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Bondgirl (Noir)
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Bondgirl (Noir)
Bondgirl (Noir)
$349 USD
Don't see your size?
F-Shoes | Bondgirl [Noir]

Cette botte épouse les contours de la jambe qui la porte. Elle est parfaite pour toute espionne britannique, qu'elle soit en jupe courte ou en pantalon ajusté. Les deux petites boucles en haut et la plus large permettent aussi de bien l'ajuster. Toute de cuir, elle est munie de la semelle F-Sole pour le confort et la durabilité. Mais faites attention où vous posez les pieds, car un F laissé au sol pourrait vous dévoiler. La circonférence approximative du mollet : Pointure 6-7 (13"), pointure 8-9 (14") pointure 10-11 (15"). Hauteur approximative : Pointure 6-7 (14,5"), pointure 8-9 (15") pointure 10-11 (15,5"). Talon : 1.5".

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From the fit experts:

Sean C. from our New York store says:
The Bondgirl Boots fit like a glove, with a slim fit around the calf.

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Posted by Erika from Vancouver:
Bondgirl rocks!

I bought my beautiful green bondgirls a year ago and wear them to work at least 2 times a week from Sept to May. They are comfy, durable and look great. I particularly love the way the green colour wears. Don't stop making them!
Posted by Lyn from San Francisco:
Perfect Fit!

I stopped a girl at a street festival to ask where she got these boots!! Bought them the next day from the store on Haight St. I absolutely LOVE them :). I have big feet and pencil legs so I always have problems finding fitted tall boots. I am SO happy to have found these because they fit perfectly :) I just hope they DON'T stretch haha!
Posted by Jacqueline from Australia:
Good news! A local cobbler replaced the missing zipper tooth for $5 and I am again in Bondgirl heaven! W00t! ,-)
Posted by Susan:
love 'em but had some problems twice

I love the boot and get compliments all the time, but had some issues that I think should not be there with such a pricey (at least for a public school teacher!) boot. The first pair, after only a few months the stitches came out. Fluevog was great and repaired it for me, but the stitching came out again soon after. Again Fluevog was awesome and they gave me a new pair! There is a small issue with the zipper handle on one boot locking in a weird "out" position but I can deal with that. However sadly, after about 6 months or possibly a bit more, the calves on both boots are overly stretched. I know they naturally would stretch some, but I feel "gappy" and they don't feel or look right. This does not seem like an easily fixed issue- I don't think you can unstretch a boot. :( I have two other pairs of Fluevogs with no issues, so I am pretty bummed out- especially since this is my favorite pair.
Posted by Suzanne R from NYC:
Best Boots Ever

I bought these boots about 7 or 8 years ago in light pink, then a year later another pair in black. The calves were very tight at first, but stretched quickly. They are the greatest boots I have ever owned. I can walk around the city all day in them and not only are they comfy, but they look great. I love these boots. And they've held up to my tough wear the whole time.
Posted by Jacqueline from Australia:
Oh no

I have been coveting Fluevogs for years and finally bit the bullet and bought two pairs, including a pair of wine Bondgirls. I'm a size 7.5 normally and the 7.5 is extremely difficult to get my feet into, and while the calves are snug, they look and feel fantastic. My big problem though is the same as one comment below - the very first time I tried them on a tooth fell out of the very bottom of one of the zips and now I get a blow out within minutes of wearing them. Difficult to fix because it fell out so close to the zip. A bit sad. Hopefully less sad with my Giulias.
Posted by Amadien from B.C:
Been looking at these boots for awhile. Took awhile to break in, mainly around the house just in case i needed to return them (sales rep said no refund on outside wear). Took awhile and a lot of bandages, but they finally broke it, though if i wear them for over an hour, i do get a bit of a blister... And it seems my toes get squished when i'm going downhill, but i assume that's normal with sliding around in the shoe. Was a little miffed when they didn't have my size (women's 7) in stock, so i had to get it shipped from their main store, and they charged me the shipping costs. Still, all in all, a very nice boot.
Posted by Janine from Sebastopol, CA:
Love them! But..

As a native Vancouverite I have been wearing Fluevogs for 20+ years. I purchased my Bondgirl boots last year and they are still my favorites. Nice slims calves for my legs. However, the sole of the boot began to split (where it naturally bends in the middle) a couple of months after I got them. :-( My girlfriend has the exact same boot and hers split in the same spot about the same time frame. I love these boots but the soles do not seems strong enough. I have a pair of Fluevog boots from 20 years ago that has survived the test of time. Ironically, Bondgirl doesn't look like she'll make it very long.
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Oh no! Someone from the SF store will be contacting you shortly for more info.
Posted by Emily from San Francisco, United States:
Love them but I'm sad!

I regret that my 16 year long devotion to Fluevog is in question over a purchase I made of a pair of Bondgirls in a delicious wine hue. I love these boots SO much and wear them as often as I can, but just like a previous commenter, within the first two months of wearing them I had to bring them in because the zipper on the right boot blew out at the very bottom. Now, five months later, the left boot is having the same trouble. I'm hoping when I bring them in that the store will replace the zipper without charging me for the repair (they said the boots were still under warranty last time, but I'm concerned that it's been 7 months now), but more than that I'm hoping that you will ask your suppliers to improve the quality of the zippers so this doesn't happen to other people. I have been a Fluevog devotee since I bought my first pair of oxblood knee high Angel boots when I was 16. I expect these shoes to last for years and years given the promised quality and the price. I'm so sad that I have to keep bringing these in for repairs, mostly because it means up to 2 weeks without wearing my favorite pair of boots! :-(
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Hi Emily, please bring them into a Fluevog store as soon as you can so that they can be fixed under the warranty. Thanks!
Posted by Anna from Calgary:
I want these...

I tried these boots on at Gravity Pope in Calgary. I had asked for a size 7. The clerk brought me a 5 telling me that that's the UK size for 7 in the US. The calf did not fit at all. I was wondering if the sizing is right... I previously posted this comment to the wrong boot (sorry) :-(
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
The Bondgirls are marked in UK sizing, (UK+2=Women's size), so you might have gotten the right size. However, the calves in this boot are very narrow, but can be stretched significantly (up to 2"). You might want to bring them back to the store, and see what the staff can do to make them more comfortable/stretch them for you.

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