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Bobbi (Black)
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Bobbi (Black)
Bobbi (Black)
Bobbi (Black)
Bobbi (Black)
$299 USD
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F-Shoes | Bobbi [Black]
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Inspired by the classic Australian outback ankle boot, Fluevog's tough and rugged Bobbi is named after an mythical aboriginal rainbow snake, who lives in dreamtime, and gives humans the gift of hunting by turning one of his own ribs into a boomerang. Featuring thick, wrinkled, full grain leathers, a silver roller buckle, and an inside zipper, The Bobbi is the ultimate, indestructible ankle boot. After construction, the Bobbi is finished in an industrial washing machine, giving it its aged look. Soled with the classic, 100% vulcanized rubber F-Sole (a time-tested sole since 1997), renowned for its comfort and durability. The Bobbi has excellent traction on ice, snow, slush and even retains heat - if left in a warm dry area overnight, it will give you hours of toasty toes in the winter.

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From the fit experts:

Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:
The Bobbi is a great boot on the ever popular F-sole. The length is a little bit short, so some people have found going up half of a size helps!

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Posted by Melinda Broome from Vancouver:
Be aware of Zippers!

I am a biq fluevog fan for over a decade now but was extremely disappointed in the last purchase of these boots. I bought them in Dec and by May the zipper had spread and I could no longer do them up. I brought into the store beginning of July they said they would call me with a quote and I rec'd a call a week later telling me they were repaired! Yeah I thought they were repaired for free since I had not had them for even 7 months but to my surprise when I went to pick them up I was told they were $60 ($68 something with tax!!!) which I had to pay to get my $300 boots back so I could wear them. These boots are comfortable just be AWARE when you bring in for repairs you may be paying more then you bargained without your consent to boot!! Will be a long time before I recommend fluevogs as this has left a terrible impression on me and my wallet!
Posted by Valerie Andres from Washington DC:
soft and warm

I love these boots. Love the charcoal color. A little big but the leather snuggles the foot so I like the floppy thing with zippers down. THey stay on my feet. They replaced another style I bought & returned that just were not rugged enough. While these may not fit the bill of totally rugged (like when I lived in the woods without running water and split my hardwood), for the city girl I have become, they are perfect. I wore a hot black low back, low front slim fitting outfit out last weekend dancing, and these were my dancing shoes. That's me. a mix of city slick and country ham.
Posted by Ev from Boston:
Love my Bobbis

First time on the website and I ordered the wrong size in a sale shoe to try Fluevog. I decided to call the Boston store for input and Ali was so helpful. I ordered the Bobbi in my size and they fit like a glove, no break in time,just fabulous! The problem (-( is I don't want to wear any other shoes. BNow everyone knows to get the best life out of your shoes you MUST rotate!
Posted by Happy feet from Inland Northwest:
Sturdy boots, don't look bad either!

F-Soles, F-Shoes, F-Boots: these related styles have been called many things, making it harder than need be for those of us searching the website for sturdy leather shoes and boots atop tough soles. Now, like a modern blended family, they have all been renamed "F-Shoes." Just received my Bobbis, two weeks after purchasing them. They are well worth the wait, as I'll be wearing them frequently for the rest of the winter, and I expect for many winters to come. Like my Bondgirls, these feature supple, thick leather, and the stompin' "F" soles. The strap & buckle and the short flared top give them some style, especially in the dark gray color. The toe is more rounded than that of the Bondgirls, but they still fit true to size. Just one suggestion: more colors!
Posted by Betty W from Boston:
Best Style Yet!

Upon deciding that I wanted some winter-usable boots that were not just functional but also kick-ass stylin' I searched the site, but only found one F-Sole boot available in close to my size. I called the fab folks at the Boston store to consult - they called the store listing that one pair, but found it was not actually in stock (:`( But as usual they had another suggestion: I had not even seen the Bobbis when I looked, but they popped up when I searched on the name, and looked good. THEN it was that Boston had them only on either side of my usual size; but NYC had it so we shipped to Boston in case I did need a different size. End result: my usual size (8) fit just right! And even though after last week's October snow it's now 70F in November I'm wearing them because I love them so much!
Posted by Aztra from Vancouver:
Love these boots!

I have been patiently waiting for an F-Sole boot like this and it certainly paid off. I've worn them almost every day and they fit perfectly - no break-in period needed. My feet are once again happy to be ensconced in a comfy, yet stylish pair of awesomeness! And, of course, the daily compliments don't hurt either! Thank you for bringing back this most comfortable sole.

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