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Desmond (Floral)
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Desmond (Floral)
Desmond (Floral)
Desmond (Floral)
Desmond (Floral)
$235 USD
Big Presence | Desmond [Floral]
GROUPES:   Femmes   Talon  

Le 8 novembre 1946, Viola Desmond, propriétaire d'une école et d'un salon de beauté, a été arrêtée pour s'être assise dans la section pour blancs au théâtre ségrégationniste Roseland en Nouvelle-Écosse. Viola a été sortie du théâtre avec force, passa la nuit en prison, et fut déclarée coupable d'évasion fiscale pour ne pas avoir payé la différence pour le prix du siège comparé à celui de la section de sièges du balcon pour les noirs, soit 1 sou. Viola a contesté la décision et après que la cour de la Nouvelle-Écosse ait refusé de renverser la décision et de maintenir le verdict, Viola a fermé son salon de beauté et a éventuellement quitté le Canada. La contestation courageuse de Viola a été le premier pas significatif vers l'égalisé des droits pour tous et à aider à créer le mouvement canadien des droits civiques.

Nous célébrons et honorons Viola en donnant son nom à cet escarpin saisissant et confiant. Il marchera avec vous tout au long de la journée et jusque dans la nuit. Avec une toile cirée et super saturée construite sur une semelle de cuir qui se moule au pied, l'escarpin Desmond utilise des matériaux modernes dans un style classique. John a donné à la forme de la collection Presence un bout très pointu et l'a relevée avec un talon enrobé de toile de 2.75" (7 cm) en forme de losange avec des courbes accentuées donnant à ce simple escarpin un profil très distinct. Si vous collez vos chaussures semelle à semelle et talon à talon, vous découvrirez l'empreinte laissée par le coeur de John. Present yourself well. (Présentez-vous bien).

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From the fit experts:

Chad from our Vancouver (Gastown) store says:
These can fit up to a half size large but it's a beautiful shoe and a great heel height.

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Posted by Terri from Philadelphia:
Kick off your boring heels and choose the Desmond!

While perusing the NYC store, I spotted the yellow desmonds and fell in love. I wore them for 8 hours the first time I put them on my feet and they did not hurt, not even the tiniest bit. The heel is wonderful and anyone should be able to walk in these babies. The BEST thing about these shoes, however, is the gorgeous COLOR! The on-line photo does not do them justice. They are like Sunshine on My Feet. Thank you NYC sales staff, and finally, John, please open a store in Philadelphia !! The City of Brotherly Love needs You!
Posted by Big Mama Canada from Canada:
Frickin love these!

I own these shoes in two colours- orange and black leather. They are so comfortable and feel like a running shoe. I normally wear size 10 and have Double A width feet. These are narrow with no gaps on the sizes and I had to go up to 10.5. My feet aren't very thick from under my sole to the top of my foot so I had to put an insole into them so there wasn't a gap on the top of the foot. I highly endorse this shoe!
Posted by Ellen from Florida:
Pumps with Attitude

These were a Christmas present from DH (although I did try them on in the store:-)). They are comfortable without looking like sensible shoes, and convey my inner iconoclast.
Posted by Kim from Victoria, BC:
Canvas won me over!

I intended to grab these in black leather to replace my long lost black Mini Lily Darlings, which I have finally accepted are officially lost after being MIA for over a year. I was sussing them out on the site then started calling local shops to see if anyone had them. Heart and Sole had them, but in the black canvas. I needed them for an event that night so I went over to check them out. I was quickly won over by the unique spin the canvas texture put on a more classic pump shape, and how the tan leather on the inside of the heel highlighted the killer shape much better than the black leather would have. I also loved the brown accent on the sole which wasn't as noticeable in the photos. In short, I snapped them up and wore them right to the event to much fanfare and no blisters! Highly recommended!
Posted by Danielle from Calgary:
Love but a bit disappointed

I bought my Leopard print Desmond less than 3 weeks ago. I absolutely love the comfort and style however after only 4 wears the heel on one of the shoes has gone missing. I had bought these for my birthday which is in 3 days. Hoping the store can help me quickly!
Posted by Andrina:
Wonderful heels

I bought these in the floral, and in the black leather. I can wear them all day without any trouble. The black pair was my Fluevog Day purchase, and they came out of the box and straight onto my feet, where they remained for the whole day, no pain. I want more of these, but I can't decide which to get.
Posted by kathy from nh:
I'm a fan

Just wore my blue desmonds for the first time today and they were a huge hit. Like others, I was afraid the fit was too tight in the toe box but going up a half size was not the answer as my heel would come out when I walked. Although the proper fit is snug, it magically works. I wore mine for five hours today and was just beginning to feel ready to take them off. Love the color and the overall shape. So sexy but understated at the same time. If you have a wider foot and have had trouble with pointy toe pumps, give these a try!
Posted by Laurie from Toronto Distillery District:
Love these!

I purchased these in the most beautiful nude tone. I wasn't sure about them at first because I thought it was odd that there was a slight upward curve at the toe but after walking in them for a bit... I got it! SO comfortable and OH SO pretty!!!
Posted by Donna from Vienna,VA:
Fluevog wedding

I bought these in purple to wear to my daughter's wedding. I also bought a pair of flip flops because I have a bad back and can't really wear heels for very long. I intended to break them in before the wedding, but never found the time. I put them on at 9:00 AM and as we were leaving the reception 13hours later I realized I never used my backup shoes! They were fantastic, fit perfectly, true to size and looked fab. My daughter and her attendants also wore Fluevogs! Loved the note from the store telling me to enjoy the wedding.
Posted by dhr from Los Angeles, CA:
BEST HEELS EVER! Survived a Week-long Vegas Convention!

I buy heels and usually wear them once or twice for events and let them collect dust afterwards. I bought the DESMOND in black for a convention and they were comfortable and worked great dressed up or down, suits or jeans or leggings. I wear these all the time now. These are by far the best heels I have ever owned. I am going to buy them in other colors. I can't wait to see them in red. . .

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