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Rosy (Blue)
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Rosy (Blue)
Rosy (Blue)
Rosy (Blue)
Rosy (Blue)
$359 USD
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Hopefuls | Rosy [Blue]
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Playing mad Scientist, John created the Hopeful: a hybrid family using the last, fit, and soles of The Hope Family, the leathers of The Truth Family, and the 2.25" leather wrapped heels of The Thanks Family - talk about a threesome! Featuring a soft rubber sole, lightly pebbled Portuguese leathers with buffed toes, YKK inside zippers, and a natural footshape, The Rosy Booties might even be bigger than the NY Yankees. F is for all things Hope.

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From the fit experts:

TeamFluevog from our Montréal store says:
Great fit, The Rosy fits like The Operettas Giulias.

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Posted by Red Crinoline from Deep South:
Can't take them off

oh. oh. oh..how I love these boots,,in blue..Ultramarine Blue,,and so does everyone else that sees them..I dragged my fabulous friend to the Vancouver store to show her Fluevogs..and she tried them on..I could not resist..easy to wear, and gorgeous with skirts, jeans..and whatever!! Love the blue soles...
Posted by Mads from Waterloo, ON:
most comfortable

I have these in black and I love them. The first day I wore them to work my car wouldn't start, so I had to walk. I didn't want to ruin my outfit so I just walked in these lovely boots. 30 minutes brisk walk each way. No blisters, no pains. These boots are really made for walking. For sizing: I'm usually a 7.5, sometimes 8. I went with 8.5 for these and they fit perfectly.
Posted by Stefanie from Orchard Park, NY:
Love them

So I just received the Rosy boots in blue. I got them in a swap with another Fluevog lover who wanted my plum Inge boots (she already had them in teal). Sadly the Inge's heel height was just too high for me to wear them enough. While sad to see my beautiful Inge's go on to a new home; I am very pleased with the Rosy boots. They are a tad tight (I have a high instep) but have already loosened up a bit after wearing them out while doing errands today.
Posted by Dawn from Los Angeles:
Zipper blues...

I bought a pair of these Rosies in blue ...wore them out to the movies that evening, and the zipper separated from the bottom up. I tried wearing them anyway the next day (wishful thinking on my part) and the zipper's doing the same thing again. I know Fluevog will make it right by fixing or replacing, but it's a bummer! They are really comfortable and so cute.
Posted by Darrow from Melbourne, VIC, Oz:
Beautiful blue boots!

But, like another reviewer, mine had Zipper Issues. The zip on one blew out from the bottom up after only three wears. It's fixed now, and gorgeous, but this might be something for quality control to look at. The fit in size 7.5 is about the same as my Operettas (Malibran and Illeana), so they're good for us wide-footed folk. So, so comfortable too! It being Spring here, I've been wearing them with funky skirts, jeans, work trousers, girly frocks - anything goes. I LOVE them, but the zipper thing needs to be looked at.
Posted by Anneliese from Portland:
Beautiful disappointment

Just bought these lovelies last weekend. Today I wore them for the first time, and the zipper busted. I know Fluevog has an 8 month warranty for these kinds of things. But seriously Fluevog?! $350 and these couldn't make it through one day. Such a disappointment.
Posted by DivaD from Indiana:
Perfect perfect blue goodness!

The first time I slipped these on, I was in love. They feel like wearing a cloud, but don't let the comfort fool you because it is quite evident that these babies are made to last. The heel is just high enough to flatter curvy legs, but still low enough to feel like a treat. The leather is soft and gorgeous...what a perfect hue of bright blue! This is one pair of shoes that I can honestly say is worth every penny. I predict that once people start trying them on, this style will sell out quickly.

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