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Will (Brown)
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Will (Brown)
Will (Brown)
Will (Brown)
Will (Brown)
$175 USD
Future Angels | Will [Brown]
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With its contrast stitching and fun colours made with scratched leathers, the Will gibson shoe is a perfect addition to your casual Friday wardrobe which goes well with chinos or jeans. Its full leather lining and unique substantial sole will surely protects you from the elements and Satan. "Your sole will direct your Future". Not resolable.

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Posted by Christopher Bibbs from Detroit, MI:
Twice as nice

I love these so much I have two pair. One pair is plain brown and the other have the scratched brown finish with orange stitching. Super comfy, I never want to take them off.
Posted by Travis from Langley, BC:
Wow, so comfy! Like a tuxedo-print t-shirt, these shoes say, "I want to be formal, but I'm here to party."
Posted by Willis from Washington, DC:
These have been the best pair of shoes I've ever purchased! Durable and fashionably funky! I have yet to run into anyone in my circle to have a pair of these and I get compliments every time I wear them...because they're differently stylish. I am purchashing my second pair today. Love Them!!
Posted by Mark from Washington:
Great shoes, comfortable but as with my other Fluevogs the only downside is the rough eyelets that shred the laces in no time. Unacceptable at this price.
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
One can easily save laces and clean up rough eyelets by using a round jeweler's file, or by squeezing the insides with a pair of needle-nose pliers. If you are ever near a Fluevog store, the staff can do this for you.
Posted by Orium from Nuevo Mexico:
Smooth Voging

Absolutely an amazing pair of Drifters, capable of handling style any day of the week or perhaps even the laid back kind a few nights. Occasions don't hold the Future Angel Will's back. Any future buyer be ware you will love these shoes undoubtedly, not to mention you can be the only person in any room staying classy Voging it up...For me I'm going with the D.O.G. Shawn Drifters next round, gotta keep it Fresh. :-}
Posted by Mike:
I too, still list these as the most comfortable, as well as durable shoes I have ever owned. Actually thinking about buying them again, they lasted forever. Now if they could just make some more colors......
Posted by Nick from Vancouver:
These have to be the most comfortable shoes I have *ever* owned/worn... had mine for >2 years... quilted insole and tongue are superb... Almost impossible to put anything else on after wearing these.... Bravo!

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