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Cha Cha (Camouflage)
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Cha Cha (Camouflage)
Cha Cha (Camouflage)
Cha Cha (Camouflage)
Cha Cha (Camouflage)
$79 USD
Reg $229
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Le cha-cha-cha est une danse des années 1950 qui était une variation du danzón cubain. Le compositeur et créateur Enrique Jorrín décrit le moment de création comme suit : J'ai déplacé l'accent de la 4e croche - où elle se retrouve en mambo - au premier temps du cha-cha-cha. Ainsi, le cha-cha-cha fut créé à partir de mélodies qui se dansaient presque toutes seules.

Conçue pour imiter l'aisance et le confort de la chaussure cubaine, John a produit un Cha-cha-cha tendance qui s'enfile aisément avec une semelle souple en caoutchouc et un talon bottier en tunite. Les deux couleurs sont fabriquées de deux différents cuirs luxueux : l'une a un look vintage, avec un cuir espagnol métallique craquelé qui laisse entrevoir une surface plus foncée (à venir bientôt), et l'autre en noir, avec un cuir portugais légèrement perlé avec un léger reflet sur la surface. (Veuillez noter que seul le modèle en noir a des pampilles.) Let the Dance Begin. (Que la danse commence.)

Instagram @fluevog #vog_chacha

From the fit experts:

Chad, Wes, Tamara, and Thomas from our Vancouver (Gastown) store says:
The Cha Cha is true in width and about half a size longer than the average Fluevog.

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Posted by ReaderRita from US:
Silver shoe polish

There is a metallic silver shoe polish-I haven't tried it yet, but I know it exists- Tarrago Shoe Cream Metallic- Antique Silver. I just ordered it for a purse I have. shoecaresupplies.com (and no, I don't work for them...)
Posted by Cheryl from Rhode Island, USA:
Love these but one tassel unraveled almost immediately

These are such cute flats and I got lots of compliments. But within a week or so of wearing them, one of the tassel fringes came unraveled. I was too lazy to get it fixed so now they set forlorn in my closet.
Reply from Fluevog at Fluevog:
Oh no, Cheryl! You should get in touch with your closest Fluevog store; they'll be able to help you and Begins out!
Posted by julia from United States:
Wonderful, However

Silver shoes! I coveted these for months and finally bought them. The silver is darker than it appears in the picture but I prefer it dark. They are super comfortable and chic, in short, totally Fleuvog. My only problem is caring for them. The toes and back sides are flaking off. It may be the climate I live in but I am having trouble finding a polish that works. I called the store and they suggested Meltonian Silver, which doesn't exist. So my shoe repair guy suggested Meltonian light grey which works but doesn't fix the flaking very well... Sigh. Any suggestions?
Posted by Caro à Québec from La ville de Québec:
Got the blue one online (not on Fluevog site)! Thanks to the one guy from the Québec City store who helped me choosing the right size (6.5). I would prefer the silver one... but the blue are just awesome! What I like is that I can wear them without any socks. Great pleasure of feeling leather. One little point: the way those shoes are made (coutures in french or seams (?) in English) is not as good quality than the others Fluevog I got (example: Radio boots or Loire sandals or Brigid boots.). http://www.gravitypope.com/shoes/product/22339-fluevog-chacha-rs-cha-cha
Posted by Una from Anchorage:
Cute but runs large!

I am a size 6 with a wide foot and these beautiful shoes were at least a half-size too big in length and width for me, even with an insole. I hope they come out in smaller sizes as they are otherwise gorgeous and comfy...
Posted by Debbie S from Seattle, WA:
Want more.

Decided these, in silver, had been on my "to buy" list for long enough. I'm a 9 in most Fluevogs, an 8 1/2 in some. Narrow feet. I went back and forth between 8 and 8 1/2....think I need an 8 1/4...probably drove poor Willie nuts, although he didn't let it show at all! 8 was just a bit too snug in the toes and bunion, 8 1/2 was just slightly loose with nylons but fit fine with regular weight socks. So, 8.5 it was, and I figure I can put in an insole when it gets warmer and I want to wear without socks. They are unbelievably comfortable - I forget I'm wearing shoes when I have them on. Hope they come out in some new exciting colo[u]rs in the future.
Posted by susan voss from Oakville, Ontario. Canada:
Pewter Slippers!

Love my new pewter( the image looks shiny silver but in real life mine are dark pewter) loafers. Thank you to New York Soho store. Our second trip to this store and a real joy to shop with such friendly and fun staff!!!! I take a size 8 in all other labels but Fluevogs in 7 fit perfect! My new go to fall shoes. My Wearever boots will be jealous ....
Posted by Andrea from Vancouver:
Cinderella's Magic Slippers

More beautiful in person! These are NOT your Grandma's bedroom slippers, instead they are fit for a funk(y) Queen! I went down half a size - they break in quite well and tend to be roomy. Good for wide feet.
Posted by Karen from San Francisco, CA:
SILVER! I have wanted a silver shoe for so long and it finally arrived. These shoes are super comfy. They were a bit tight when I first slipped them on but after a few hours or wearing them the tightness was gone. Be aware the silver isn't as bright as it appears in the pictures. There is a dark under tone that peaks through the silver.
Posted by Marie:
Such a sweet black slip-on. The leather is soft but substantial and they look great with everything - jeans, skirts, leggings, work clothes. They aren't super dressy but I find I often end up wearing basic black flats and loafers at work on many days. It's a go-to shoe when I'm rushed, which is often. I don't know if it was clear in the description but the soles are sort of rubber, which is great. I normally get an 8.5 in high heel fluevogs but 8 will be good in these I think, so I'm exchanging. The fit feels normal or a bit big, but I guess it depends on your foot. They are so comfortable; they feel like slippers or moccasins but they look dressy. They're like...dressy moccasins. I have been looking for a new black slip-on to replace a pair I've had for like 6 years and I've found it.
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