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Will (Brun)
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Will (Brun)
Will (Brun)
Will (Brun)
Will (Brun)
$175 USD
Future Angels | Will [Brun]

Avec ses coutures contrastées, ses couleurs dynamiques et son cuir égratigné, le Will de style gibson est le soulier parfait pour vos vendredis décontractés. Il se porte tant avec jean qu'un pantalon. Tout de cuir, il possède une semelle solide qui vous protègera, sans conteste, de tous les éléments ainsi que de Satan.

Instagram @fluevog #vog_will

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Posted by Corey Redvers from Vancouver BC:
Been on my feet for 4 years

Maybe I got lucky, but I've been wearing these shoes a lot over the past 4 years as an 'everyday' type shoe and they've held up great. I'll be getting a new pair soon, so comfy for a nice looking everyday shoe.
Posted by Steve from Toronto:
I wish they lasted longer

They're so good-looking and so comfortable, they're definitely my go-to shoes and I've owned four Future Angels pairs in three styles. But the reason I've had so many is that they simply don't last. I walk to work, and within a few months the soles - especially in the heel - are completely worn through, revealing the little "cells" in the rubber (that I guess make them so comfy!). On most of them the inner liner has torn through as well. The liners I've had replaced, the soles are impossible, requiring a new pair. It's an expensive hobby, buying these things, and I'm starting to think my current pair might be my last even though they're wonderful in every other way. If they lasted for 10 years I'd wear them 3,650 days in a row.
Posted by Doug Broussard from San Francisco:
Comfortable, but not everyday shoes

I've really enjoyed these shoes, but they're pretty fragile. I don't wear them every day, but they've still garnered lots of wear and torn-through linings in the time I've worn them - probably less than 90 days in total. The laces wore out and became frayed pretty quickly. Again, in the 90-days-of-wearing threshold. I've, ah, seen Sugars that are well-built beyond these shoes. My Professional Folios are also far more durable. What's up with these? Still, they get me laid. So I can't complain. Too much. Is it too much to ask for durable laces, linings, and soles for such a premium brand?
Posted by Ryan from Raleigh, NC:
love them...but they do fall apart

I'm on my third pair of Future Angel Wills, in black. I love them, I do, but I wish I didn't have to buy new ones so often. With moderate-to-heavy use, you can't expect any of the Future Angels to make it a year (from my experience anyway). The big problem is that the soles' pattern starts to come apart under the ball of my foot, eventually turning into a big hole. And it's not a sole that can be repaired. So I will continue buying them, most likely, because it's hard for me to find shoes so comfortable, but I still swear a lot when I have to buy them every 10-12 months.
Posted by John Chiabai from Chicago:
"the field goal kickers"

I have names for all my shoes and sometimes other articles of clothing. I call these my "place kickers", inspired by the game of football. Anyway, these are, by far, the hippest pair of casual shoes in my collection. I get TONS of compliments from the ladies about these shoes (I have the black ones with orange stitch) and almost all of the dudes I know hate 'em and I don't give a rat's ass! The scratched leather is a killer look if you ask me and I LOVE the design and squared toe. These are well worth the buck based on their durability. I've worn them quite often the last 5 years and they've held up incredibly well. I haven't even had to replace the shoelaces! The sole and rest of the shoe have had a perfectly "worn" look the whole time I've owned them. I will definitely buy a backup pair for when the ones I have finally break down on me, but not until I settle on which pair of Fluevog boots I plan to run around in!! What an awesome shoe designer! Thanks for helping me look so damn cool! 8)
Posted by Mark Brownlie from Toronto:
New Brown Will

These are my most comfortable Vogs to date. I love the long row of eyelets and colour is richer and deeper than shown on the web. Simply brilliant! I love my new shoes!
Posted by Phil from Vancouver:
Holy crap a pair of shoes that actually fit my flippers! Comfy from day 1. Everyone hates them but they just don't get it which is fine with me. I like getting it when other don't, it makes me feel more smarter.
Posted by Winona Johnston from Victoria:

Sorry these are the shoes that my man loves. If you don't love these shoes you are crazy. Amazing shoes (But I don't own a fluevog that that isn't amazing)
Posted by Darrin from Rochester, NY:
First pair I've been disappointed with..

This is my fifth pair of Fluevogs, owning 3 angels () and one Laureate. Bought my first pair during a trip to Seattle in 1995. I still have, wear and love every pair of those shoes. These, however, are shot after 8 months. The pattern on the leather does not hold up, the interior leather and padding in the heel is just shot. I will continue to buy Fluevogs, but this pair disappointed (and I was SOO excited when I got them).
Posted by Aaron Sask from Surrey:
Before my first Fluevog purchase shoes were just shoes. I have never owned a pair I really liked and they all felt so ordinary. I had walked by the Gastown store numerous times on weekand strolls rubber-necked at the window displays. I was always very curious as to what was going on inside this candy store of shoes. One day this particular shoe with its black scratched leather and orange contrasted stitching caught my eye and I was pulled in. I met some funny, laid back staff who made my first Fluevog experience exciting and comfortable. I have never been so excited about a pair of shoes before. I think I even had to ask the staff if I could have them and now I can't stop staring at them. Great unique design, perfect fit. Can't wait for my next pair. Thanks guys!

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