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Open Source
Elizabeth (Green)
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Elizabeth (Green)
Elizabeth (Green)
Elizabeth (Green)
Elizabeth (Green)
$229 USD
Reg $329
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Queen Transcendent | Elizabeth [Green]
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Designed by Fluevoger Jody Elizabeth for John's world-reknown Open Source Footwear Program, The Queen Transcendent Elizabeth features a unique heel inspired by Cabriole legs of 18th century Louis XV furniture, specifically the "ball and claw" foot design. Using a Bellevue last, a 3.5" ornate "ball and claw" heel, a 0.75" comfy platform, and tunite soles, The Elizabeth demands sophistication and class. Smooth and glossy Polido leathers with a rub-off finish give The Queen Transcendent Family an antiqued and timeless look. Exceed your own expectations.

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From the fit experts:

Jessamy, Peter, and Matthew from our Boston store says:
The Elizabeth is a gorgeous shoe that fits a bit narrow. Unless you have particularly narrow foot, you may have to size up a half size to accommodate the width.

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Posted by Serena from Vancouver,BC:
Can't. Stop. Staring.

Oh boy, this store is always dangerous. I have wee feet so it's a little sad that not all styles run lower than a 6. However, on this fine sale day, they had these beautiful heels in my size! They look rickety, but boy, are these heels mega stable, just like my Fluevog boots :) They are really stunning, ultra unique heel and super comfortable. The gals at Gastown were amazing, did a bit of stretching around hot spots on the shoes while I waited. I chose the purple/black combo (only colour way that comes with a coloured heel!) even though the pink ones were really my fav, thought the darker colour way would match more things. Love. Love. LOVE!
Posted by Emily from Toronto:
Secret White Ones!

What a surprise to find them in white! Amazing shoes and unmatched customer service! They run about half a size small.
Posted by Ryann:
Freaking awesome!

I love these shoes! They are freaking gorgeous. I can't wait to walk down the aisle and run around the French Quarter in mine. Tip on fitting: your size is not what you think it is. You will need to go up at least half a size, though if you have wider feet I'd go up a full one. Worth it!
Posted by Su from Saratoga Springs, NY:
Who knew?

I tried these fierce bitches on at the Mulberry Street store in NYC during the contest to win a pair of vogs for 10 years. I went in with the distinct plan NOT to buy anything. So I tried on shoes I thought I'd never be able to walk in (they looked about an inch higher than anything I wear) and picked the pink ones because I thought they wouldn't go with anything I own. Well, Alan put a pair of 9s on my feet (I usually wear an 8.5 and just as Alan suspected, that was too small/tight) and I was transformed. But I held off. I was "good." But I kept looking at them online, salvating. Then boom, the Annual Sale and they're $100 off! Plus I had a credit with the store. What was a girl to do but call up the NYC store (I live upstate now) and get these girls shipped to me ASAP! I'm a long time vog wearer, since 2000 with over a dozen pairs. These are up there with my favorites. I find them to be very comfortable despite looking like they wouldn't be. I love an ankle strap as my feet otherwise slip in the heel to the point of me abondoning heels sans ankle strap. The style of the heel couldn't be cooler and I love the buffed pink on the toes and heels. I consider myself to have wide feet but no issues with width here. Thanks to Alan at the NYC store, as well as Paul who hooked my up over the phone. Time to go break some hearts!
Posted by Tawna from Calgary:

As soon as these became available I had to have them! So sexy on so many levels! I bought them in the burgundy and love them to bits. I normally wear a 9 in other brands and I bought these in a 10 and I still find them difficult to wear for long periods. The leather is quite stiff and unforgiving to feet so find your thickest, fluffiest pair of socks and wear them around the house until you break them in. That being said, the first event I wore them to that caused me some pain was an event that had me on my feet for 4 solid hours-standing mostly in one spot on a concrete floor, I would have been better off if I had been able to at least move around more. As far as I am concerned that was a worst case scenario for any occasion I would be wearing high heels and to be honest, while my feet were sore and I was glad to take them off at the end of the night, I had no blisters, no rubbing, just sore feet. These shoes are simply stiff and need thorough breaking in- or at least events where you won't be standing all night. Don't give up! Or if you just can't do it, try the Nefertiti's, I also own those and the open sides with the softer leather make them so much easier to wear. The compliments I have received wearing these shoes are countless- worth every penny and the break in process
Posted by Maria Bravo from Puerto Rico:
love emmmm

Wao! this shoes are a beauty! they run small in the opening, and are a little stiff. I ordered them in 9 but had to go up to 9.5. Worth it!!! Leslie from San Francisco, super nice!!!
Posted by Jaclyn T from New Brunswick, Canada:
Happy Boxing Day Sale Delight!

So, I wanted these in purple since they came out...alas, I showed restraint. That is, until I went into a local shop that carries a few vogs and saw these were thirty percent off for boxing day. AND I had a gift card from the in-laws. I got a 10, which is a full size up from my "true" size. I also have the Nefertiti in 10. As someone with a narrow heel, these shoes are snug enough that I do not need to wear a heel grip. OH, and my five and a half year old niece loves them. She has already told me she wants my shoes when she is older, and has the eye for vogs.
Posted by Swell from Wilmington, DE:
Bring on the SHOE-OFF!

My husband spotted these shoes in San Francisco - we were window shopping on a Sunday morning before shops had opened. He used his entire body to try and block my view because he knew I would have to have them. I bought them in green a full size larger than I usually wear (I am a 9/9.5 and got a 10). the fit is perfect on my left foot; still a bit tight on my right foot which is half a size bigger. The first time I wore them was to a wedding and they gave the bride a run for her money. They were comfortable after being on my feet all night and then walking approximately a mile back to the hotel. Everyone wants to know about these shoes when I wear them. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
Posted by Tabitha from Toronto:
Gorgeous shoes, fit a little small.

I walked into the Queen St. store in Toronto and fell in love. The claw foot heel stole my heart, and I knew I had to have them. I eventually purchased a pair in the burgundy, and I get compliments every time I wear them. I had to go up a full size from my usual, though - thanks, Fluevog, for making these in a size 12!
Posted by Natasha Yelland from Kamloops:

That's the only word to describe these amazing, classy and very comfortable shoes! They are clearly my new love. You ask if one would recommend Fluevog to a friend or college? I said absolutely. I must say however, I will hesitate in doing so, as I want to be the only one in the room wearing these timeless treasures! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! Can't wait to add more to my collection!

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