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Zachary: Womens (Black)
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Zachary: Womens (Black)
Zachary: Womens (Black)
Zachary: Womens (Black)
Zachary: Womens (Black)
$335 USD
7th Heaven | Zachary: Womens [Black]
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The Zachary is bringing back the vintage 'Lucky' pattern and changing it up for a fresh new boot. Still rocking The 7th Heaven mixed rubber and latex sole and heel lift, this boot introduces an unlined shaft and tongue to create a rustic, hand-made quality. The Zachary is made in Poland where they use a thick waxy analine for these uppers. This boot is everything Fluevog; unique, timeless and full of attitude.

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From the fit experts:

Catherine and Carrie from our Washington DC store says:
The Zachary is true to size, verging on a little wider than average. The lacing and wide tongue are fantastic and make this boot totally adjustable for any calf!

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Posted by Jen from Boston:
My first (and not my last)

I'd been looking for a pair of tall black leather lace-up boots. I wasn't fond of the lucky swirl at first glance, but it's grown on me. I also worried, based on the images online, that the metal fixtures would be so black that they'd blend in with the shoe. The ones on mine are actually dark silver, and give a nice amount of contrast. The soles are super quiet and have a lovely bounce to them. The toe box has taken a while for me to break in (a few weeks of constant wear and lots of band-aids), but the rest of the boot conformed to my legs in no time. I appreciate the sentiment of "can fit to any calf"--but not quite. My calves are ~17" at the top and the boot doesn't quite close at the top 3 or so speed hooks, even over thin stockings (much less bulky socks + jeans), but the lovely staff at the Boston store have offered to help me stretch them if I decide I want to. All in all I am quite pleased with this purchase and anticipate that they'll last me a good long while!
Posted by Leland from Victoria:
Walk way to heaven!

I love these boot and everything Fluevog! I love the cultural experience that is getting a pair of Fluevogs! These boots are pure bliss to walk in!
Posted by Relly from New Orleans:
Fantastic steampunk fairy boots

I have wanted a pair of these forever, and finally took the plunge with this all-black version. I love them--they look tough, but the subtle swirly details give them a fairy-tale quality. They're super comfortable and look good with everything. I wear between a 9.5 and a 10 in regular shoes, and bought 10s. The 10s fit pretty closely--perfect for the cotton knee-highs I wear with 'em, but maybe too snug for thick winter socks. I do have wider calves (16"), and and while these fit and look great, I had to invest in longer shoelaces to lace them all the way to the top. Overall I adore these--first, but not last, pair of Fluevogs.
Posted by Holly:
Still amazing!

I've owned so many pairs of these since the mid 1990s- well, the tall Angels with white stitching. I couldn't resist the all black version, especially made in Poland again. These have slightly softer and more flexible leather than the others I have owned and they run a tiny but noticeable bit smaller. Slightly wider, but shorter in the foot. If you have owned the older Mexican or the even older Polish versions definitely be aware of this! The black quick-lace tabs feel much sturdier than the softer metal silver ones on the Mexican version, back to the black Polish variant, yay! They're still super comfy and cushy inside. These have been my go-to boot for any sort of night out that might involve walking for decades, and I'm thrilled to get an all black version at last, and I'm really happy to see them manufactured in Poland again. As always worth every penny.
Posted by Ali from CT:
The Best Purchase I've Ever Made

I had heard for a long time how great Fluevogs are, and I'm glad I finally took the plunge! These are my favorite boots of all time! I started planning my outfits around them just to show em off. The staff at the DC store was awesome and sent a little note along with my boots. I love the personalized experience even though I bought online. Absolutely, hands down, these are the best boots out there.
Posted by M from Toronto, Canada:
I love these as much as my other Fluevogs

So versatile! Over leggings they have a touch of punk, but under trousers they lace up snuggly enough that they look to the uninformed just like shoes. Plus they're very comfortable and make me feel invincible.
Posted by Devi from San Martin, CA:

These are my first pair of Fluevogs and I am hooked! I love everything about these boots, from the kind of "hard femme" styling to the comfy fit! My feet tend to be more on the wide 5-5.5 side, but the 6 fit great without looking clownish or pinching at all. I also like how soft the leather is. Stretching them to my calves with stretch spray is going great! The height is great for me too. I'm under 5 ft but they don't crowd my knees like some of my other tall boots! I can't wait for the weather to cool off so I can wear these out with sweaters and tights!!
Posted by Hana Solo from Vancouver, BC:
I have died and gone to boot heaven. Have been forlornly hoping for more tall lace-up Angels since wearing out my Bills a year ago...wish granted! Sturdy, beautiful, comfortable. Not quite knee-high on us taller ladies (more like upper calf) but an excellent height nonetheless. Thanks JF <3
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