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Promise (Purple)
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Promise (Purple)
Promise (Purple)
Promise (Purple)
Promise (Purple)
$329 USD
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Hopes | Promise [Purple]
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John continues on the mantra of "Good Soles leave Small Prints (no matter what the shoe size)" by bringing us the Promise. Featuring soft Italian, veggie-tanned leathers, complete with 'f' pattern etchings, on a 1.5" 100% bamboo heel and a molded sole that extends to the heel for extra shock absorption, the lace-up Promise keeps the fire alight. F is for all things Hope.

"Promise me, you won't let them put out your fire" - Slash

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From the fit experts:

Shawn and Amber from our Washington DC store says:
An amazingly comfortable heel and style. The Hopes Promise can fit short in the toe for people with longer toes/foot.

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Posted by Myrna from Edmonton, AB:
Perfect Shoes

I love these shoes. I picked them up at the Gastown store in Vancouver when I was on a Shoe Pilgrimage with my friend. We went to the Fluevog stores, saw the museum exhibit and even got to meet John. These shoes are a perfect reminder of a great weekend and they're comfortable as well as beautiful. The rubber soles are awesome.
Posted by Esther from Chicago:
War bride shoes more than worth the wait

I think I'd been lusting after these babies since the contest to design a poster for them. When they finally became available, I hightailed it down to Wicker Park, ready and willing to pay full price for a brand new pair of 'Vogs, something I'd never done before. Kyle at the Chicago store could not have been more helpful and lovely - definite snaps to him. These shoes have needed no breaking in - they are comfortable enough (with or without socks) for me to wear to work, walk for miles and run around in onstage, plus they go with virtually anything. I was amazed by how the silhouette changes outfit by outfit. I will be happy to wear these babies for the next hundred years, and I'm convinced they'll last that long too. I'm definitely happy to accept the random compliments for that long!
Posted by kate from montreal:
comfy & cute!

These little cuties came home with me yesterday, at the behest of my bf. They're completely adorable and great for work and play. Yet another Fluevog winner!
Posted by Yvette from Redmond, WA:
My First Fluevogs

After a year of drooling at pictures of Fluevogs, I walked into the Seattle store yesterday to "look around but not buy anything." I walked out with these Hope Promises, which felt amazingly good from the moment I tried them on. I had to go up one size to a 9, but these shoes actually make my feet look like a 6! They wrap around my feet like a lover and make me just as happy. I've been wearing them all day today and I am in love! I have some posture and foot problems and so it is extremely rare for me to find shoes that are both supportive and look so good. Worth every penny. Now the challenge is to keep enough cash to buy food after I buy shoes. ,-)
Posted by Janice from Calgary:
Never would have thought!

So here I am visiting Seattle for my bi-annual stop at the store. I had no intention of even giving these shoes a passing "those are cute" glance, and Willy highly suggested I try them on. I was sold instantly! They were a perfect fit, although I had to go a full size up. I am normally a 10 in "non-Vogs" and usually a 10.5 in most families, but these fit perfectly in 11. They are so versatile- great with jeans, skirts, dresses and I can't wait to pair them with funky tights in the fall! They required no breaking in, and I think these will become some of my most worn Fluevogs yet!
Posted by Ashley from Seattle, WA:
The perfect saddle shoe!

I was so excited when I saw these shoes on the website that I had to run to the store and buy them (in orange!) as an early birthday present for myself! They fit wonderfully, and I've worn them both with and without socks without any problems and without needing to break them in. I already had four people stop me in the hallway at work to compliment them the first day I wore them. A fantastic addition to my ever growing collection!

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