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K2 (Red & Purple)
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K2 (Red & Purple)
K2 (Red & Purple)
K2 (Red & Purple)
K2 (Red & Purple)
$199 USD
Reg $279
Wonders | K2 [Red & Purple]
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John brings another wonder from his Canadian Design Studio to your feet, reminding us to appreciate the natural beauty that reaches from the Earth to the sky above. The K2 is a cute oxford-inspired lace up shoe designed on a vintage Fox & Fluevog, hand carved wooden last that includes a soft pointed toe with a curvy toe spring. Handmade in a Peruvian factory that has a reputation for outstanding quality and craftsmanship, The K2 lace up booties feature a 2.25" leather wrapped heel with gorgeous, Argentinian leathers, rich with contrasting colour combinations. The K2 will amaze your bewildered feet as you walk among the clouds.

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From the fit experts:

Monika/Denny/Jim from our San Francisco (Haight) store says:
Gorgeous fit. They're true to size!

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Posted by Kristina from St. Paul, MN:
a. ma. zing.

I needed a nice pair of dress shoes for client meetings, but I hate wearing heels in winter. These shoes are elegant, dressy, different, and hip. Quite honestly one of the most beautiful pairs of shoes I've ever owned. They fit like a glove (except, you know, for my foot).
Posted by Robyn from manitoba:

i have these in red and purple and they are stunning. Comfy, look great with lots of different things, more than I thought when I bought them. I love the brown/black also, but you know what else would be great? Emerald green and Navy. Fit is same as my other fluevogs.
Posted by Shawn Bird from Canada:
Pilgrimage to K2

I have always purchased my Vogs online, so it was with great delight that I braved bus and Skytrain from Surrey when I was there for a conference, in order to check out these babies and admire the Gastown store in the 4 hours I had before my conference schedule started! They fit like butter- beautifully soft leather, perfect fit with lots of room in the toe. I'm B width ball with a AA heel, and these are supportive and tight from toe to heel (and I didn't need to use my bunion stretcher!). The red is VERY vibrant true red, while the purple is a deep eggplant (my husband, who is red/green deficient thought they were red and brown...). Heel height is perfect for long days right out of the box. Lots of compliments, and I felt super powered as I wore them to meet a string of famous authors- like Diana Gabaldon and Jack Whyte. :-) Fair warning: the sole is slippery. I scuffed it up promptly, but have had the heel slip out on me 3 times catching on water on flat floors. These shoes were worth the 3 hour trek to/from the store in Vancouver rush hour. I expect they will become my trekking shoes on future European vacations. Love 'em!
Posted by Lynn from Nunavut:

What an absolute treat. I wore these for two full 12 hour days right after I bought them with no problem at all. Great fit, great design, they are real attention grabbers. I rec'd lots of comments from men and women-people on the street, on the bus... They are the most gorgeous shoe I've ever owned. I bought the purple and red ones in size 11 and I would say they fit true to size; they envelop my feet just perfectly as if they were custom made. After a life time of not finding shoes in my size, these shoes and this company(!) are a dream come true!

Those were my mission. I love this pair the color are wonderful and puting those one i feel like a fancy witch. Feeling the magic as soon i put those on. Thanksssssssssssssssssssss and always a pleasure to go to Fluevog the staff is lovely and happy to see Paul again.He's fantastic :-B
Posted by Kat from Vancouver, Canada:
My nth Pair of Vogs

I have been wearing Fluevogs for more than half my 33 years now. These ones caught my eye immediately. I bought them in the red/purple just after they came out. I wear a 10.5 in most shoes and a 10.5 or 11 in Fluevogs. I bought these in a 10.5 and they are perfect. They are so comfortable. I wore them to work all day and they didn't hurt at all. My conservative coworkers don't know quite what to make of them but I kind of enjoy that.
Posted by Rebecca from Saskatchewan:
Thank you Fluevog

I was just in Toronto for a conference. So of course when I had some free time the first thing I did was go to the Toronto Fluevog store. What else would a Fluevoganista do? I had made a wish list before I came to the city and these shoes were #1 on that list. Tried them on in the size 6 and 6.5 - the latter fit perfectly. Absolutely love them and the shoes are settling in well with all their other Fluevog siblings. Thanks so much to the Toronto store for great customer service. I had never been in an actual Fluevog store before (usually buy mine one-line or through a local boutique store that carries Fluevogs). So now I can say that Fluevog has helped me cross off an item on my bucket list.
Posted by Katie from Victoria:
I received these in the mail last Friday, and they are amaze-balls! Every season I fall in love with at least one style, and as soon as I saw the ads for these, I knew I had to own them. Normally I fit between an 8.5 or 9, and the 9 was perfect in these babies.

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