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Zambezi (Black & Metallic)
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Zambezi (Black & Metallic)
Zambezi (Black & Metallic)
Zambezi (Black & Metallic)
Zambezi (Black & Metallic)
$159 USD
Reg $275
Rivers | Zambezi [Black & Metallic]
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The powerful Zambezi River runs through several African countries and will run right into the heart of Fluevogers. The river is famous for the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, which borders Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Zambezi is made in Peru (the shoe, not the river - we aren't that bad at geography) from Peruvian and Argentinian leathers that have been delicately patch-worked together to create a bold, patterned upper. Relax your feet and let The Zambezi's current calmly carry you through your day.

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Posted by Deanna Knapp from United States:
dedicated Fluevog-er

i have bought your awesome shoes since the early 90's. Still loving the style! of course the prices have gone up therefore i am no longer able to afford. I am an EMT and for the City with underprivileged kids. Just wanted you to know how much I LOVE the sandals. After wearing tactical boot all day the look like heaven for my feet. Keep up the great work but maybe reconsider the price increase. Walk in peace!ps. i should send you a pic of the first ones I owned. They look like odd bowling shoes with big soles. love them!
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