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Britney (Noir)
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Britney (Noir)
Britney (Noir)
$259 USD
Reg $399
LIQUIDATION | Truths: Britney [Noir]
GROUPES:   Vente   Botte   Décontracté   Femmes   Flats  

Cette chaussure porte le nom d'une de nos Fluvogueuses préférées qui nous a charmés avec son intelligence, sa beauté, et son amour inattendu pour aller au-delà des limites de vitesse au volant de sa Charger Hemi. Cette botte arrivant au genou a un bout très pointu. Elle est fabriquée d'un cuir imprimé de style faux serpent « ciré blanc » qui deviendra plus foncé et vieillira avec grâce. Britney est pour celles qui aiment vivre à toute allure. Avec une semelle en caoutchouc et un talon enrobé de cuir de 3 cm, cette botte sera parfaite pour les fois où vous aurez à enfoncer le champignon pour devancer la police. Truth and integrity since 1970. (Vérité et intégrité depuis 1970.)

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From the fit experts:

Anthony from our Montréal store says:
The gorgeous Britney boot fits quite narrow in the calf, but the soft leather will ease over time.

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Posted by Lise from Montreal:
Great boot bad heel

I love these boots. They are very comfortable. The only issue is that the heel is made of plastic covered of thin leather - really thin leather. I wore the boots at most 5 times and the leather is coming off the heels exposing the ugly white plastic underneath. Disappointing considering the high price for these boots. The heel does not match the quality of the boot. I'm hoping a shoemaker can fix this.
Posted by Anna from New Mexico:
In Love with my FLUEVOGS....

@>- what do I do in these soooo awesome shoes and boots made for a tall thin woman as myself? Kick some AZZ... they rock and give me ATTITUDE! I love them...
Posted by M. Murphy from vancouver:
Brittney boot

Dear heatbroken, My daughter bought the exact boot before she moved to Oslo last November. Her heels are trashed and she was extremely dissapointed in the materials used. if you live in vancouver take them back. I would think they would replace the heel or give you a replacement pair.
Posted by Cori Walker from Miami:
These boots!

I have never owned a pair of boots that I have loved more than these. They are extremely comfortable, I can walk forever in them and they look great. Skinny jeans, short skirts, long dresses...they are versatile, stylish and I am about to purchase a back-up pair. ]:o)
Posted by Tiffany from Ohio:

I am a world traveler, and a savvy shoe connoisseur. I bought a lovely pair of Fluevog heels last spring and was elated - stylish, comfortable, and durable. I followed up with this boot purchase last month, and to my disappointment, the heels look like they lost a fight with a blender - after only a few wears. I thought it was a solid wood heel, and it's wrapped plastic. It's heartbreaking because the leather is like butter, and the sole is sturdy. This cheap corner-cutting is what I expect from vinyl brands, and not from a quality leather shoe. Quality is in the details and this boot is not worth calling a true "Fluevog" as it has fallen dreadfully short on quality. If you are considering this purchase, I suggest you look at a different style.
Posted by Chelsea from Baton Rouge, LA:
Kicking Ass & Taking Names...

...is what I do in these boots. I have big, wide feet with a high arch - and the Truth family fits my foot perfectly (I wear US10.5 in Truths). The shaft is slender - about 15" around in my size - perfect for those of us with thinner legs. I christened these boots during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and they totally rose to the challenge: stood up to hours of being on my feet, great heel support, awesome dancing shoes! Comfort, style, and bad-assery - what more can you ask for in a shoe?
Posted by Theresa from Olympic Peninsula:
Very Pretty!

I'd been looking for a pair of black boots for a couple of years in order to give my beloved Fluevog Tricia's (boots) a longer life. I was unsure at first, as the Truth Britney has a much pointier toe than I am accustomed. And yes, the heel tap ideally should be changed to something more skid-proof. These boots are Gorgeous! Feminine and Fierce ~ Beautiful detail stitching ~ More delicate than my Tricia's (am considering Tall Paul for more casual wear) ~ And I'm glad I made the commitment. They look great with jeans, skirts and some dresses. I love them! Washingtonians are generally not vocally outgoing (I've not yet worn them out-of-state), yet they are seemingly courageous enough to stare at the Truth Britney ~ and they do. Interestingly enough, I normally wear a 7 and needed a 6 in Britney. Thank You, John! ]:o)
Posted by Wendy Robinson from Vancouver:
love them but they almost killed me

I love my boots and they are so comfortable right from the get go. I see my heels are a little scuffed but not too bad. Wore them to the hockey game the other night and slipped and almost killed myself. I've taken them the the shoe doctor for new rubber heels to prevent that again. Looking forward to buying a pair of John's shoe's soon.
Posted by Lavender from Vancouver:
Love the boots, hate the heel

I've had mine for about a month now and overall, I love them. I could probably wear these all year long (except for stinky sweaty feet in the summer) except the heels are not holding up as well as they could. I didn't pick up my feet fast enough on the escalator and now I have gouges on the wood on one heel. I didn't realized that the wood is just a thin veneer. I was thinking of putting a light coat of clear urethane on the heel to protect them a bit more. For the price, I shouldn't have to do that but hey, they look fantastic otherwise. I had a couple people follow me to ask me where I got my super cool boots. ,->
Posted by Deborah from San Francisco:
SOOO disappointed!

These boots were a BIG splurge for me and I am sooo disappointed. First, I agree with other comment below. The leather wrapped heel got scrapped up badly after only a few wears. Took them back to store and they just said, that is what you get. When I pay $400, I want quality that will last. They also started to get less and less comfortable with time, something is really off with the arch of the left boot--again, when I went to store, told it was in my head and they gave me some inserts to try. I feel like I can't event try to sell these on eBay, after how they look after so little wear (:`( Guess I am not a Fluevog gal--MUCH happier with my cheaper Miz Mooz that take a lickin and keep on tickin.

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