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Open Source
Elif (Olive, Gray & Purple)
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Elif (Olive, Gray & Purple)
Elif (Olive, Gray & Purple)
Elif (Olive, Gray & Purple)
Elif (Olive, Gray & Purple)
$299 USD
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Minis | Elif [Olive, Gray & Purple]
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Named for and designed by Vancouverite Elif for John's Open Source Footwear Program (OMG! If you don't know about this click on Fluevog's Open Source). Built upon the classic Fluevog Mini heel, this Mary Jane inspired shoe with a wide strap of high grained aniline vegetable-tanned leathers is sure to fit all shapes of feet. Elif's design made John stand up and declare her design an OSF "Chosen" design. We hope you are as excited as John is. Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

From the fit experts:

The Gang from our New York store says:
The Mini Elifs are a fantastic heel that fits like a dream. Some people do go half of a size down in these darlings.

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Posted by Jodi from Canada:
First (of many)

These Elif's in Olive were my very first pair of Vogs - I wanted something fun, but comfortable and wearable, and that is exactly what I got. Most often I pair these ones with jeans and a sweater, but they have been worn with bare legs too. I landed on an 11 in these, and they stretched a little (the leather is like butter) but the ankle strap adjusts, so it has just moved over one more spot. These are show stoppers - I have had people yell across the street that they like my shoes :) I will say the green as it shows on my computer does nothing to express how bright (and lovely) they are - I often equate them to a green fire engine colour. Love my mini heels :)
Posted by Tracy from Salem, OR:
Swoon worthy

I got these as a gift for myself when I lost weight. The color was irresistible (lime&purple). Although, I was 37 they were my first pair of real heels. The hourglass shape of the heel made them stable enough for me to feel comfortable in heels. I wear a 7 in most shoes but have these in a 6 and they work great. I find in minis I can wear 1/2 to 1 size smaller than my typical 7. They are a bit wide, but that is okay of I don't have a ton of walking to do. I would still buy them!
Posted by Chris from Calgary:
Wished I got a half-size smaller

These are lovely. My pants love 'em! Wished I got a half-size smaller. I'm normally in 6.5 and I should have got size 6. A little too late for me now but that's ok, I could still work it.
Posted by Leigh Ann from Los Angeles:
Magic color changing shoes

After about a year of coveting these beauties I bought the olive/gray colored Elifs. I call them my magic color changing shoes because in natural outdoor light they are more what you see on the computer screen, a bright olive green. But in indoor light (especially my kitchen with its horrible neon lighting) these are a NEON lime green. Yes, neon! As I go from room to room in my house they change color from neon green, to lime green, to olive. Trying to match clothing to them has been a creative adventure.
Posted by Melissa from Victoria, BC:
I love these shoesies!

My beautiful olive Elifs arrived this morning from the Quebec City store and I am so very pleased with them. I ordered a half size larger than I usually wear in everyone else's shoes based on my really high instep, advice from the Fluevogologist at the Granville store and a pair of Minis I already own. They are a little roomie in length but otherwise absolutely perfect! The leather is soft, the straps are comfortable and they look AMAZING!
Posted by Sandra from Vancouver, BC:
Retro Chic

I LOVE these shoes. Just got them for Christmas and they are my new favourites. So comfy and stylish. :-D
Posted by Christine from Indianapolis, IN:
Call me Lovey Loverson

No where near a Fluevog store, I waited to buy these shoes for over a year. I called a West Coast store to talk about fit and I ordered them. They fit like a dream - I haven't worn heels in years and these are so comfortable. I especially love the easy on-easy off wearability of them, and it does not make for a sloppy fit. I'm shopping my next pair already and I have had these and worn them for two days! ]:o)
Posted by Lynn from Iqaluit:
Sooooo disappointed...

X-) ordered these online and expressed my concern about fit based on another size 11 shoe I had previously tried on that was also stubby-toed, that was too small for me. Anyway, though I now own three other fluevogs in size 11, these are too small. I have a long narrow foot and the store staff seemed not to pay attention to my concern. Very frustrating since I just paid $32 to have them shipped here and will pay the same to ship them back. An expensive experiment. I think the green Elifs are the most gorgeous shoe I've very put my foot into. I am devastated. (:`( my experience is that these shoes fit small (in length).
Posted by Ellen from Saint Clair Shores, MI:
:-) I love love love!!! My second pair of Fluevogs! I got these in black and cream, and they are so beautiful! I usually take size 8.5. I read in the reviews that these run a bit big. And when I ordered, there were only size 8s available in the black, so I went with that. I am so glad I did. They fit perfectly. Bottom line: probably best to go 1/2 size smaller.
Posted by Secure Fluevogger from Innisfail:
Favorite Fluevogs!

Okay maybe second fav's, could also be a tie which is saying alot since I have alot of shoes. So why these, partly because when I got them my dedicated spouse couldn't get them in size 6.5 - he was buying them as a congratulatory gift and when he couldn't get them online, he called every store listed on the website until someone somewhere said she could check her computer for other stores stock. :-} Thank heavens for great staff at Fluevog. Anyway, hubby went off to work with narry a word and I got these stunners in the mail, oh happy day. They never fail to get commented upon & even the president of my workplace stopped me in the hall to say - hey where'd you get those shoes? Women comment often, but you know you've got killer footwear when the men are prompted to actually look at your feet instead of - oh never mind. They are comfy like slippers, I can run in them if needed without fear, stairs are done at the same pace as in a pair of runners. Awesome home run shoes!

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