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Open Source
Elizabeth (Vert)
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Elizabeth (Vert)
Elizabeth (Vert)
Elizabeth (Vert)
Elizabeth (Vert)
$229 USD
Reg $329
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Queen Transcendent | Elizabeth [Vert]
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C'est dans le cadre du programme reconnu mondialement de Chaussure Source Libre de John que la Fluvogeuse Jody Elizabeth a conçu cette chaussure de la collection The Queen Transcendant. Elle est dotée d'un talon unique inspiré des pieds galbés des meubles du 18e siècle de l'époque Louis XV, en particulier du style « pied de griffe ». Utilisant la forme de la collection Bellevue, un talon « pied de griffe » orné de 3.5" (9 cm), une plateforme confortable de 0.75" (2cm) et une semelle en tunite, Elizabeth exige classe et sophistication. Le cuir Polido lisse et brillant et son un fini frotté offrent une apparence antique et intemporelle à la collection The Queen Transcendant.Exceed your own expectations. (Allez au-delà de vos propres attentes.)

Instagram @fluevog #vog_elizabeth

From the fit experts:

Jessamy, Peter, and Matthew from our Boston store says:
The Elizabeth is a gorgeous shoe that fits a bit narrow. Unless you have particularly narrow foot, you may have to size up a half size to accommodate the width.

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Posted by hailey from los angeles:
Bitter sweet

These shoes.... i do love them, they are pretty, i'll say that first. But i have a problem spending nearly 400$ on shoes only to have them come to me too tight and with the heel on crooked. I did order these a size larger, it's a smart idea, but the vamp was still too tight for me to be able to wear them out of the box so i needed to stretch them before i could wear them. Once they were stretched and i was able to wear them i discovered a heel was on crooked and so walking is funny. I can't believe "hand made" shoes have so little attention payed to them so as to not notice a crooked heel. On top of this no one from the L.A. store ever called to check on the product despite requesting my number.
Posted by Meghini from Phoenix:
On my usual pilgrimage to the SF store, my fiancé bought me these as the best Valentines gift ever. I have very narrow feet, to the point where I can't wear some of my favorite styles. These fit like a dream...and the sales person recommended arch supports will be my new life saver. They're even a seriously danceable shoe. Baroque salsa, yes please! Thank you, Fluevog!
Posted by Navi from Victoria, BC:
The best shoes in the world....

A long time Fluevoger with over 15 pairs, I have always found some of the pumps hit or miss for my short fat feet. So after I fell in love with the Elizabeth online I tried to control my anticipation when I walked into the Granville store - I was afraid other reviews calling the shoe narrow would not work for me. I slipped my 6.5D foot into the Elizabeth 7.5 and alas - it was like Cinderella trying on the glass slipper. Width was great, lots of room in the toe, and while the leather is stiff I'm confident it will soften very quickly due to the very high quality used. The only emotion I had to control on this visit was not buying a pair in each colour! I will wear these shoes everywhere!
Posted by Jessica from Washington, DC:
I spotted these on a Fluevog employee while they were still being field tested ... and thus began my love of all things Fluevog! I finally made my way to the Georgetown (Washington, D.C.) store the other night to purchase them. I've worn them twice now, and I can barely get down the block without being stopped to inquire as to the designer. One woman shouted from across the sidewalk how cool they are! On the sizing, I actually went up to a 10.5 from my usual fit of a 9, and the shoes feel great -- no pinching and with the strap, I have no concerns of slipping out. LOVE LOVE LOVE my Elizabeths in green!
Posted by Elizabeth from Austin, Texas:
I had been eyeing these shoes since they arrived on the website a few months ago, especially as they have such a great name. ;) Finally, I ordered a pair, after agonizing over colour choice, in green and I am in awe of their beauty. Such an amazing work of art! Sizing: I am a 9 in most shoes, and usually a 9.5 in Fluevogs. I ordered a 10 in these and I am very glad I did as they *just* fit, but are tight across the top. I will stretch them and they will be fine. Apart from that, they are very comfortable.
Posted by Michelle Watson from Australia:
Thanks Denny @ San Francisco store

I fell in love with these babies from the moment I spotted them- there is such a thing as love at first sight. I'm normally a US 9 and my feet are broad and pudgy and this model does run small- I decided to upsize to a US 10 and kept my fingers firmly crossed that they would fit- alas not to be- they are a tad squishy in the instep- but nothing that a good cobbler can't stretch- problem sorted. Amazing service from Denny at the San Francisco store, all emails from Denny were like a little ray of sunshine- thanks Denny!!! I'm fairly new to this whole fluevog fetish- this is only my second pair- but I plan on grabbing many more ,-)
Posted by tamara from Vancouver:
Thank you Allen & Granville Store!!!

well, I was sooo sad when the 11 of this shoe did not fit me. i was debating requesting a larger model, but turns out the granville store complained before me and voila! they are now made in an 11.5 and a 12 now. big difference in comfort in squishy toes and the cut of the hard patent leather - so go big or go home. Allen made my day when he mentioned that they come in larger sizes now. The Gastown staff (susie?) secured me my green dream shoe in Toronto...on order. so many other customers commented as i paraded around, even to a tour of tourists outside the window i got to model for! classy, i love that these are customer driven and the postmodern 'furniture' heel got imbedded. just wish is was wood... these shoes are AAAmazing. likely my fave of dozens. ]:o) my friend bought red, looks like we are off to OZ (or to transcend some Christmas function in red and green elizabethans!) Great service all round.
Posted by J:
Loooove these shoes!!! These were a Christmas present and I smile every time I put them on. I did have to stretch them out a bit as they were quite tight across the toes. These are my first pair of 'Vogs and have quickly become my favourite shoes. My only regret is that there is not a Fluevog store anywhere near me! Thank goodness for the Internet!
Posted by Dana from Kentucky:
Worth every cent...

Out of my still quite small (by dedicated Fluevog fan standards, anyway) but growing collection of Fluevogs, these are hands-down the absolute best! I bought them as a birthday/Christmas present for myself and from the moment I lifted them out of the box I was enchanted. Choosing between the green and the burgundy was difficult, but in the end I went with burgundy and while they perfectly match my fave vintage leather trench they also look amazing with black...and probably everything else in my closet, because I never want to take these off! I know there will be more than a few jealous folks in this little town. Now, to get to the part I know you all want to hear about--sizing. Before I ordered these I read all the reviews saying to size up, but my experience with Fluevogs has been that most run a little too wide for my liking. I have skinny little bony feet with no arch to speak of, so I usually have to buckle 'em tight or lace them as small as they'll go. When the email came from the nice SA in New York wanting to know if I would like to size up from the 6.5 I had requested to a 7, I declined as she had explained that most people were finding these shoes very narrow which was the reason they were going a size up. Well, let me tell you, if you have narrow feet like me, you will be in heaven with these shoes! My usual 6.5 fit perfectly in all the right ways, with no sliding or roominess anywhere, just the way I like them. Finally! I think I heard the Hallelujah chorus in the background as I slipped them on, because this never happens. If you have average to wider feet, then yes, I would say you should consider getting a half or maybe even a full size larger than the one you usually take. Bottom line: I don't normally shell out full price for shoes, but these were *so* worth it.
Posted by Amy Luna from Berkeley, California:
Things you should know...

First, let me say that I am in passionate love with this shoe. It's not really a pair of shoes, it's a work of performance art when you wear them, lol. But I wanted to say a couple things for potential buyers. First, the shoes are LOUD. Let's just say, people will hear the shoe before they see the shoe, lol. If you are walking on a hard surface, like a hardwood floor, prepare for some noise. I wish they would keep that in mind when choosing the materials for a shoe. Second, people are advising to go up a half size, and that is an option. But I like my shoes to hug my foot and this shoe makes your foot look bigger, so I didn't want to go up in size. The only reason I can see to go up in size is because the toe box has too low of a profile (this is a design flaw, I think). But one solution is to just have it stretched and then it will fit well. So no sense making the whole shoe bigger, just to have more room in the toe. Just stretch the leather at that point. Thanks to the San Fran Union Square store for that suggestion! We actually figured that out because they sent me the wrong color and it fit GREAT in the toe box and then they sent me the right color and it was WAY MORE TIGHT in the toe box (but the shoes were the same size). The guy at the store figured out that the the first pair in the wrong color had been stretched out by someone who had previously tried them on. So I stretched the second pair and they fit like a dream! Hope that helps!

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