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Bunford (Brun havane)
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Bunford (Brun havane)
Bunford (Brun havane)
Bunford (Brun havane)
Bunford (Brun havane)
$99 USD
Reg $265
LIQUIDATION | Miracles Platform: Bunford [Brun havane]
GROUPES:   Vente   Femmes   Talon  

Que vous soyez en train de marcher sur l'eau, ou d'apprendre le cha-cha-cha, des Miracles ont lieu tous les jours (ou tout du moins, ici chez Fluevog). Bunford est un simple escarpin-sandale infusé de formes triangulaires amusantes inspirées par les vitraux. Le contraste de deux tons entre la plateforme et le dessus ajoute une note de drame et de suspense. Créé dans une manufacture péruvienne réputée pour la qualité et l'artisanat exceptionnels de ses produits, l'escarpin-sandale Bunford est doté d'un talon de 4" (10 cm) enrobé de cuir, est fait d'un cuir souple argentin sur une plateforme confortable de 1" (2,5 cm), une semelle de cuir qui se moule à votre pied s'assurant de refléter tous les regards jaloux alors que vous traverserez le plancher de danse. Practice the daily Miracle of giving. (Pratiquez quotidiennement le Miracle du don.)

Visionnez la création d'un miracle Fluevog!

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From the fit experts:

Keith from our Los Angeles store says:
Amazing supportive pitch with slightly narrow toes.

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Posted by Jilliane from Edmonton, AB:
Great staff, great shoes!

Wow, always a great experience with the staff at Fluevog :). I had e-mailed the Calgary store to ask about the Bunfords, and if they had it in my size, or what i assumed to be my size since I was planning or ordering online. Being unsure of sizing in these, I described my feet ( wide, high instep) and that I took an 8.5 in the Mini Boo Boos. Shea was awesome,and assure me that my "assumed" size of 9 in these should be bang on! I had decided to go to Calgary to try them on in person, and Shea even put them aside for me. I came in on Saturday and tried on the Bunfords, the 9's were perfect! I also tried on the Munster Beths (which i needed a size 10, good to know for future online ordering ), and wow, those took all of my willpower to leave behind. Shea also helped my boyfriend find his perfect pair of shoes on this same trip, so happy we came down and came into the store!! Already planning to come in to buy my third pair of 'Vogs in the near future ;). Wearing my Bunfords today and they are SO comfortable and halfway through the day i've already received a ton of compliments. Love my shoes!
Posted by Lisa from Brunei:
Sexy Sexy Sandals!

I eyed these up for ages and ended up resisting as my gorgeous Lourdes boots from the same family are a terrible tight, crippling fit, even in a 7 (I'm generally a 6 or 6.5). But when these appeared in the sale I could hold back no longer and they are now mine! I accepted the always-wise advice of Keith in LA re sizing and somewhat anxiously ordered the 6.5 as he said they fit loose... and they are perfect even with my wide foot at the front. As another reviewer said, they loosen on you as you wear them round the house as the leather is so soft. They are the perfect height and the style is platformed without being clumpy - in fact the overall look is quite dainty - not a word I normally apply to myself. They are just incredibly sexy, especially with the stained glass effect sturdy heel. Also they are a stronger red than in the pic online which is a big plus. ,-)
Posted by Julie from Wisconsin:

I got a red pair and they are simply stunning! Now I am thinking the tan pair would be a perfect neutral heel.P-) A quick note on sizing: I usually wear an 11. (Malibran; Mini Gorgeous; Summertime heels; the list goes on and on...) I wear an 11.5 in a couple (Erika; Promise Hope) and a 10.5 in a couple (Zaza). My feet are kind of wide. These fit well in a 10.5. The length is perfect. The back strap doesn't feel like it's wanting to fall off, and although the front feels initially a little tight, even while I'm just wearing them around my apartment I can tell the leather is loosening up.
Posted by Amanda Ruyle from Tulsa, ok:
Sublte, comforatable sex

Make no mistake about it, these are some of the most comfortable, sexy shoes I have ever owned. I walked around downtown Tulsa, then danced until 4 am in these babies with nary a complaint. The height is amazing for how comfortable they are, and the leather is so soft and supple, it cradles your toes in a sweet embrace. I have them in black and will be ordering them in another color way soon. How about blue or purple, John??
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