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Zaza (Noir & Beige)
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Zaza (Noir & Beige)
Zaza (Noir & Beige)
$285 USD
Don't see your size?
Minis | Zaza [Noir & Beige]

C'est dans le cadre du programme Chaussure Source Libre de John que Samantha Zaza, originaire de San Francisco, a conçu cette nouveauté. (Quoi? Vous ne connaissez pas ce programme, mais cliquez sur la source libre Fluevog). Dotée du classique Fluevog qu'est maintenant le talon Mini, cette chaussure fait un clin d'oeil aux guêtres avec ses trois petits boutons attaché par des élastiques qui s'ajusteront à tous les pieds. Le concept de Samantha a attiré l'attention de John qui a décidé d'en faire un design « choisi » du programme CSL. Nous espérons que vous serez aussi enthousiaste que John. ( Pour en savoir plus sur Samantha et sa chaussure Zaza.) Go on, fall in love. We dare you! (Allez-y, devenez amoureux. On vous met au défi!)

Instagram @fluevog #vog_zaza

From the fit experts:

Jessamy from our Boston store says:
The fit of the Zaza is on the long side. The strap is not adjustable, so the fit might be loose if you have a low instep or a very narrow foot. Many go down half a size in this style.

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Posted by Jackie G from Calgary, AB:
So Fabulous!

After coveting these shoes for a very long time I finally ordered the red ones (thanks to the Vancouver stores!). They arrived and I loved them so much I ordered the black ones as well!!!! I have received many compliments and the red look great with my straight leg jeans! Love 'em.
Posted by Angela from Orlando:
Worth every penny

I work in a hotel and I am on my feet all day long. I have had my Mini Zaza's for a couple of years now. They are still as comfortable today as they were the first time I wore them. Who would of thought a shoe with a heel could be the best shoe I ever owned.
Posted by Stephanie from Las Cruces, New Mexico:

I thought about the purple and orange Zazas for a few days after I had purchased and returned the Hope Desire Boots in red and orange. The Desire boot just didn't fit me. I was devastated because they are sooooo sexy. BUT happiness abounds once again. Thanks to the wonderful Voggers in the L.A. and S.F. stores, a pair of Zazas in my size were located in the new Union Square store. I received them yesterday. Knowing I wanted to wear them with light socks and jeans, I grabbed both gray and orange socks--one for each foot. I tried on my Zazas and walked around the house. WOW! How great they felt on my feet. I chose the gray socks because they were the perfect sock weight, threw on an orange jacket, popped a little cuff on my jeans, and headed out on a date to see a 3D film with my beautiful Other person who is the one who gifted me with them. I felt HOT and had a blast munching a mountain of popcorn and hooting it up since we were the only two in the entire cinema. We came home and SHHHHH, don't you tell anyone what happened next. ZOWIE ZAZA!!!!!! Needless, to say my partner and I are smiling really big today. Think I'll bathe my Yorkie and vacuum the house in my new purple and orange Zazas today. Then, I'll prance around in the red light of my darkroom work-work-working to some great music. Here's to making photographs and to John Fluevogs wonderful shoes! Thank you!
Posted by Sandra from Portland:

I have been looking at these for a long time & finally ordered the black & putty or soft white really. I usually wear a 9 but these run big so back they go I hope the 8.5 fit because they were so comfy & much more awesome in person
Posted by Jenny:
The brown & green is fabulous, my favourite shoes ever. They are roomier and wider than my Fluevogs in the same size. I can't believe how comfortable they are, given that they have 3" heels. And I'm not going to lie, the way they garner compliments every single time I wear them is a nice bonus.
Posted by Holland from East Coast:

Anyone paying attention to the marvelous specifics of the Zaza design will wonder why in the world I would say the latest red-plum colour with lilac trim has "edible lilac buttons" -- because of course the buttons are always the same colour as the main body of the shoe! SO, before I give anyone fits over such a glaring error, please let me correct that to: "edible red-plum buttons" -- of course. And oooh la la, those red-plum buttons on the lilac straps -- you should see the heads turn in the street, and hear the compliments! Have Moici! @>-
Posted by Holland from East Coast:

These Zazas are SO unlike any other shoe I've ever seen (& very likely, any other shoe on the planet)), that over a short span of time I had to have all three colours available at that point.: & I'm someone who NEVER-EVER wears heels -- not in over 20 years! (Yes: that's how extraordinarily comfortable they are, even for someone like me w/a very bad back & chronic sciatica.) Recently, however, I stumbled across them in the Beyond-Awesome NEW colour combination of the most exquisite red -- almost a lit-from-within red plum shade -- with lilac trim & strap. IMO, these are the most beautiful yet (the B&W being my next-favorite colour-combo in terms of multi-wearability, if that's a word). As Miz Vreeland always said, "dark red or burgundy shoes: because those 2 go with EVERYTHING" -- & they do, they certainly do. And when they're Fluevog red-plum Zazas, with those edible buttons in lilac -- well! They go with MORE than everything! Thanks, John: & please keep those new colours coming. Merry Christmas, dear Fluevogers, one & all!
Posted by Wendy Kaufman from San Francisco:
So so so so happy!

Where have you been all my life? I was walking around San Francisco when I saw a store front that said "No. YOU'RE Weird" and I had to go in. I was greeted with racks and racks of shoes that were both wearable and AMAZING. I have square feet, and my already tired and blistered square feet sighed with relief when I put these on. There was no debate about it. As the sales person said "I liberated them" in no time flat. I want more, and I will have more! ]:o)
Posted by Alison from San Diego, CA:
My first wonderful pair

I bought the black and beige version for my first pair of Vogs, and, oh dear, a new obsession has begun. I usually wear 6.5-7, and these run large, so for me, size 6 is best. I ordered over the phone from the Los Angeles store, and Anthony was more than helpful in finding me the right size. I get compliments on these every time I wear them--my husband even notices that everyone stares at my shoes when I go out in them. I feel tall and fabulous while wearing these because, well, I am! ,-> Thanks for making these wonderfully comfortable shoes--who knew you could be comfortable and fabulous at the same time??
Posted by Anita from Toronto:
My favourite Vogs

I have been wearing Fluevogs since the late 80s and these are my current faves. I now have them in purple and orange and the brown and green, still thinking of adding the black and beige. I wear a half size smaller in these than most of my other Vogs. They also stretch easily if you wear them a lot so you may even find you go down a full size in these, they're very room with a wide toe-box and loose strap. I wore my new pair yesterday for more than 12 hours for the first time, on my very wide feet, and they were so comfortable, i didn't take them off right away when I got home late. I walked through a crowded underground pass with people spilling from work at about 5 and I noticed every woman staring at my shoes as I walked by. Teen girls through to women much older than I am commented on how fabulous these shoes were. I almost couldn't walk from A to B yesterday without getting noticed and compliments and questions about where to get. I really did feel Great! Thanks Fluevog, again.

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