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Nico (Peat)
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Nico (Peat)
Nico (Peat)
$179 USD
Reg $345
CLEARANCE | Together Hi: Nico [Peat]
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Sometimes it's hard to be in the spotlight. Lately, everyone seems to be making a fuss, and you have to stop to wonder if it's about you or your new 3" leather wrapped heeled Fluevog boots. This sultry, but solid boot with ciclone pull-up leathers, a side zipper, strap and buckle, is going to make a splash on the scene. Full sizes only.

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From the fit experts:

Sean C. from our New York store says:
A classic 90's style that fits true and lasts ages.

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Posted by Laurie from Ottawa:
Bought these while I was pregnant and they are awesome!!! 3 inches and 30 extra pounds and the baby and I felt like we were walking on air. They fit my wide feet beautifully and the toe shape makes my feet look narrower than they really are. The wine colour is gorgeous and perfect with everything. There is no limit to how much walking, standing and running you can do in these even chasing after 2 children. Love the soles for winter as well as the sand box. I'm going to buy them in black but please bring this colour back in the future!!! I'll need another pair after all the use they are getting. :-D
Posted by Sarah from La Ronge, Saskatchewan:

Wow! I am on my feet teaching all day on cement floors and not only are these comfortable heels, the grips on them mean I can sneak up on kids who are up to no good whilst on supervision duty! They are like spy boots, make me feel more cat burglar than teacher... Only problem? Where are the other colours?please, please, burgundy and brown and red... ,-)
Posted by bolod:
I've owned these boots for almost two years now and are the most comfortable heels/stomping shoes EVER. They survive mosh pits and fancy dinners all in the same stride and show no real sign of wear. I keep waiting for fluevog to bring this model back in different colours (i should've gotten more the first go-around) as I already own the wine/burgundy. I NEED these in black, bright red, coral and cream/white. Actually, I need one of these in every shade of the rainbow and all prints imaginable. Do you hear my pleas?
Posted by Ani from Oakland, CA:
A Miracle Has Occurred!

I've got very very difficult to fit and difficult to satisfy feet. (Just ask my ex or any of my friends, they've all heard this sad story) I've been relegated to frumpy, old-lady shoes all my life. I've had to eschew cute shoes and high heels as they were just too painful to wear. Then, on a whim, I went to the Fluevog store, not seriously thinking that anything would fit my feet. I tried on almost every pair in my size, getting increasingly excited at how comfy they were (the salesperson was sooo patient). The rumours are true! These are a different breed of shoe. Not designed by a sadist, but by a saint. Saint John the Compassionate. I've walked a few miles in my Nicos, right out of the box, no break in period, still comfy! And, I feel like I could rule the world in these shoes. I'm 3" taller and feel like a rock star. This is, seriously, life changing! I am now an avowed Fluevog addict. Can't wait to buy the next pair... ]:o)
Posted by Elizabeth from Oakland:
Very well made & Classic

I have these boots in black and petrol blue - 2 out of the 4 pairs of Fluevogs I own. These are extremely comfortable, as everyone says. I bought the blues b/c they were about to run out, but I don't wear them b/c I've worn the black almost every day for about a year and a half, and they are still going strong! I'm writing this comment b/c I am very impressed with how sturdy and well made these boots are, in addition to their looks. I hope they keep this model around for awhile.
Posted by Marthe Bijman from Johannesburg, South Africa:
Fluevogs in Johannesburg, South Africa

Dear Fluevoggers, I bought a pair of Together Hi/Nico in burgundy last month, while on a visit to Vancouver. I loved the styling and workmanship, but it was the softness of the sole and the snug fit around the ankle that finally seduced me! They look luscious, they make me walk with a sexy bounce, and they feel so good I wore them on the 'plane on the 11-hour flight back to South Africa and my feet felt as good as new when we landed. My husband bought a pair too - we are fans!! And we are coming back for more! ,-)
Posted by Jen from Oakland, CA:
so excited

I've been coveting these shoes for 2 years, wishing they would be reoffered in blue. I walked into the store in NYC and was thrilled to see them in burgundy! They don't come in half sizes, and I usually wear a 9 1/2 in boots, but was happy that they must run a little big. They fit great, even with fat socks. They rock, and I rock in them. I'm wearing them at work now, and my feet feel good and look even better. The coolest shoes ever.
Posted by Metrognome from Vancouver:
Great boots, fabulous colour!

I've had these beautiful wine coloured boots for nearly a month now. They are extremely comfortable and very stable to walk in thanks to the wider heel base. These are great boots for trekking across the urban landscape. The fit is true to size - the leather is soft and forgiving so they conform quickly to fit your foot (rather than the other way around). Best of all the rubber sole is quiet on tile floors, sneaky not squeaky, ninja style! <-)
Posted by Kathryn from Denver:
LOVE em'

I love this boot. I bought in blue and who knew that it would go with everything! This is maybe my 15th pair of Fluevogs so I knew I would love them and that they would last, but I was surprised to find a heel that I could dance all night in!!!
Posted by g1ng3r5n4p from anchorage, alaska:
wow. perfect fit and you can't even tell you aren't wearing a flat. i *ran* in these on tile with no problem at all. LOVE! @>-

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