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Guide (Turquoise)
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Guide (Turquoise)
Guide (Turquoise)
Guide (Turquoise)
Guide (Turquoise)
$299 USD
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Prepares | Guide [Turquoise]
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The original inspiration behind the Guide was from when John was walking to the Fluevog Design Studio for a meeting, and was confronted by a Girl Guide selling cookies. John, feeling generous (and hungry), decided to buy many boxes of the tasty delicious cookies (the number was never confirmed) to bring back to his trusty, hard working employees. On his walk, his hunger got the best of him, and he started munching happily. First the box of chocolate mints... then the box of coconut cookies... then another box... By the time John got to the Design Studio, he realized he had eaten all of the cookies. He discarded the boxes and removed any evidence of what is now referred to as 'The Great Cookie Massacre.' Unfortunately for John, his story came out in the meeting when everyone remarked on his cookie crumb tie.

Chuckling to himself at the invaluable lesson he learned from his experience, John drew up a sexy ladies shoe that featured thick, soft leathers with pebbled surfaces, custom Fluevog buckles, a 3.5" curved heel, and a 1.5" hidden platform of recycled cork, all on a tunite sole with rubber grips. The uber-modern mary jane Guide provides you with a firm foundation for the challenges ahead (like not eating the entire box of cookies at once without a glass of milk). Prepare for the Future, choose well today.

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From the fit experts:

Karen from our San Francisco (Union Square) store says:
The angle of the toe swoop makes them fit a half size smaller.

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Posted by Simone:
I now own 4 pairs of prepares, all different family members and every single member is so comfy. From the shoe to the bootie to the boots to the HI. I love love love this family.....did I mention I love them. I am a 6 and for me they all fit true to size. I work 10 hr shifts and I wear them all day with hrs left to spare from my feet. No matter where I go I always get compliments and everybody asks where I got them. I say, haven't u heard about fluevogs????
Posted by CleverGirl:
Needs Breaking In

I have been wanting a pair in the Prepare family for awhile. Last summer I tried on a pair late in the sale period and my colour preference was no longer available in that style. It was my first bite.. and I fell hard for them, but left the store disappointed. When the Guides first came out, I was awed by all of the colour choice. At Easter I was in Toronto and tried them on, for quite awhile!, and in the end went for something else because the Guides weren't immediately comfy. But when they went on sale in the colour I liked the most (Fuchsia!), I had to get them so I did something uncharacteristic -- ordered them online since I knew the size I needed. Unlike a lot of the commenters here, I've had to wear them at half day intervals at the office to break them in. First day was painful. Waited a couple days and tried again. Better. They keep getting better. But it was not immediate comfort the way a lot of people have claimed. Do I regret it?! No way. One of the hottest pairs of 'vogs I own by far (& I own around 10 pairs now)!!! Loads of complements (mostly from other women). Snazzy Sexy Soles. (Oh, and they work for my very narrow AAA feet, too).
Posted by Wendy from Washington, DC:
I have a crush on my shoes

I walked into the store in flip flops and out in my fuchsia guides today. The most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet. LOVE. I never thought I would own a pair of fuchsia shoes - so not my color, but these are gorgeous. I also ordered the mini zazas in green/purple from the LA store. I wish I could wear them both at the same time. I doubled my Fluevog collection and I am already obsessing about pair #5.
Posted by Jaclyn T from New Brunswick, Canada:
Heels comfier than some flats?

YES! These shoes are comfy enough to traipse around in all day. I work with children and can go non-stop with these on my tootsies.
Posted by Jean from Pennsylvania:
happy feet, happy heart

I had been eyeing these longingly and succumbed to the sale price. These beautiful shoes make my feet and my heart happy. The fuschia color is definitely a deep, rich fuschia, not a pastel pink. I usually wear an 8.5 or sometimes 9 in other shoes, and usually wear a 9 in Fluevogs. These fit well in a 9. I have wide-ish feet, but these have enough room across the toes. Very comfortable and easy to walk in, like my other pair in the Prepare family. Service from the NYC store was prompt and helpful, and shipping was super-speedy.
Posted by Chris from Calgary:
Get noticed everytime

I got these online and sized up by a half-size (I'm normally 6.5 in my Vogs) Wore them on holiday to San Fran and received lots of love & great comments - even had a lady next to me wearing a yellow one during dinner - we became instant friends!! Managed to do 10 days of walking in them right out from the box... many hours of comfort!
Posted by June from Oxford UK:
Five pair spree

The second pair in my 5 pair spree in Boston. I wore these immediately, bare feet, all day. Not a rub, not a scrape, not a moments discomfort. Great with pants, great with a dress. I even wore these to a graduation ceremony at which I was presiding. A firm favourite.
Posted by Tina Poncio from Houston, Tx:
OMG!! Im in shoe love!

I got my Prepare Guides in black size 10, they are a little tight but are going to stretch out the more I wear them. I got them in the mail on a Thursday night and wore them all day Friday for work.....comfy! I will defintaly be getting another pair either the pink or turquiose. Thank you John Fluevog for making great shoes, and thank you Jamie in MN for the help!!
Posted by Heather from Edmonton, Alberta:
day one, walk blocks!

Walked 10 blocks downtown in my brand new blues and no blisters! These are fabulous and better yet no pain with my bunions. Highly recommend these as your weigh shifts back rather than on to the balls of the feet.
Posted by Anna from Santa Monica, CA:
I just worked an 11 hour day in my turquoise Guides. I ran around a lot. I moved furniture. I ran up and down stairs. My feet don't hurt a bit.

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