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Crystal (Green)
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Crystal (Green)
Crystal (Green)
Crystal (Green)
Crystal (Green)
$159 USD
Reg $299
Half Truths | Crystal [Green]
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Crystal takes the kitten heel and transforms it into something that is super punk rock in a compliment to the long running Truth Family. This edgy heel is made with Italian rub-off leather in jewel colours, brushed to reveal the vibrant colour beneath. Along with a Truth rubber sole plate, inside nylon zipper, and skull-adorned safety pin, this shoe is anything but girly. Who knew the kitten heel had a place in the mosh pit?

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From the fit experts:

Heather from our Toronto (Queen St) store says:
This heel is lovely for an average to narrow fit! For a wider fit, consider going up half a size.

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Posted by Julie from San Leandro, CA:
Most Favorite Shoes EVER

These shoes are perfect. So perfect I had to have both colors. Started with the green and then went for the red too. They run narrow and I did size up 1/2, but they fit like a glove with no break-in time and as easy to wear as sneakers. They are just as great with jeans as with a dress. You could wear these with a burlap sack and look great. They just rock.
Posted by Germaine from Azilda:
Pair number 1 - WOW

I must say, each and every single time I wear these, I get comments... everybody LOVES my cool red shoes - women of course and MEN notice too! Comfortable, sassy, sexy... I'm in love! More shoes with this type of heel, please!!! This tall gal wants more more more!
Posted by Line from Fredericton, NB:
OMG I just adore these beauties

Ok, first of all, I' m addicted to Fluevogs. There, I said it! ;) I saw the red Crystals online and knew I had to have them. Well ladies, if you want to feel sexy, stylish with an edge, these are for you. So many compliments, it's unreal! One lady came up to me at the grocery store, telling me she had seen me come in and searched me out in the store, because she just had to tell me how much she loved my booties! I feel wonderful when I wear them... Comfy and sexy, WOW!
Posted by Anne from Ottawa, Ontario:
I love these shoes! They look fantastic and are very comfortable.
Posted by My from Seattle:
Have the green but am going for the red.

I went to the Seattle Fluevog store and bought the green pair for my birthday, but wished I owned the red too. With this sale I have now bought the red, and I can't wait to get them in the mail. The green ones have been so stylish and comfortable that if Fluevog made more colors in the Crystal, I would have to own those as well. They do run a little narrow, I wear a size 8 in the standard fare shoe, but am a 8.5 in Fluevogs.
Posted by Rosie Getz from Los Angeles:

I was just window shopping and didn't intend on buying anything but these beauties called my name! I bought the red pair and they are totally comfy! I walked around Disneyland all day with no problems at all and get compliments every time I wear them!
Posted by Ali from NYC:
Green means GO!

I've had my eye on the Crystals for a while, and when they were added to the sale I jumped on them. I'm usually an 8/8.5, and the always friendly and helpful NYC team brought out an 8.5 and a 9 for me to try. Since I have narrow feet and ankles, the 8.5 is perfect. Ever so slightly tight in the toes and at the back of the heel, but that loosened up on the first day of wear. The kitten heel is cute and comfortable, and the beautiful emerald green leather and tiny skull charm is office-appropriate without being mundane. Go get them!
Posted by Kate:
Comfy, gorgeous and sexy

I thought these would be pinchy and tough to break in, but after wearing them a couple of times they softened up and fit like a dream. So stylish with the little heel and diaper pin / skull charm. I can wear these all day.
Posted by Anna:
Never recomment because.... I WANT ALL THE FLUEVOGS FOR MYSELF!!!

The pointed toe is sooo perfect... I order double of all shoes, boots I like... because I know how fantactic they are... I have the Britney boots, 2 pair and wore them to a gathering and a gal had her Michael Koors... guess what? My fluevogs BLEW hers away... there was no comparison... you know...like apples and oranges?!!! LOL!!!!
Posted by R.P. Getz from Los Angeles:
Practically perfect in every way

I went into the store just to "browse"-- yup, with no intention of buying a killer pair of booties but, when it comes to those wonderful purchases where you just "know" it's worth it and that you can't leave without them...yes that was me. Anthony, the terrific store manager, told me they run a little small so I tried the next size up and they are perfect for me! Check the store out, such lovely shoes, you won't leave empty handed either! :D

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