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Cece (Noir)
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Cece (Noir)
Cece (Noir)
$339 USD
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F-Shoes | Cece [Noir]
GROUPES:   Botte   Décontracté   Femmes   Habillé  

Cece est une botte amincie qui arrive au genou avec une fermeture éclair à l'intérieur. Elle peut se porter à de nombreuses occasions et, en plus d'être confortable, elle est aussi un classique. Toute de cuir, elle est munie de la semelle F-Sole pour être portée et durer. La circonférence approximative du mollet : Pointure 6-7 (13"), pointure 8-9 (14") pointure 10-11 (15"). Hauteur approximative : Pointure 6-7 (14,5"), pointure 8-9 (15") pointure 10-11 (15,5"). Talon : 1.5".

Instagram @fluevog #vog_cece

From the fit experts:

Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:
The Cece is a fantastic Fluevog style that fits like a glove!

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Posted by mishel castro from philadelphia:
i love them...but....

I call these my tax return boots because three years ago I was lucky enough to get a refund to splurge on these. I wear these boots pretty much from October - April (living in the NE) + just love them. I will say I am bummed that the leather is tearing away from the sole on the left inner side of the right boot, and that somehow the interior leather got torn when putting these on with thick socks one day. I would have hoped that $300+ boots would hold up better...I do wear the @#$*#@ out of them, but they are the most expensive footwear I own. Anyway, I'll take these to get fixed and hope they last a bit longer, that's how much I love them.
Posted by MJ from NYC:
6...7...8 years?

I've had these boots for 7 or 8 years. Now that I'm looking at the photo I am remembering just how chiseled he sole is..well, used to be. Time to get those replaced! Other than that these boots a re a staple! A lifetime staple. The first few years of owning them I wore them EVERY DAY in winter and spring. Now I use them as rain boots.....in which case I am constantly jumping and playing in puddles.
Posted by Kimber:
Best Boots Ever

I have owned these boots for seven years and counting. They go with everything, and they are super comfortable!
Posted by sheila sanderson from winnipeg manitoba canada:
awesome boot!

these boots are fantastic! very wearable with just about everything! the size 8 is a bit large for me, but I like an insole, so it's really no problem for my feet - the calf width, however, is too large for my very slender legs - do you recommend having them taken in at a shoemaker? the seams seem to suggest this is possible, but I am hesitant.
Posted by Nadine from Harrisburg:
LOVE... love... love

I have a high instep and these are perfect. Love them so much, I want another pair!! Ordered them on the phone through Boston and they had to stretch them for me in the calf about an inch. (I knew because I tried them on at another store) I was very nervous about having them stretched because they weren't going to be returnable then BUT they were perfect!! I need to have more.
Posted by Nadine from Harrisburg:
LOVE... love... love

I have a high instep and these are perfect. Love them so much, I want another pair!!
Posted by Kienan:
Beware if you have a high instep!

These are absolutely gorgeous boots, but beware if you have a high instep. I have size 5-6 feet and despite how small they are I was unable to even get my feet into the boots. I was informed when I tried this on in-store these are very difficult to get on the first few times but that was a breaking point for me. I didn't actually end up buying them but man are they ever beautiful.
Posted by JRoss:
Best Boots Ever

I bought these back when I was 17 and still have them, they're like new. Love EM
Posted by Patricia Duffy:
Cece Boot

Bought mine in 2000. They went through load-ins and load-outs throughout the west coast. They've been everywhere with me. Every concert (when I'm not wearing my cowboy-biker Mula's)I'm rockin' 'em! And they still look like they're a year old. BEST BOOTS EVER!!!!
Posted by Sylvia Olsen:
book prize

Twelve years ago when I published my first book I decided I'd buy myself boots to mark the achievement--these were them. I wore them to all the readings and related book events. Since, I have published 13 other books and have marked each launch with a new pair of shoes/boots. But these boots take the prize. I am now 57 and when I wear them to readings at schools they are also the kids' favourites.

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