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Michael (Black & White)
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Michael (Black & White)
Michael (Black & White)
Michael (Black & White)
Michael (Black & White)
$99 USD
Reg $189
LIQUIDATION | Angels: Michael [Black & White]

Cette chaussure pourvue d'un bout ailettes se porte toute occasion. Elle se dmarque par le dtail de ses coutures contrastes qui conviennent tant le jour que le soir. Semelle anglique originale; 100% naturelle, biodgradable, qui se ressemelle, qui rsiste l'alcali, l'eau, l'acide, la fatigue et Satan.

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Posted by Curtis:
Michaels: clearance shoes?

I got a pair of Michaels before I knew what they were (back in late 1999). The store where I bought them was clearing all of their shoes because they were not going to be carrying any shoes anymore. So they put everything on a major discount. I picked up my pair for fifty something dollars. I wore them nonstop: daily wear, as a waiter, high school graduation, college, as a barista, in my office job, my wedding, post-secondary again, funerals, weddings,for client meetings, as a college instructor, for corporate training, and for client first-impressions. They have never lost their shine even in Alberta winters, I have had them resoled twice. Never broken a lace. Eleven years of solid wear. Comparatively, a pair of "MushYuppies" (hint hint) will last me less than three months with the amount of walking I do. I am going to resole them and give them to my nephew when I see him this spring (2011) because he asks me for them every time I see him. Before these shoes I completely underestimated the durability impact that satan can have on shoes.
Posted by Brad:
(:-& Oh Fluevog! Shame on you for censoring your reviews... I'm sorry you have problems producing your shoes in a timely manner. This shoes has been out stock in most common sizes for months. My previous review stating that fact mysteriously disappeared from the site. Deception is not an admirable quality in a reputable company!
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Brad, we have been trying to contact you in regards to your previous comments. Please email us so we can chat about this. The SF store is receiving new Angel stock this week. Thanks! greg (at) fluevog (dot) com.
Posted by Stephen Peszel from Richmond BC:
Michael's hard to break in

I love these shoes, I get comments and admiring looks, must be the shoes! But they are hardest shoes to break in, and I spent 20 years breaking British Army boots!! I had to buy heel protectors as they are a bit loose in that area. I had so much trouble breaking them in the first few days that I actually injured my left knee; torn ACL believe it or not. Anyway, I am sure my feet will break in in time. Did I mention I love them? Must be the Stockholm Syndrome because I am definitely looking at another pair of Vogs but a soft pair this time. Quality is excellent.
Posted by John from CT:
Best Shoes on the Planet

I have worn these shoes for at least 15 years, and will continue to wear them until I drop dead. They are the most comfortable shoes on the planet, never go out of style, and always get me lots of compliments.
Posted by Jay from Woodland, CA:
Best shoes ever!!

I have had my Michaels since 94' or 95' and they have survived as my favorite pair of sorta dressy shoes ever! Now mind you, over the course of all these yrs, they've seen the inside of many a seedy drinking establishment and no combination of stale booze, cigarette ash, puke, blood, and occasional handing out of a good ass whooping has dulled their finish. Excellent product and hats off to ya!!
Posted by Andrew from Ottawa:

I bought my Michael's 11 years ago... they are the best pair of shoes I have ever owned. I wear them 3-4 times a week, every week. Just when I think they've had it, I send them back to be resoled and they come back looking like new (fresh polish, new laces and polished eye holes). I get compliments everywhere I go! Thanks!
Posted by Paul from Calgary:

Bought a pair Angel Michaels in September this year & cannot continue to wear them as blister ontop of blister with my heels. Have worn them plenty of time to breal them in and still no deal. Tremendously sore feet after wearing them and thats too bad, have heard nothing about good things regarding Vogs and this is the first pair I have owned... Very Frustrating....
Posted by Kurt Ward from netherlands:
Fluevog is my fav!

Been wearing Fluevogs for a Long time now. Love them the most stylish and brilliant!!! One complaint on my new angels is that the heal has come off - can be glued so not a big deal but wish it didn't. BUT I STILL ADORE MY FLUEVOGS!
Posted by Shannon from San Francisco:
So Sad...

ya know what sux......Ive been buying Flu's for a while now....got about 7 pairs...Love the heels but then I got a pair of Angel Micheals and now from the bad fit and the fact it is IMPOSSIBLE to break them in (and yes I got the right size) i now have a huge bone spur that may require surgery preventing me from wearing all of the other wonderful shoes that never hurt before. Ironic that my first pair or non heeled flues may have ruined my future in heels, cant even wear my Ophelias for more than an hour and Im worried I wont be able to wear my Ida's that are only a few months old....THANX FLUEVOG, please discontinue those awful shoes!!!!! (Angel Michaels) :-(
Posted by Meika from Arlington, VA:
2 outta 3...

1. These beauties are totally snazzy. 2. They have have as much support as my weightlifting shoes (a lot!). However, 3. I'm clearly not in the no-breaking-in-required crowd because they also shredded my big toes and back of my heels on a walk through Georgetown. Some heel inserts and moleskin should fix me up just fine though. :-) (I should mention, my feet are unevenly sized and the smaller foot sustained the damage. The shoes are true to size.)

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