparably after only two weeks of wear. The great folks at Fluevog replaced them for me, and I was so happy. Then, after only a couple weeks, the lining of the new pair started to tear. The insoles are coming apart, and don't even seem to be made of leather. The leather on the outside is very heavily lined and creased, as though the leather was extremely cheap, poor quality, and it looks horrible. I am so disappointed with these boots. Fluevog, PLEASE go back to making high-quality, durable boots in Poland! I spent three years encouraged everyone I knew to buy your boots, and now I'm embarrassed. If you'd go back to making the same quality boots I'd go back to being an enthusiastic and loyal Fluevogger. Until then- since I blew $180 on these cheap boots, I'm going to have to go to PayLess to find something better.
Posted by Christopher from Vancouver:

Paid an undisclosed amount for a gently-used pair of size 5 black derby swirls from a Salvation Army Thrift Store. Unbelievable! Fit nicely; Already broken in of course!
Posted by scooterchick from Toronto:
Angel Derby Swirls Fit Has Changed...

... a couple of times in their history. My most comfortable ones were made in Poland way back in the late 90's.... then I bought a pair made in Mexico around 2003 and even though I had to go a size larger, the fit was different, too short to adjust to fit me in the heel area, so always catching me at the back of the heel even though I had plenty of width and room up front. So I gave them away. I LOVED my first pair, and mourn them deeply - I would love to get another pair if they felt good!
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Actually the Angels were made in Mexico until 2000, when we moved them to Poland. In 2006 we moved the production, for quality issues, to China. The fit and leathers hasn't changed much in the 19 years we have been making them (next year is 20!).
Posted by Lucy from State College, Pennsylvania:
I'm in love with an inanimate object...

Thinking about the ancient Egyptians, if there were similar situations now, I would request that these shoes be in my tomb to be the only pair of shoes I would need in the eternal hereafter. I purchased my pair over 11 years ago. The angel soles have taken a beating from me and they continue to live up to their claims. I LOVE THEM!! And they look better and better as they age.
Posted by M from Vancouver, BC, Canada:
Most loved boot ever!

I've had my Derby Swirl boots for about 6 years. They are the most comfortable boot that I've ever worn. They look amazingly new even after years of wear. So far, I have only replaced the laces once. Currently, I'm thinking about replacing the sole. My only complaint was the breaking in period...my feet hurt for a while but once broken in, they're my own little slice of heaven. Thanks, John.
Posted by ubernef from oakland:
sad change of vog

Ah the fluevog dilemma has shifted for me: they've started making their shoes in china. Now, its not ABOUT CHINA per se, its about the quality of the craftsmanship. sure, I totally dug looking into my vogs and seeing MADE IN POLAND, who wouldn't? but when I dropped into the NYC store and considered treating myself to some new boots, lo, the shoes looked... different and...kind of cheapish. I asked "Is it true these aren't made in Poland anymore?" The lovely man said, yes, many of their styles were now made in China. And Mexico. Call me snobby, but at least call me snobby FOR A REASON. I recommend buying in store so you can check the stamp.

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