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Bartoli (Wine)
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Bartoli (Wine)
Bartoli (Wine)
$315 USD
Operettas | Bartoli [Wine]
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Imagine your favourite bootie - the Giulia boot, but better! So bring on the tights, skinny jeans, or the dress you've been waiting to wear because the perfect accompaniment is finally here. The soft Baccarat Patent leathers, soft rubber soles, and with a 2.5" (5.5cm) leather wrapped heel; The Bartoli is so comfortable you almost, almost... feel guilty for skipping school so early in the semester. Your Love Makes Me Sing.

Half sizes available.

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From the fit experts:

Tanya from our Calgary store says:
The Bartoli fits true, but people with longer toes may want to go up half a size, and the lace-up is great for those of us with a high instep!

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Posted by jerrilynn robertshaw from portland:
best ever

Crystal the store manager is a delight. I never get the wrong size because of her I call her up and she has my act and tells me what size to order These boots can be worn all year. they are the greatest True to size I have worn them three times this week and all I here is where did you get them I have 16 pairs of Fluevogs now Would not buy any other brand Jerrie
Posted by Jennifer from United States:
Love this design, but sad the heel is broken

Very well made shoes and comfortable. Bought them in 2010 and did not wear them often. Recently found them in the closet and was saddened to be reminded that the rubber heel popped off while I was out over a year ago. So much design goes into the look of the heel itself. For a pricey shoe that I don't wear frequently, it is disappointing that the rubber heel did not stay attached.
Posted by Melanie from New Zealand:

I fell in love with Fluevog long distance. There's no dedicated store in my country. I managed to purchase a pair from a supplier on a trip to Oz, but options were limited. On holiday in San Francisco one of the top things on my to do list was to visit the Fluevog store. I think I may well have tried on every shoe in the place, added and abetted by the endlessly patient staff. These were the win. Possibly the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I can walk all over my hilly town all day in these with nary a pinch or a limp. They are amazing. Like some sort of miracle sneaker heel. And that's before we even start discussing how cute they are.
Posted by Paige from Baltimore, MD:
I regret nothing!

I'm a first time Fluevog buyer, but long time admirer. I trekked down to the Georgetown store to check out the Nefertitis and Caravaggios in person because I needed shoes for an upcoming wedding and I couldn't decided which I liked better. I figured my feet would make the decision for me when I put them on. While waiting for them to come from the stock room so I could try them on, I spied these little pretties and sent the sales guy back to grab them, too. I ended up buying the pink Caravaggios and these in red. They're absolutely exquisite and if I could marry them I would. I'm not a heel wearer either, but these are SO comfortable, I don't even notice. I run between a 9/9.5 in normal shoes and I got a 9.5 in these. They fit perfectly and really make a statement. Love! Love! Love!
Posted by Ginny from Santa Monica:
Five compliments in two wearings!

Bought a red pair from the friendly team at the Hollywood store in LA ... "cute boots!" twice on the first wearing, and three times on the second. A bit tight across the first wearing leading to a numb little toe .. but I persevered and they were fine on the third wear. I LOVE them! And passers-by do too!
Posted by Tammy from Sacramento:
What I would do for a a pair of Fluevogs

My story is a true journey to my first pair of Fluevogs and it goes like this: In October 2012 I saw a colleague with a pair of Bartolis on. Since October I have been idolizing the Bartolis via the webiste. In December 2012, I decided to treat myself to a pair for my birthday. Plan A: Go to SF Grant Ave store and pick up a pair after a work meeting on 12/21 Plan B: Meeting was cancelled so I ordered the Bartolis via 2 day shipping. My boots were suppose to arrive on 12/20 but did not. UPS says they attempted to deliver but no one was home. Wrong! I had been home all afternoon and evening waiting for my beloved Bartolis. Plan C: Boots were to be delivered on 12/21 and I had an all day meeting so I(regretfully) decided to authorize leaving the package on my front porch, hidden. UPS tracking stated they delivered my package @ 11:55 am. Guess what? When I arrived home at 5:00 pm no package! I checked all around the outside of the house and I checked with all of my neighbors, still no package. Plan D: I drove down to SF Grant Ave store and bought the last pair of Bartoli's in Wine! This is what I would do for a pair of Fluevogs!!
Posted by MarieK:
Amazing boots

I've had my red pair for a few years now, and after wearing them last night and getting comments on them - Oh, these old things? - I felt compelled to write them up. I have bunions and these boots are SO comfortable - I'll get that out of the way first. But the style is amazing. They look cute with leggings, or boot leg pants, or skirts or jeans. They are so striking and people continue to notice and compliment them years later. I like the red because I can dress down every other part of my outfit and just throw on these boots and voila, I've got a look. I've worn them so much that they are a bit scuffed and I'm going to polish them up because they are keepers for sure.
Posted by Tove from Oslo:
So elegant !

I have been a Fluevog fan for many years and use a lot of time on these sites. I didn't pay much attention to these before I got a pair on ebay. Even if I have a big lot of vogs these have become one of my favorites. They are so much nicer than in the pics. True to size and gorgeous (mostly 9 in vogs, but 9,5-10 in boots. 9,5 in these.) I have the red/burgundy and love the colours ]:o)
Posted by Elizabeth from Los Angeles:
Super Booties!

I bought these and walked for miles on day one. Fantastic super booties indeed! They are very, very comfortable. I love the round toes and how they make your feet look so teeny - much more feminine than most boots out there in the world, without sacrificing comfort or stability as femmy-looking boots sometimes do. I have not seen the red ones (mine are black) but I am sure they are gorgeous too. The Operetta rubber soles and rubber heels can't be beat. A true Vog classic!
Posted by Linda Levesque from Montréal:
Je viens de recevoir les Bartoli en rouge 2 tons et je suis un peu déçue parce que la couleur du bout de la botte est différente de la cuvée 2009-2010 laquelle était d'un ton rouge ton bourgogne. Je suis du même avis que la botte droite est plus étroite que la gauche?? Cependant, mes autres chaussures Fluevog sont très confortables et uniques. Bravo!!!

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