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Bunny (Black & White)
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Bunny (Black & White)
Bunny (Black & White)
Bunny (Black & White)
Bunny (Black & White)
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Reg $309

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Minis | Bunny [Black & White]
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When The Mini heel was first introduced in 2001, John decided all styles with this heel would be named after lover's nicknames. This adorable spats-inspired shoe was named after our beloved with the sweet little kisses and quirky characteristics of a cute, little bunny. The Bunny Shoe features contrast piping and buttons, soft aniline leathers, an inside zipper, a rubber F-Sole, and the iconic 3" hourglass heel for the ultimate traction, durability and comfort. Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

From the fit experts:

Rebecca & Dustin from our Chicago store says:
These shoes are average to wide in width but very true to size. They're a fun, easy and comfortable heel to wear. We recommend using a shoe horn for ease of putting on and to keep the integrity of the shoe for years to come.

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Posted by Mary from Atlanta:
Bunny love!

A recent trip to DC gave me the chance to visit my very first Fluevog store. Love love LOVE! Catherine made the experience everything I could have hoped for and I tried on so many 'vogs -- but it's the Bunny that followed me home. I wear a 9.5 in nonfluevogs, an 8.5 in most other Minis. The 9.5 pink Bunny were a perfect fit but I needed to size down to a 9 in the navy/yellow I bought. A shoe horn is a must for me to get these on but then they are just as comfortable as my other Fluevogs.
Posted by Victoria Jones from Australia:

I have lusted after Fluevog shoes since a friend bought a pair in New York & paraded them for me back in Australia. I was instantly in love. While in New York recently I finally bought my very own Fluevogs. I don't wear heels, ever! I can wear my blue & yellow bunnies 12 hours a day at work, I can wear them out dancing with the gals, I can wear them everywhere. They are seriously comfortable & seriously gorgeous. They stand out & are always a topic of conversation. I had to go up half a size, so it's worth trying them on before purchasing. I am now in a quandry. Which ones to buy next?
Posted by Sherri C from Near Philly:
Hello my name's Sherri & I'm a Vogaholic

So, when one buys 5 pairs of Vogs in about 1.5 years, are they a Vogaholic? I have seriously played catchup over this past year and a half on Vogs and this is my latest pair. I saw these and REALLY tried to resist the pull, but caved after reading the reviews. I have NEVER worn a heel more than 2.5" and I still think this is a bit high, but they are actually strangely comfortable. I wear between a 10 and 10.5 in Vogs. My Thanks Amazing are a 10.5, my Frontier's are a 10 and these are a 10 for example, mostly because of the roundness of the toe. I would conclude these run "true to size". These make my feet look TINY!! I got the Navy and Mustard (yes, they are mustard color) and they look like sweet little booties with those dots up the sides! I have to admit I got them via Amazon because I had a coupon for Amazon. ]:o)
Posted by Marianne Kirby from Orlando, FL:
Hopping for joy

A friend attending the opening of the Georgetown store sent me a cell phone pic of these beauties - and I knew they had to be mine. One of the awesome store employees called me, and I placed my order. Based on my experience with Zazas and Elifs, I got these in a 7.5 - but when they arrived, tragedy! Because the bootie part comes up high and fitted, my usual Mini size was a little too small. I exchanged them (mail takes so long but is so worth it) for an 8 and now I'm a happy, happy woman. I'd advise ordering a half size up if you have a high or wide arch. The bootie is still a little tight but is breaking in nicely as I wear them. They are super comfortable and feel even more stable than my Zazas, honestly, maybe because your whole foot is supported. The pink tends toward purply and the navy is so dark that several people have assumed it is black. I might have to pick up the yellow pair...
Posted by Wendy Slot from Canada:

I picked up my shoes last night. I love them, the fit is exact and they feel right in all the correct places. They are not bright ducky yellow, more a pale mustard yellow which is fine too.
Posted by Secure Fluevogger from Innisfail:
Do practical & stylish come together?

Oh yes they do! A solid foundation to stand on and yet a lift that isn't a dowdy heal. I bought these the day they came out in Vancouver, what a wonderful day - on a road trip from Oregon to Alberta my husband stopped at: Portland, Seattle & Vancouver stores! Then insisted that I had to have these, though even he was torn by the choices. Made me feel like royalty ]:o) apparently he loves me since he had to drive through rush hour traffic in two cases. Anyway, though I love my shoes, or are they booties? ...there is a bite spot right at the ankle joint. My ankle bone sits just above the top of the boot and by the end of a day at work the pain is nearly unbearable. Now the bite spot was apparent when I bought them, the lovely young woman at the Vancouver store put a stretcher on the boot cuff in the area where it was uncomfortable at try on, that helped some and I believed the area would soften/stretch. It hasn't and I think the issue is that the boot cuff needs to be 1/4 inch shorter for me or I need to be 1/4 in taller in the ankle; if you find they bite your ankle, know that you are likely all done growing and snipping a little notch out of your shoes won't look very nice. Though I love them and will continue to wear them for half days just to remind me of my super committed hubby they're not likely to rise to the place of Favorite Fluevogg.
Posted by Alicia from Phoenix:
Mini Bunny's!!!

Just received my Mini Bunny's in the pink/navy. OMG, these shoes are so comfortable and cute. My husband's observation - "If I saw you walking down the street in those, I'd think - who's that cool woman?!" Fluevog's are awesome!
Posted by Lisa from Northern Virginia:

When I went into the Georgetown store, I swore to myself that I had no need for pink shoes. But the pink is less bubble gum and more raspberry and the fit is perfect Fluevog (same as my Lily Darlings; 1/2 size larger than my Zazas) and the buttons are the perfect finishing detail. Now if it would just stop raining long enough so I can wear them!
Posted by Brigitte from United States:
Adore the Minis

I have had the Mini Babycakes for some time now and worn them a LOT... but when I saw these Bunny versions I couldn't resist. They are so comfortable, so quirky and just irresistable!
Posted by shirley from Montreal:
Obsessed with Fluevogs

Every Fluevog shoe seems to have its own story waiting to be told. With unusual lines, unpredictable heels, and sweet shapes these Mini Bunny's are no exception. This is a fabulous shoe, especially for a bootie. I don't know how he does it but, every season he creates a shoe that makes me lose all self-control. I bought the Pink/Navy ones, and I wear a 7 1/2 and they fit me perfectly. These Booties will add a little colour to your wardrobe.

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