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KCRW (Brun)
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KCRW (Brun)
KCRW (Brun)
KCRW (Brun)
KCRW (Brun)
$249 USD
Reg $369
Radios | KCRW [Brun]
GROUPES:   Vente   Botte   Décontracté   Femmes   Flats  

Les KCRW canalisent un peu Amelia Earhart en un style qui fait à tout le monde. Cette botte est conçue pour accommoder le pied de tout Fluevogueur. Lacée, est montant jusqu'au genou, elle a une languette surdimensionnée qui peut s'ajuster pour un port individualisé. De plus, une fermeture éclair se cache du côté intérieur, vous permettant de préserver l'ajustement parfait, sans vous compliquer la vie. Tout comme le reste de la collection Radio, KCRW possède un bout retroussé, une semelle plus large, et un talon et semelle en tunite. Finalement, le cuir Atlas tanné donne à cette botte un attrait amusant et vintage."Tune in, Turn on, and Vog out!" « Syntonisez, allumez et trippez! »

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From the fit experts:

Alice from our Los Angeles store says:
The KCRW is a great fitting boot!

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Posted by Zoey from Pjiladelphia:
What should I use to protect these boots from the weather?

Love these boots. I don't want to be careless and have anything ruin them. What is the best way to keep them protected against the elements?
Posted by Adrienne from Massachusetts:
Love these boots, but short voggers be careful

I ordered these boots last week and I really love them. I ordered a size up like people suggested, and while they're a bit long, they are the perfect width. I'm glad I did that. But I just wanted to put in a note of caution for short people. The boots are really tall. I'm 5'2" and if the boots were even a half inch taller than they are, I wouldn't be able to bend my knee with them on. Thanks for the lovely boots!
Posted by Jessica H from Manor, TX:
Doesn't fit wider calves

Is there a way to stretch these in the calf area? I did order a size up like everyone has recommended (that was good advice), BUT I can't get the zipper past the bottom of my calf. If not, I'll sadly have to return these beautiful boots.
Reply from Fluevog at Fluevog:
Hey Jessica, I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your boots! You should contact one of the Fluevog stores. Our Fluevogologists are experts on their shoes, they'd love to give you some advice! http://www.fluevog.com/files_2/jf_stores.html
Posted by Luss from Québec:
Thank you ! Merci infiniment !

Je me suis procurée une première paire de bottes hautes enfin à mon goût personnel...je suis heureuse qu'une personne intelligente puisse enfin nous concevoir des modèles que nous aimons et portons! Je les porte présentement et je remercie Geneviève au bout du fil qui m'a bien écoutée conseillée.Je ne suis pas une grande consommatrice de chaussures cependant j'ai trouvé en John Fluevog mon magasin préféré ! Merci !
Posted by Veronica from Tacoma, WA:
Nice boots!

I have these in black, size 10. I wear a 9.5 in the Minis and Operettas, but find in some boots going up to a 10 is a good call so my pinky toes have more room as these (as well as my Nunis & Vera Ellens) narrow significantly at the end. The leather started out extremely stiff (very difficult to bend my ankle), but after a few wearings it has loosened and is much more forgiving. I find them to be an excellent flat boot that is easy to wear and looks nice.
Posted by Betty from Vancouver:
Takes time to break in, then super comfy

I had to wear these about 10 times before they stopped killing my feet. They pinch on the outsides mostly and are narrow (but I have wide feet). The 11th time and onward, they are a dream.
Posted by Katherine Morris from New Westminster BC:
Awesome quality!

I love these boots but if you're buying online beware: they are quite narrow and run small in size. I'm usually a 7 1/2 to 8 and had to go up to size 9 in order to even get my foot IN. Also - they are VERY STIFF and require quite a bit of breaking in before they stop making squeaky sounds.
Posted by Loranne from Portland, ME:
Finally! Boots that fit!

I've been searching for boots that can accommodate my muscular calves (while also not letting my feet slip back and forth in the shoe while I walk) for two years. The laces on this one allow for a perfect fit! I adore these boots. They look and feel great on. I definitely recommend going up a full size--the footbeds are pretty narrow, even for Fluevogs. My only complaint is they arrived with one of the soles coming a bit unglued. Oh well, guess I'll just have to make a pilgrimage to the Fluevog store in NYC sometime soon.
Posted by Laurel from Canada:
More than amazing.

I have longed for these boots for weeks and finally convinced myself I deserved them. Cost was a bit steep but, wow, when they arrived I was so thrilled. I love the fact that you can lace them to fit (I have a beautiful pair of F-shoe bondgirl boots that I can't do up all the way). The distressed leather is fabulous. I have 11 other pairs of vogs and each fits so different. These boots run narrow and, as I wish I'd done with some of the other pairs I have, I ordered up 1/2 size thinking that would help but they are still pretty tight. Lengthwise they would have been fine. I wore them for about 2 hrs and my heals started rubbing but I think it's something that will give with time. My only problem now is that I have to get more skirts to wear to rock with these boots. :)
Posted by Lynne from Sacramento, CA:
Never taking them off (but I say that about ALL of my Vogs!)

I love my new boots, but wanted folks to know that these run about a size small. They were very easy to break in and now I seem to have worn them every day for the past three weeks. Get your own pair!

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