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1611 First Avenue (Brun et havane)
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1611 First Avenue (Brun et havane)
1611 First Avenue (Brun et havane)
$319 USD
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Twin Turbines | 1611 First Avenue [Brun et havane]
GROUPES:   Botte   Habillé   Hommes  

En 1985, John lança sa première boutique aux États-Unis à quelque pas du Marché Pike Place à Seattle. Parmi les antiquaires, les vendeurs de bédés, les poissonniers, les fermiers et les petites boutiques familiales dans les arcades, John se sentait chez lui dans son nouveau magasin. Avec tout juste assez d'argent pour rénover l'espace, John a dû vendre sa voiture (une Jaguar bleue E-Type 1973) afin de remplir son nouveau commerce de chaussures Fluevogs. Et c'est ainsi que le 1661 1ere avenue (et son entrepôt l'autre côté de la rue), devint la première boutique Fluevog aux États-Unis créant ainsi la voie pour en créer plusieurs autres. Cette chaussure poursuit avec la méthode de fabrication classique de part en part avec son cuir italien de grande qualité et ses guêtres créant ainsi un style classique et vintage.

Instagram @fluevog #vog_1611firstavenue

* Ces semelles de cuir peuvent être très glissantes. Si vous constatez que c'est le cas, nous vous recommandons d'ajouter une surface adhérente par mesure de sécurité.

From the fit experts:

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Posted by Rick from Ottawa, Ontario:
2nd pair of 1611s

Just bought a pair of the 2 tone Brown/Tan. Again, comfortable and stunning looking. I like the fact that these are suitable for casual or spicing up a suit.... Thank you Camille for your assistance and please keep me in mind, if you get a pair in black. These are great looking boots, well-made, and great value!
Posted by Rick P from Ottawa, Ontario:
Love them!

Comfortable, well-made and stunning looking ( I purchased the Burgundy and am thinking of another pair in either black or 2-tone brown. People stop me to ask about them and people have also shouted compliments, as I walk by wearing them. I have a narrow foot and the fit is perfect
Posted by D.Gilmore from Woodrige, Illinois:
Twin Turbine 1611 FIrst Avenue

I purchased a dozen of Flueg and definitely the 1611 are my absolute favorites. I do not have the brown pair but will certainly buy them during my next store visit. I've 2 pair of the black 1611's and will be getting the 1st pair resoled and re-heeled soon. This is after 4 years of wear. Great shoe though!!!! 2 things on the wish list for this shoe.... 1) could you add a small snap to the top corner of the inside of the slit? This prevent my pant leg from sliding into the slit and allow it to fall smoothly over the boot upon standing. I sure other 1611 owners have the similar issue with the pant leg sliding into the slit. 2) Could you please! please! PLEASE!!!, make a limited edition in Navy? The 1611 in this color would DEFINITELY be a must buy and would become a great accessory to my wardrobe.
Posted by Matthew Finnigan from Boston:
Love em

These always get good comments from clients and even some passersby.
Posted by Simon L from Fort Lauderdale Florida:
A Great Relationship between your shoes and Me!

These are the boots that started my Fluevog addiction, I bought the two tone brown in Vancouver and several months later I ordered the black. Love these boots especially the split side making them the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. The brown I tend to wear in more casual attire, primarily jeans but the black is worn with my suits and even my tux. I get lots of compliments on the brown and my local cobbler always compliments the leather on all your shoes when I get the leather soles covered . You make a wonderful line of footwear Mr. Fluevog and to prove in what I am saying I just bought my 7th pair of your shoes today. I have purchased your work in two of your stores ( NY and Vancouver) and several pairs on line, the service is always exceptional.
Posted by Ben from Calgary:
Great boots with a couple minor heel issues (big feet)

I got these boots in brown last year and they have been my go-to boots when I want something a little different! The patina on them after a while looks awesome and I get compliments on them all the time! I have had a couple issues with the soles of the heel peeling off but just taking them into the shop they fix it for free. (though it seems to start peeling off again right away, I might take them to a cobbler to get real soles nailed on there) The only thing I would change would be to have the option of a wider heel. My heel actually extends over the sides of the sole, it isn't an issue for short term but for prolonged standing it can get a little sore. Overall though they're great boots and I'd recommend them to anyone with that caveat.
Posted by Rick Schubert from toronto:
Not sewn?

Love the boots but the fabric loop which one uses to pull the boot on came off after only about 10 uses. It appears to be only glued in rather than sewn in like my Blundstones (which I've had for about 15 years without the loop ever letting go). This just seems like a real design flaw to me.
Posted by sabrina t. from dallas:
my favorite shoe

So happy these are available again in the smaller sizes. Just ordered my 2nd and 3rd pair of this shoe (black & brown). I already own a black pair and wear them almost every day. with everything. I get compliments on them all the time.
Posted by Stuart H from Vancouver:
Heaven on the Westcoast III

Love this shoe, my third Fluevog. Dressed up with dress pants or down with straight jeans or cuffed looks awesome. Great sleek look, nice length for a person with smaller feet. Fits like a glove as with all FV shoes. Many thanks to the manager who let me stay after closing. I just arrived in SFO and made it to the store 5 min to closing not knowing the store hours on a Thursday.
Posted by Patrick from Kelowna:
I picked up a pair of these amazing boots in Seattle while there on a visit. My wife cant help staring at me every time I put them on. Needless to say I am very pleased! I added rubber soles to keep from sliding around and to protect my investment. Sweet boots! My first Fluevog's, but not my last.

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