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Nico (Peat)
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Nico (Peat)
Nico (Peat)
$179 USD
Reg $345
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Sometimes it's hard to be in the spotlight. Lately, everyone seems to be making a fuss, and you have to stop to wonder if it's about you or your new 3" leather wrapped heeled Fluevog boots. This sultry, but solid boot with ciclone pull-up leathers, a side zipper, strap and buckle, is going to make a splash on the scene. Full sizes only.

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From the fit experts:

Sean C. from our New York store says:
A classic 90's style that fits true and lasts ages.

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Posted by Amber Barni from Seattle:
My baby is all grown up!

Bought my daughter her first Fluevogs today-- Nico's in peat, which was the most gorgeous dark brown yet coppery color! She's walking around the house, trying on outfits, strutting her 'Vog self. And best of all, with a thick pair of socks, I can wear them too! Perfectly comfortable, she wore them right out of the store! Highly recommend these boots
Posted by christa from alameda, ca:
Yet another boot that I somehow overlooked for a few years, until I needed a flexible-soled, higher-heeled boot for a walking vacation. The petrol color is gorgeous and goes with a lot, and they are indeed a very comfortable boot for walking--I went all over Tallinn in them, cobblestones and all, no breaking in necessary. I'm generally a 7.5 to 8 in Fluevogs and always an 8 in boots, fit is perfect with a pair of medium socks.
Posted by Catherine from New Orleans:
Beautiful Boots!

These boots are amazing! I got them in the Petrol Blue, and mine don't change color like a review I read here. The color looks just like what's on the monitor. I wear a 10 in non-Vogs. I always go up at least half a size in Vogs, and the 10.5 fit perfect. They make my feet look smaller. I wore them straight out of the box for ten hours, and I had no pain at all. Like all Vogs that I own, the heel is very stable and easy to walk on. I never thought I'd spend this much on shoes, but I'll never buy another brand again!
Posted by Aniko Piri from Los Angeles:
How ?

How did I go 40 years without discovering this brand? Going from one pair of shoes to another disappointed each time at how much pain I would experience while wearing them! I am on my 3rd Fluevog shoes and I am at AWE of how comfortable they all are. This one specifically I still can't believe with he heel height! I am truly deeply in love:) These boots look very unique and extremely cool! As everyone else said above, you won't regret it. I am a 6.5 and the boots fit perfect in 6.5. ( I was a bit worried when I first got it on, it seemed so tiny on my feet that I thought it might be too small but it turned out to be BINGO!!! Thank you John!!!
Posted by Susan from Victoria:
Love Them

First online Fluevog order and the whole transaction was wonderful. These came from Quebec and the notes were wonderful....but the boots. Oh the boots. Worn right out of the box, perfect fit and kept on for two days. I'm sad I don't get to wear them everyday and may have to change my wardrobe to accomodate this, but then my other Fluev's would get jealous. The blue is fantastic. I wear a lot of black and this just cools it up. I wear size 8.5, bought size 8.5 and can wear them easily with tights. If I wanted to wear them with socks, I would've sized up slightly to a 9.
Posted by Heather from Edmonton, AB, Canada:
Great in walking winter weather

Just got mine and love them! I live in a snow climate so they're perfect in navigating ice/snow of our winter streets. Color is beautiful (blue/green/teal) and I love the white top stitching. I normally take a size 10, but have a set of 10.5's. Definately recommend going at least 0.5 up in size. I have a different style of Flueflog suede boots with the same soles and also love them - sturdy, but sexy! Wish Fluevog would make more boots and shoes with these sturdy heels & leather soles!
Posted by Shannon from Los Angeles:
Classic Fluevogs

I have these in the Petrol Blue, which really ends up being teal in some light, emerald in some light, nearly black in some light, and whatever else strikes its fancy at the moment. They are great with jeans or short skirts, and I imagine if you're a shorts-and-boots person, these would be good for that, as well. I went up a half size because my size was sold out, but I'm actually glad I did. The square toes are nice and roomy, but now I have enough space for heavy socks in the cold, yet they're not so big that they're loose with light socks. And as usual - wide, stable heels with rubber soles means I can put miles and miles on these comfortably. They really do not feel like heels, much less like three inch heels! Which is part of what I love about them. If I were going to have one (only one?!) fall/winter boot, this would probably be it.
Posted by Holly from Seattle:

These boots are insanely beautiful AND comfy. The blue is stunning and goes with everything. I usually wear an 8.5 in Vogs and these are no different. No breaking in necessary. They feel like slippers right out of the box. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these special boots! You will not regret investing in them. ,-)
Posted by Liz from Ontario, Canada:

I just received my Nicos. Thanks to Tanya from the Calgary store who suggested a size 6.5 (I was a 7 in Bond Girls), they fit like a dream. These beauties will go with everything: dress pants, jeans, skirts, and will be my shoe staple. Worth every penny, a work of art. I spent the first hour just looking at them and admiring the craftsmanship and design. The Nicos are both sexy and smart and they make me feel just the same.
Posted by Bettyburbs from Toronto:
New favourites for this shoe freak!

I was curious about these just after having purchased the super comfy mary jane version of these boots. More than a few obsessive peeks on the Fluevog website and I was riveted! I bought them in petrol blue and literally CANNOT take them off!! When i catch my reflection in a store window, I can't believe that I am walking in 3" heels and they feel like joggers! Hot and sexy, and SO Fluevogian!! I am toying with the idea of packing them as my only pair for sn early December trip to NYC in a few weeks where I tromp around for miles, avoiding subways and cabs...I was going to take my Frankies but these have so much more going on!

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