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Luxon (Burgundy)
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Luxon (Burgundy)
Luxon (Burgundy)
Luxon (Burgundy)
Luxon (Burgundy)
$309 USD

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Hopefuls | Luxon [Burgundy]
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The Luxon is a multi-strap maryjane with woven straps in the Hopeful Family: a hybrid family using the last, fit, and soles of The Hope Family, the leathers of The Truth Family, and the 2.25" leather wrapped heels of The Thanks Family. Talk about a threesome! Featuring a soft rubber sole, slightly-pebbled Portuguese leathers built on a natural footshape, The Luxon brings the beauty of a baritone into the World. F is for all things Hope.

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From the fit experts:

Ali from our New York store says:
The Luxon runs pretty short!

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Posted by joyfulgirl from United States:

i had the joy of being in san francisco for a long weekend and stopping by the fluevog store there. i had never even tried a pair on. i decided on these delicious little heels - i will preface this by saying that i suffer from heel pain and generally wear sneakers, especially when walking a ton (as san fran requires). after i got these, i put my sneakers in my suitcase and never looked back. these are easily the most comfortable shoes i've ever owned - AND THEY'RE HEELED! i didn't even think that was possible. i'm definitely hooked and am planning on replacing my entire shoe wardrobe with vogs eventually! :) also, i typically wear an 8.5 but ended up getting these in a 9. perfect fit! :)
Posted by St. Paul Wendy from St Paul MN:
I could wear these to the state fair

Our state fair is a great state fair and the epitome of walking intensity. I am going to wear these comfortable, stable beauties to the fair this year. The heel kind of grips you gently, making you feel stabilized. I bought a 10.5, wear a 10 in most non-Vog shoes. High arches, slightly wide foot, slightly narrow heels - like the boots in this family, these could NOT be more comfortable, stable and fun.
Posted by Lorna Lang from Ottawa:
Soooo comfy!

I bought these beautiful blue babies in Montreal two weeks ago and have loved them from the moment I tried them on. I had gone into the store with the idea of searching through the sale rack for something not too expensive, but the colour and the style of the Luxon drew me in, and as soon as I put them on I knew I was sunk. They are ridiculously comfortable and look amazing. The electric blue is stunning. My husband (who is extremely conservative) says they're his favourite of my 13 pairs of Vogs. They look fantastic with pants and skirts, espcially with a pair of tights that show off the straps to their best advantage. Irfan told me that most people have to go up half a size in these, but I went down half a size. The wide toe box is supremely comfortable, and the straps are loose enough not to dig in. I'm in love :)
Posted by Donna from Seattle Eastside:
Perfect for everyday wear

I am so lucky to live near a Fluevog store, because their sizing is all over the map. I wear an 8 in most brands, but had to go to 9.5 with these babies. The 9 fit in the length, but the cross-straps were killer painful. Going up a half size gained me enough strap length to make them comfortable, and due to that strap construction, it holds my foot in the shoe securely even though the length is just a smidgen too long. Now that I have finessed the buckling, they are slip-on, slip-off shoes for me, a perfect heel height with great stability, and the black goes with everything in my wardrobe. Looking forward to more colors of this excellent shoe!
Posted by christa from alameda, ca:
What an absolutely scrumptious shoe! Sorry I missed the yellow, though the Cheerful makes up for that, so I got these in burgundy and they are just incredibly sturdy and comfortable and cute all at the same time. The double-elasticized straps mean that I don't have to unbuckle, just slip my foot in. Nice heel height and they'll be great with dresses and jeans. I'm always a 7.5 or 8 in Fluevogs and the Hopeful family has been perfect for me in 8 so far.
Posted by Alicia from Phoenix, Arizona:
Like wearing a glove

So I visited the Montreal store today, was torn between this and another pair of shoes but these babies won me over for comfort and overall wear-ability right out of the box! I've already re-planned my clothes wearing in Montreal to accommodate my new Fluevogs! LOVE them!
Posted by Darrow from Melbourne, Vic, Australia:
My perfect shoe

About my feet: wide at the ball, high arches, medium-high instep, normal length toes. Usual Vogsize 7.5 to 8. These shoes are perfect. Just perfect. They're even better for my feet than Operetta Malibrans (which squeezed the top of my insteps in a rather unpleasant way). I bought the black, which is a firm but not super-tough leather, and I went for my larger Vogsize in these (8). Two points: 1) Hey you! Yeah, you there! You need these shoes. 2) Dear John F and co.: you need to make these in more colours. Like the Rosy-boots blue, or a blue-purple or rub-off green or something crazy like that. So I can have them too :)
Posted by Lee from United States:

When I first saw the Burgundy Luxon shoes, I almost died; they're gorgeous and could see myself wearing them often. The price was pretty scary since the most I spent for shoes was maybe $120, so my boyfriend decided to order them for me for my birthday online. I was so excited that I'd get them in time for my birthday! Before ordering, I read the reviews and noticed that people were saying they were slightly smaller than the average size. My normal size is 11. So I contacted Fluevog, and was recommended that I order the 11.5 size. I was almost tempted to get the 12, which was available at the time of ordering a week and half ago, but I figured, well if the 11.5 doesn't fit, we can exchange them for 12. We ordered them online a week and half ago, and apparently they ship from individual stores that have the correct size shoes; there's no central warehouse..??? So it took forever to get here. I got the shoes today! I was so excited! What a lovely box "Know you're weird"... So, I tried them on... and they're too tight. Sigh, ok. So, we called the store, and of course... there's no size 12 to exchange them. Even worse, there's no size 12 anywhere at all. Completely sold out. I'm so disappointed that I don't get to wear my dream shoe. I'm even more disappointed that the company does not make it easy for online shoppers because product is not centralized. the sizes are often not true to size, and the returns process is a joke. One, if a company sizes a shoe, it should be true to size according to the general industry standards. If it says 11, it should be 11. Not a 10, not a 12. A 11. The 11.5 is actually probably a 10.5. Second, the return process is ridiculous. Since there's no central warehouse and shoes are shipped from individual stores that have availability, you have to ship back to that store, and you have to pay extra to ship back after you already paid for shipping to receive them. Once they get it, they will then CALL you for your credit card info, and then process it. Why do they need to call in? The receipt is with the box. Why is there no central warehouse? On top of that, my order took a week and half to get here. The return policy is short, 14 days... that doesn't provide enough time to get it back in the mail to return to meet the returns policy. I will never, ever purchase Fluevog shoes again online. If I am ever lucky enough to visit a city with a store in it, MAYBE I will make a visit, but online, forget it. It's not worth the hassle, the extra amount of money, and the time. My advice, go to the store and try them on, period. If they don't fit, walk out- no hassle. For online shopping, I will stick to Zappos. Free and fast shipping, and free and hassle free returns if needed.
Posted by S. Allen from Richmond, VA:
Ah, man!

I have a narrow size 7.5 foot. The reviews to order one size up are correct but... even though I could tighten the buckles, the criss-cross not served by said buckles, well, buckled because I could not adjust them. Sadly these are going back. My narrow and flat feet were not a good fit for this style. Rats!
Posted by Lisa from Prince George, BC:
A really nice shoe! I ordered it in yellow and the color is perfect! They make my feet look so cute. I wear an 8 in the Minis and non-vogs, 8.5 in the Prepares, 9 in the Stop it and needed these in a 9. Lots of room in the toe but a little short in the length. An initial tight fit to put on as most leather shoes are, but the butter soft leather adjusted quickly for the perfect customized fit. Recommend++ @>-

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