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Amie (Patent Aqua)
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Amie (Patent Aqua)
Amie (Patent Aqua)
Amie (Patent Aqua)
Amie (Patent Aqua)
$89 USD
Reg $229
Integrity | Amie [Patent Aqua]
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Named in honour of the amazing, adventure seeking Amie (last we heard she was drinking champagne with Barons and Duchesses in some remote villa in the Swiss Alps), we bring you the ultra-super-mega-awesomely-comfy Amie ballet flat! John designed this unstructured slip-on ballet flat using soft leathers in earthy matte tones or in electric* patent colours, elastic toplines, and walkable rubber soles & heels that allow The Amie Ballet Flat to mold to your foot. Truth and Integrity... Since 1970.

* Due to the remarkable fact it is scientifically impossible to express visually how intensely-bright the Neon Orange (Pantone #811C) is, you'll have to trust us when we say you can stop traffic in the middle of the night!

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From the fit experts:

Ali from our New York store says:
The Arabella sizes true, but the width can be a bit narrow. It is a ballet flat, so it can be a little snug.

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Posted by Alda Berneaud-daRosa:
I love my flats for many reasons. Here are a few: 1. they're like gloves for my feet; 2. they are super comfy - I had ankle and knee surgery last summer - my feet, joints and all feel like "ahhh" so happy; 3. they are made in Portugal. Just one tiny little thing ... I would love to have a little bit more "cleavage". Thank you Fluevog, you're the best!
Posted by Willeseden from Winnipeg:
Sweet Shoes!

These just arrived in the mail today. Love them right out of the box. I own other shoes from the Integrity family in a size 9. The staff person I spoke with suggested that I order a 9.5 as these run a bit snug. I am glad I listened as a 9 would have been too small.
Posted by Laura from Calgary:
Neon orange - gorgeous but the patent cracks

I have the neon orange ones - and they are absolutely gorgeous, and I get compliments on them all the time. However, I have noticed recently that where the leather meets the elastic, there are cracks happening through the patent; this despite the fact that I condition the shoes regularly and take good care of them. They're not huge yet, but I'm hoping they don't expand. Otherwise, they do take some time to break in but are great once broken in.
Posted by Donna from Seattle Eastside:
Solution for the Heel Issue

I own a pair of nylon-jaw pliers for beading work. When my orange Amie arrived, I took the back of the shoe gently in the pliers and waggled it a bit to soften up that hard patent tab at the back. It wasn't so much that the "elastic" dug into my heel but that this tab was firm and inflexible. Once I broke it down a little with the pliers (10 seconds' work) they are perfect and I wore them right out to dinner with no problems.
Reply from Fluevog at Fluevog:
Great tip, thanks for sharing Donna!
Posted by Kay from Victoria:
Orange orange!!

Oh my! oh my! I just got the neon orange Amies! You know all the hype about how loud they are -- well they're even louder than that! Although I don't think anyone really needs neon orange shoes when they went on sale I couldn't resist. I'm soo glad I got them, they are cute, comfy and fun to wear! I usually wear a 7 to 7 1/2 and ordered these in 7 1/2 - Preet's advice. Thanks Preet :) I can feel the elastic on the back of one heel but it's too not bad and Preet sent me some heel pads to help with the break in. Thanks Preet :) Sweet Preet, she'll take Good care of you :) love the shoes!!
Posted by Lei:
Patent needs patience!

I bought these lovely flats in the lilac a few months ago in 10 1/2. I love the color and the fact that they're patent - a comfortable flat for wear when it's damp outside is wonderful! Comfortable.. that's the tricky word. The patent flats pinch horribly at first (both the elastic at the toes and the backs. Oh, god, the backs. The first few times I wore them, the backs felt awful. I have been carefully heat-stretching my flats with my hair dryer and super thick socks, and the fit is finally starting to be what it should have been in the first place. I do have slightly wide feet, and feel like I should have gone with the 11 instead of the 10 1/2, but the length of the flats is perfect for me. My recommendation is either to order the regular finish colors, or plan on spending some time breaking these in before going for a stroll.
Posted by Leila from United States:
Size 12 runs quite short!

So I initially bought these in black to wear for my wedding. I ended up getting some red shoes instead, but I still kept these because I thought they'd be a nice, versatile, plain shoe to have in my arsenal. I wish I had realized how very short they were the first time I tried them on! They really do fit more like an 11. After several times of giving my little toes blisters, now it's too late to return them. Alas and alack...
Posted by Jessy:

The elastic was excruciating when I first put them on, but I've been wearing the shoes for an hour here and there around the house. They are softening up quite nicely. I wear a 9.5 in most brands, but I opted for the 10 in these shoes. It was wise to size up. I can wear a super sleuth sock with these, unlike many ballet flats. The sole is nice, flexible, with just a tiny bit of shock absorption. I normally wear barefoot style shoes, so I find the lack of arch support to be desirable.
Posted by Judy Phillips from Chicago:

These shoes are adorable but, alas, I had to return them after one very painful wearing. The elastic in front digs in and hurt horribly. And, the back dug in and gave me a blister. Sigh
Posted by Melissa Bischoping from Minot, ND:
Just a simple pair of flats

I've been putting off buying Fluevog flats for ages, because they're always coming out with heels I cannot live without! I ordered the Amie's after trying on a cream pair in the Minneapolis store. I was waiting for the grey to go on sale. They're a nice matte finish, so I don't think they'll scuff as easy as the patent. I run anywhere from a 10-11 in Vogs, and I ordered these in a 10.5 and they fit well. I also wear a 10.5 in the Miracles, Mini: Bee's Knees, Queen Transcendent: Nefertiti, and an 11 in the Operetta Malibrans if that gives anyone an idea.... They are snug at first, especially across the top big toe joint, but they loosen up pretty well. I find the tighter fit necessary with ballet flats so they don't rub blisters. As usual, Jami was amazing and checked in with me on sizing (and complimented my fantastic taste in shoes) :) She's awesome, and I'm so happy to work with her - she knows my style and always finds me the coolest bargains!

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