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Open Source
Zaza (Black & Beige)
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Zaza (Black & Beige)
Zaza (Black & Beige)
$285 USD
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Minis | Zaza [Black & Beige]
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Named for and designed by San Franciscan Samantha Zaza for John's Open Source Footwear Program (OMG! If you don't know about this click on Fluevog's Open Source). Built upon the Fluevog classic Mini heel, this spats inspired wide strap with three cutesy buttons attached by elastic is sure to fit all shapes of feet. Samantha's design made John stand up and take notice, and he declared her design an OSF "Chosen" design. We hope you are as excited as John is. (To find out more about Samantha and her shoe the Zaza.) Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

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From the fit experts:

Jessamy from our Boston store says:
The fit of the Zaza is on the long side. The strap is not adjustable, so the fit might be loose if you have a low instep or a very narrow foot. Many go down half a size in this style.

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Posted by Dayna from Auckland, New Zealand:
Talk about causing a sensation!

Oh my gosh, I finally got hold of my red and pink Zaza's last week and wore them to a work function. Talk about causing a sensation, 12 people stopped me and commented on them, people pointed them out to other poeple, people stopped and pointed and stared, jaws dropped! Ladies and gentleman the Fluevog has arrived in New Zealand and I was one of the first! Did I mention that they are totally comfortable to wear all day!
Posted by KB from Portland:
comfy but seams rub sores

I love these shoes-pre-shopped them and bought just the right size (true to size for my wide 6.5 feet). However, after only a hour they rubbed sores on my feet from the seams on the inside sides of the shoes. I guess in the winter I can wear socks with them or use moleskin. I was also expecting they would be easier to walk in considering the reputation, reviews and description, but they are heels. Still love 'em, don't regret buying them!
Posted by Candie from Burbank, CA:
So very awesome

These are my favorite Fluevogs! My feet are basically big beefy rectangles with toes and, after a brief breaking-in period, are extremely comfortable. I have the purple and orangey ones.
Posted by Donna from Southern California:
Makes wide feet happy!

If you have wide feet, these are the shoes for you. I love them so much, I bought them in two different color combos. They work with skirts or with pants. The thick heel makes walking very stable and yet they are not granny shoes. You will get noticed. THank you, John and the gal who designed these!
Posted by Irene from Lethbridge, AB:
First Fluevogs and I'm in love!

These are my first Fluevogs. I went to the newly opened Calgary store and the very helpful Phil D (I think was an import from the Toronto store) recommended them in the lime and chocolate. They are like wearing clouds. Seriously comfortable shoes. And, hearts to Phil D! He was fabulous. He new just what size my feet were nad was bang on the first guess. We had a lovely discussion about Newfoundland and Halifax (places I call home) and it was one of the BEST shoe shopping experiences I have had. Thank you Phil D and thank you, Fluevog. The first pair of many, I am sure!
Posted by Onyx from Long Beach:
I'm in love

I'm in love with my new shoes, I got the Zaza in black and beige and they are so comfortable I wore them out of the store. And a big thank you to Brie at the LA store for helping me pick out my first pair of Fluevogs, they definitely won't be my last. :-D
Posted by fortiesshoes from Pittsburgh, PA:
Zazaza zoom!

I got the red/pink pair. I have wide feet and frequent problems, but these shoes are a dream, they are so comfortable. They fit in my true size of 8.5, and staff at the NYC store were so kind to call and discuss it with me. Bravo on customer service. The UPS man who delivered them was pretty cute too. I guess that has nothing to do with Fluevog...but it was an all around great experience. :-D
Posted by Maral from Toronto:
Sadly, not for super-narrow feet.

I love this style SO MUCH but after going down an entire size and still feeling my foot slide a bit when I walk (enough to cause problems after hours of wear) I finally had to admit that this style doesn't work for my very narrow feet. I need a strap that can tighten and hold my foot in, sadly! I finally had to replace my beloved Zazas with Pearl Harts, which I also love. But I still miss the Zazas. :(
Posted by Zerlina from Toronto, Canada:
Heart Palpitations

First and foremost....a big shoutout to Phil at the Toronto store for his help and his honesty and I can't forget Jaiko from the Vancouver store where these lovely beauties, the brown and green Zazas, came from. Personally, for me, the Zazas fit true to size (I am a size 10). I tried the 9.5 on as suggested by Phil and found that my toes were right up against the toe box. I was sleeping yesterday (I'm a shift worker) when the doorbell rang midday. I raced downstairs, and low and behold, the mailman stood there with a brightly wrapped turquoise box. I knew they were my Zazas. I signed a signature that I'm sure looked nothing like mine and grabbed the box out of his hands. I ran to the kitchen, ripped open the beautiful wrapping and squealed and put on my lovelies. I pranced infront of the mirror admiring their beauty and comfort and relunctantly made my way back to bed to prepare for my second night shift. I slept with them. ,->
Posted by Jules from San Diego:
Singular Shoes

These red-and-pink lovelies just arrived in the post. They are like no other shoes I own. Bold, does not begin to describe them. These shoes are not for the meek. The spats, the bud-like buttons, the hourglass heel and the frilly rubber sole add up to something entirely unique. If punk rockers were to throw a 1920s mobster-themed garden party this would be the footwear of choice.

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