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Brandenburg (Metallic & Black)
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Brandenburg (Metallic & Black)
Brandenburg (Metallic & Black)
Brandenburg (Metallic & Black)
Brandenburg (Metallic & Black)
$269 USD
Gateways | Brandenburg [Metallic & Black]
GROUPS:   Formal   Mens   Shoes  

A subtle banker's shoe with a trimmed leather sole, The Brandenburg is the shoe for those seeking to be victorious on the battlefield of board meetings (and bowling alleys). Produced in a Vietnamese factory, which is owned by Japanese shoe-makers, who were trained in England using 19th century traditional methods, the Gateways are some of the most classically fabricated (and international) shoes we have made in recent years. Featuring waxy Italian leathers that glow of antiquity on a classic capped toe pattern, the Brandenburg ensures you walk home with your head held high (and hopefully all three points).

*Leather soles can be slippery at first, and should not be worn in heavy wet weather, or on salted sidewalks as they may compromise the strength and structure of the sole. Many buyers choose to topy leather soles to remedy this.

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Watch the production of The Gateway Brandenburg!

From the fit experts:

Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:
Because the Brandenburgs have a tapered toe, most people size up a half size for the best fit.

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Posted by Dixon Cox from Calgary:
Brandenburg Metallic FANTASTIC!!!

I went to the International Fluevog Day after party in Calgary, where i tried on these shoes, and i could tell right away, they were a perfect fit, i wore them for 2 hours at the Party, i met John Fluevog and walked home in my first pair of Fluevogs. I have a nice collection of Classic conservative styled shoes from Northampton England, and the fit and quality are just as fine, the design... Fantastic! Thanks for the best pair of dress shoes ever. DC
Posted by Alex from United States:
For those about to rock, these shoes salute you.

These are my first Fluevogs. I chose them for a milestone event in my life and now, it is clear that I will be be buried in them. They are sleek supple metallic and thirsty wolves for your feet.
Posted by Jeff from outta town:
master & servant

I was in pig heaven when I saw the Fortitude Luther shoes in metallic, but became almost sick when I found out that John only offers them to women! Luckily Shawn at the DC shop showed me these wicked cap toe shoes in the same tin-man metallic. Love them!
Posted by Kate C. from Los Angeles:
Hi-Ho Silver!

I am in love with my new silver and black Brandenburg's. They are super comfortable. I love Brandenburg's, but haven't gotten them before because they were a bit too narrow for me. The silver and black are a bit more wide. They make me feel dressed up, even with jeans, and I've gotten tons of comments. Highly recommended!
Posted by Michael from Calgary:
Love at first sight!

They fit like a dream and look fantastic whether it's with jeans or a suit. My second pair of fleuvies, I feel like I'm developing a habit :-o
Posted by Ira from London, UK:
Great shoes

Not as green as in the photo, more of a green-grey but still an awesome shoe. Seems to scuff easily because it's such a light color and I've not yet found exactly the right color polish. Very comfortable. Rubber toppy on the sole highly recommended.
Posted by FJ from Canada:
Fit was very satisfactory; very comfortable (break-in period was about 1 hour). Got these in burnt orange, but they are dark enough to pass for orange-brown. I like it, but I also wish these were available in a more traditional medium brown so I could cover my bases.
Posted by Elena from Vancouver, B.C.:
This is P.S.from my last post. I had the backs of my shoes softened by the wonderful Fluevog people, and now they are very comfortable!!! Plus, I keep getting compliments every day, even from children!!!
Posted by Elena from Vancouver, B.C.:
Just got pair of these in light blue 2 days ago. Huge thank-you to Tomas from Gastown store!! This is my second pair of Fluevogs. Very beautiful and stylish, getting lots of compliments on these. Now the bad part: very hard sole, no padding or arch support, and the shoes are cutting painfully into the back of my heels, even though the size is right. So while my 1st pair (Truth) is without a doubt is the most comfortable shoes EVER - these are not. I am looking very stylish while I am limping along...
Posted by Kayden from Toronto:
I bought the Brandenburgs in burnt orange and they look fantastic. The shoes fit really well (true to size), and I've received a lot of compliments on them. When I took my Brandenburgs to a shoe maintenance store (for a polish and shine), the owner said that the shoes were very well-made and expensive-looking, and that the leather was very nice but "sensitive"... meaning that because the leather is a light colour, if I get a stain on them, it'll be hard to get rid of it. I plan on taking care of these babies but I thought that I'd mention it, in case anyone is concerned about the leather and colouring. I don't suppose that it would be an issue for darker colours though.

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