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Supervog (Bleu & Gris)
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Supervog (Bleu & Gris)
Supervog (Bleu & Gris)
$99 USD
Reg $189
LIQUIDATION | Angels: Supervog [Bleu & Gris]

Un style angélique classique avec des tourbillons bien détaillés sur les côtés combiné aux rayures sur la pointe. La languette rembourrée et le cuir dont elles sont faites assurent un confort et une excellente durabilité. Semelle angélique originale; 100% naturelle, biodégradable, qui se ressemelle, qui résiste à l'alcali, l'eau, l'acide, la fatigue et à Satan.'

Instagram @fluevog #vog_supervog

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Posted by Alexandra Moore from Schenectady new York:
first vogs

:-D I saw these and I was in love after waiting a while in breathless anticipation they came. They are even better in person! I love the detail and care and heavyness of this shoe. It makes me feel like a queen.
Posted by B-Rock from Saint Paul:
Great shoes

I've got a bad back... of all my shoes my Fluevog's actually make a difference in my day to day comfort level. I get frequent comments on how cool they look and I'm only too happy to follow that up with my stories of other Fluevog shoes I've owned (or own). My first pair were almost a decade old by the time I decided to finally replace them, not that I couldn't have resoled them but I saw these and figured it was time for some new shoes. My only critique would be the leather scuffs a bit too easily but for all their awesomeness-ness I don't hold that against them.
Posted by Alida from Calgary, Alberta:
Kick-ass gigging shoes!

These will be my new shoes for every gig I play! They are awesome for drumming as the sole is nice and thick and bouncy, which is my ideal. Plus, they look killer and funky with anything I wear! Highly recommended to anyone who doesn't mind feeling like a rockstar every now and again...
Posted by Jon St Pierre from San Francisco:
I still have my one and only pair of Supervogs that I bought in NYC at the Prince St store nearly 13 years ago. They are white leather with blue suede. I used to wear them a lot more but I want them to last another 13 years so I wear them not as often, but they are very well made so I think that wont be an issue. They still are comfy, but I need thicker socks now. I had them re-soled once and they even repaired some of the stitching on the upper at no extra cost. When the Haight Street store opened I went in to get another pair of shoes, wearing my "vintage" Supervogs and Mr. Fluevog was there. I didn't know it was him at the time. He was excited to see them, and pointed out they didn't make the suede ones anymore. I thought it was odd he knew so much about my shoes, but like I said, I didn't know it was him.
Posted by Jupiter from Toronto:
Like an old friend

Just got my latest pair of Supervogs (the blue and grey), and like my other 5 pairs they feel like they were made just for me. The laces start low enough for my narrow feet and there's lots of room for my toes. Can't wait for a little bit of snow so I can leave angelic footprints wherever I go.
Posted by Jen from Michigan:
My all time favorite shoe!

Y'know how you have a favorite shoe that you wear just about every day? This is mine! Its so so comfortable and really sharp looking too. I have never had so many compliments on a shoe I've worn. The pair I'm ordering today will be my 5th pair. I'll wear them every day for about 1 1/2 years and when they finally wear out (the laces break fast tho)I'll be ordering another pair! I've had em in 4 different colors! I can't get enough!I'm hooked for life. I love these shoes!!!
Posted by Harry from Chelsea Quebec:
Angelic Angels

Angels are my favourites - on to my second pair of SuperVogs. I wish they'd re-introduce some past Angels - my Burgundy/Blue/Green Angels with a swirl are getting very worn from much loved wear. Thanks Angels...
Posted by Chris from seattle:
No Longer Awesome...

...I used to love my Blue w/Grey Swirl Fluevogs. However, the current quality is nothing like they used to be ..SAD...And now the new swirls have a shade of Green - instead of the nice Grey that they use to have (what's up with that?!) which make them absolutely hideous. Sorry - no more Fluevogs for me...
Posted by Jim B from Tampa:
I <3 Supervogs.

I love the Angel line - I'm on my second (soon to be 3rd) pair of Black SuperVogs in 15 years or so - I just wish John would bring back the Flames - I trashed my all black pair by accident and wear my navy/turquoise pair sparingly to keep them fresh - I now have a pair of Henks and love them as well... so soft and easy to wear - my SuperVogs and Henks just took me all over Brazil for two months!
Posted by Tris Beezley from Los Angeles:
My favorite shoes

I had to break in these shoes, but it didn't take long and they are the most comfortable pair I own. They are my work/Travel/Play shoes and I have worn them for 2 years. I'm thinking about getting the red pair.

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