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K2 (Black & Brown)
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K2 (Black & Brown)
K2 (Black & Brown)
K2 (Black & Brown)
K2 (Black & Brown)
$279 USD
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Wonders | K2 [Black & Brown]
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John brings another wonder from his Canadian Design Studio to your feet, reminding us to appreciate the natural beauty that reaches from the Earth to the sky above. The K2 is a cute oxford-inspired lace up shoe designed on a vintage Fox & Fluevog, hand carved wooden last that includes a soft pointed toe with a curvy toe spring. Handmade in a Peruvian factory that has a reputation for outstanding quality and craftsmanship, The K2 lace up booties feature a 2.25" leather wrapped heel with gorgeous, Argentinian leathers, rich with contrasting colour combinations. The K2 will amaze your bewildered feet as you walk among the clouds.

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From the fit experts:

Monika/Denny/Jim from our San Francisco (Haight) store says:
Gorgeous fit. They're true to size!

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Posted by Germaine from Azilda:
Smart, classy and surprisingly comfortable

Pair number 3... stylish, classy... Fit true to size, very snuggly on my foot. Surprisingly comfortable considering the height of them. Interesting little shape to the tip... a little attitude, I call it. Love love love!
Posted by Adin from Kamloops:
Pair #6!

Got these in the mail today, almost scaring the post lady--opened the door before she could knock, practically vibrating with excitement. I opted for the red/purple combo, as I have a lovely sinamay hat that perfectly matches them. They're gorgeous and make me feel like my size 11 feet look a trifle smaller...and also don't make me tower over my boyfriend, who's the same height as I when I'm not wearing heels. They promise to be as much delight as all my previous selections. Bravo!
Posted by Amber from Seattle:
Decisions, decisions...

I tried on many many Fluevogs today and it came down to this shoe--two colors. Do I choose the demure yet stylish black and brown or go for the "here I am, look at me!" black, red, and sssssssnake? Well, nobody ever accused me of fading into the woodwork. These shoes are a bit tight across my wide foot, but will stretch out beautifully in no time. And they look amazing on. Maybe I need to go back for the black and brown...
Posted by Brenda:
So this is what true love feels like

I have had my red/black/snake pair for 2 months now. They fit like an absolute dream. Also surprisingly versatile for such an eye catching style. I've worn them for work, conferences, a wedding, and now, swing dancing. I wore them and danced the night away without any discomfort, and this is from a girl who used to live in flats. They get compliments everywhere I go (a group of women thought I was a shoe salesman). They just might be my favourite out of the 6 Fluevogs I own! Swooooooon!
Posted by Veronica from Sydney:
Just love it!

I bought this on my recent trip to Vancouver. This is the second colour that I bought. I had already worn it since I got back to Sydney as we still have winter here. I found a handbag at Granville Island to match the shoes. Just love the combination! The Fluevologist, Thomas at the Gastown store, was very helpful and patient. You need 1/2 size up. I normally take a 7 but need 7.5 in this. Can't wait for the next colour to be out!
Posted by Q:
Like butter, only better!

I'd been stalking these beauties for months on the website, waiting for my chance to get to Portland to try them on in person. Love the combo of black and brown: don't often see that. Debated between 10 1/2 and 11 (usually a 10 in other shoes, 11 in Bellevues)...once the insole went in the 11, aaaaah! So so comfy! Wore them directly out of the store, and for the rest of the night: fit like a dream, and so gorgeous! Couldn't stop looking at my feet! The staff was great: Crystal was oh-so-patient with my debating, and trying on of many shoes. Great experience, dreamy shoes!
Posted by Kathy from Boston:
New Fall 2013 K2!

I fell in love at first sight with the new black/red/snake K2 in the Boston store (before they're even on the website) - just gorgeous! I usually wear a 7 in Fluevogs but Pete brought me the 7 1/2 to try and he was right, the fit is perfect and they feel so good... and look amazing! The Wonders are wonderfully comfortable, I already have the Everests and the K2s have the same balance in the heel and wiggle room for my toes even though they're delightfully pointy. True shoe love!
Posted by Veronica from Sydney Australia:
Very comfortable shoes!

I bought these on the Fluevog day, my 4th pair this year, and got discounted shipping, yeh! They are very comfortable as work shoes, which is matching with a black/brown tote that I have. It would be nice to have the non-slip soles padded like some other Fluevogs. I can bring to a shoe repair to add on, which is not an issue. Will consider the other colour as well. Love it!
Posted by JT:
First Fluevogs!

Got these beauties in red - my first pair of Fluevogs, and definitely not my last. I have avoided heels because of their discomfort and instability, but this pair is like walking in comfy slippers. And the shape makes my feet actually look small - even in this bright colour!
Posted by Marti from Vermont:
Not Purple

My new vogs just arrived.For once, the color on the screen is pretty close to the shoe. The "purple" actually looks brown. I had planned to wear them with purple but will re-visit that idea in daylight. That being said, I have narrow feet and tried them on with thin socks because I couldn't wait to hunt around for something more appropriate. They will do fine. As other have said, I need to scuff them up.

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