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Tutor (Bleu & havane)
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Tutor (Bleu & havane)
Tutor (Bleu & havane)
Tutor (Bleu & havane)
Tutor (Bleu & havane)
$99 USD
Reg $279
Desires | Tutor [Bleu & havane]
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La collection Desire est dédiée au bonheur de vos pieds, et Tutor pourrait être la chaussure plate la plus confortable produite jusqu'à ce jour. Une semelle intérieure rembourrée et une semelle en caoutchouc souple enrobent votre pied heureux alors qu'un suède portugais ciré, contrasté d'un cuir nappa s'agencent dans une forme asymétrique vous permettant de garder un style Fluevog, même dans la salle de cours. Ces Tutors vous aideront peut-être pas avec vos devoirs de mathématiques, mais ils pourront vous enseigner la définition de confortable. Open your heart's door to see your soul's desires. (Ouvrez la porte de votre coeur pour voir les désirs de votre âme.)

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From the fit experts:

The Whole Gang from our New York store says:
The Tutor is a very easy-to-wear everyday sneaker! It is a little short, so consider ordering a half size up!

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Posted by Carla from DC:
Thanks for your service

I really recommend this company, they fixed my shoes and now they are fantastic! I love them and they are so soft and comfortable! Thanks for the great service!
Posted by Carla from DC:
These shoes hurts my heels

I was in love with these shoes. I thought they were soft. But they kill my feet every time I wear them. The elastic in the bottom hurts so much! I think this is my first and last with fluevog shoes Sad.
Posted by Emily Dale:
Uncomfortable after a few hours

I tried these on at the Seattle store, and found them to be incredibly comfortable, so I bought them, since they were just what I was looking for. I regret that purchase every time I look at these things. After just a couple of hours, that elastic in the back that makes them seem fitted just for me starts to dig into the back of my heel. It starts out as an ache, and ends the day with a very sharp pain when I put them back on (because of course I've had to take them off, or flop my heel out of it by the afternoon). Maybe if I had had some kind of customer service at all at the store, I would have made a better informed decision. I was completely ignored from the moment I went in. No advice was offered on sizing or fit or, really, anything. It was very disappointing. After the insanely awesome service I'd had at the Boston store and over the phone, I assumed that was the Fluevog way. I wouldn't go back to the Seattle store, and am questioning buying Fluevogs again, which makes me sad (I own at least 6 pairs).
Posted by Terah:
I picked up my shoes from the post office today and they fit perfectly. A helpful person at the Granville store suggested half a size up, and they were correct. Oh so comfy n' 'cushiony'. Like walking on air and funky casual to boot! Another amazingly, satisfactory Fluevog purchase.
Posted by Stephanie from Philadelphia:
Sized up, so comfy!

Thanks to Catherine at the DC store for helping make sure my Tutors would fit properly when they arrived!! Like a glove, these shoes feel like they were made just for my feet. These do run small and a bit narrow so I sized up. I wear an 8 in my Mini Zazas and an 8.5 closed Minis, Prepares and most other vogs, Catherine suggested a 9 in these and she was spot on.
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