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Sugar (Black with Beige)
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Sugar (Black with Beige)
Sugar (Black with Beige)
$399 USD
Minis | Sugar [Black with Beige]
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This 21 eyelet knee-high boot is sweet and spicy at the same time. Not only does it have an open lacing system that will tie you up tight like a corset and show a bit of skin, it also has an inside zipper so you don't really need to use the laces once you've found your fit. Perched on the Mini heel and rubber F-sole, this is a high heel designed for the woman who doesn't wear heels. Solidly constructed with beautiful leather uppers and linings with contrasting piping and a crown peaked top line makes this lover sexy, stable and timeless. Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

Heel Height: 3"

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From the fit experts:

Janeice from our Minneapolis store says:
The Sugar boot fits true to size; that being said, it's still a Mini so it has a nice, wider toe box than some other shoes. This calf is a lace up, which means it's completely adjustable and perfect for any calf!

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Posted by Holly from Seattle:
Sexy but Functional

Just got these and I have to say they're amazing. First, the styling is dead sexy but in a subtle way that lets you wear them just about anywhere. I also have larger calves (I guess?) and the reviewer that suggests using two sets of laces is awesome- thank you! I found that relacing them corset-style was the best look with the gap left. In fact I like the way they look with a 2-3in gap corset-laced better than the original/pictured look. The comfort of these boots is unbelievable. My first pair of Minis (oh, but not the last!) and I'm hooked. They are the only true heels I've ever worn that are actually comfortable and that I can walk in for miles. For me, the sizing ran true- I'm a 7 usually and the 7s were absolutely perfect. Oh and the other cool thing about the styling- as is the case with lots of Fluevogs- is that they're so unique they don't look dated in 5 or 10 years. (And they'll probably last that long if they're like any of the other Fluevog boots I've worn forever.) They just are their own thing, and I love them!
Posted by Jodi from Toronto:
Re: Larger Calves

If you do have larger calves & you really want to buy these wonderfull boots I have this suggestion. Buy an extra set of laces. You'd have to take out the laces in the boots, tie the 2 laces together & then relace them. That's what I had to do. Thanks to the guys at the Toronto store for giving me the idea. It totally works. Now the boots look even sexier. @>-
Posted by Jessica from Los Angeles:
Bigger calves be careful

After reading the reviews here that these were good for girls with athletic calves, I went to the store in LA and Anthony was very very helpful - but there was a good 3-4 inches around my 12 inch circumference calves that wasn't covered, which kinda ruins the look of these gorgeous boots. (:`( The Xie Xie's are a bit more forgiving for those in my calf size dilemma, though I ended up with a pair of QTees (also lovely!)
Posted by Chris from los angeles:
i'm addicted

i'm addicted to fluevogs! when the store opened down the street from me, i didn't really think much about it... but one day i noticed a line of people snaking around the block (must have been a sale), so i checked out the reviews here on the site. i then purchased my first pair of fluevogs... the zaza minis. a week later i bought the sugars. i LOVE these boots. the salesman at the store adjusted the laces for me, so they fit perfectly. the first 2 times i wore them, they were a little snug, but very comfortable. by the third time they had stretched a bit, and they are now so comfy i want to wear them to bed with my pajamas! i'm pretty sure when a girl refuses to remove her fluevogs, it means she's addicted. :-D
Posted by Janet Lynn from Alberta:
Sugar boots sizing comment

I love the Minis--they are my favourite family! However, the sizing seems kind of all over the place. I have a wide foot and very high arch, so I wear a 10 in the Lily Darling, a 10 in the Q-Tee, a 10.5 in the Gorgeous, and an 11 in the Sugar boots. I like the boots to fit a little looser for comfort and to wear a sock, so going up a size is perfect. That said, they are lot loose by any stretch of the imagination, as you can lace them up to fit the top of the foot and the ankle perfectly. I originally bought a size 10 Sugar boot, but had to sell it to a friend. She's normally a 9 with a narrow foot, and the 10 sugar fit her perfectly. I'm normally a 10 in everything except for the Sugar boot. They are the best!
Posted by Evelyn from Toronto:
the only boots for me!

Finally, John Fluevog... boots for a girl with larger calves. I've tried the rest, I've been encouraged to have leather stretched but they are not anywhere close to fitting. With these, I can finally have a pair of your gorgeous boots of my own -- stretched the leather, switched to the longest laces available and leave them laced open wide and voila.... the most traffic-stopping boots in my wardrobe. As mentioned, heels are extremely comfortable and foot a perfect fit -- wore them for an entire night (morning!) out on the first try with complete comfort. I do hope you will introduce a few more styles with bigger or adjustable calve sizes for those of us blessed/cursed with 16" there. Until then, I love these boots. Thank you.
Posted by Elaine Collins from glasgow scotland:

I have 2 pairs of Fluevog shoes and decided it was time for boots! I was in NY in May, while my friends shopped till the dropped! I had decided that the only shop that I'll be visiting was John Fleuvogs SoHo. Alas, I didn't go until my last day [saving the highlight of the trip to last, and probably saved me a small fortune] The experience was divine!! I chose my wine mini F boots. I have "fat" calves, so the charming sales assistant [forget his name] laced up two other sets of laces in order to allow me and my calves to snuggle the boots. I was in his shop 2 hours, I was treated like a princess and while he laced up my booties I tried nearly all the shoes on in the shop. Paradise!!. They are soft, bouncy, comfy, fab, sexy and simply the most amazing pair of boots that I have ever worn. I was stopped in shops by sales staff asking where I got them. All,and I mean ALL my colleagues are coveting them, and every one one of patients are in awe!!! tee hee, good eh!! Me, I'm in heaven. I walk with confidence and a bit of attitude and I love it!! Thank you!!
Posted by HH from Norcal:
So sad....

I WANT to love these boots. Really, I do. I had pined for them for years before I was finally blessed with enough cash to buy these. I got them in April and was SO EXCITED... but here's the thing. I've worn them a handful of times and each time I end up with absolutely horrible pain. Not in my feet --the other reviews are very accurate in the foot comfort. The problem is the zippers: no amount of force, torture, or circulation inhibiting tightness can get them to lay smooth against my leg (I have tried everything) and around the ankle the zipper gets lumpy, bunching up, and putting angry pressure right on my ankle bone. I am bruised every time I wear these (both loosely or tightly laced) and then cannot wear them for another week or so, or will be subject to eye-crossing pain in less than an hour. Maybe there is something wrong with my legs? I absolutely cannot get them to fit gently around my ankles. I am very disappointed because I thought these were the perfect boot for me, and very disappointed because of the major cash down the drain. I still love Fluevogs and think they are quality, but won't be buying any more boots from them. (:`(
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Oh no! Sorry to hear about the zipper pain. Try lacing the boot in a different pattern, as it may smooth out the boot and stop the zipper from digging into your leg. If you are near a Fluevog store, ask one of the staff to soften up the leather, which might might prevent the leather from wrinkling forcing the zipper into your leg.
Posted by Carrie from Portland, Oregon:
A little effort goes a long way

These boots are the only shoes I will ever truly love :) They are very comfortable and stable. I'm the girl who hates heels, but these make me swoon. I'll agree with some of the other comments, I wish I'd gone to the store to have the laces done. I have pretty athletic legs and it was hard to get the right fit. But I found my own way and even taught myself to do euro-lacing! but i might go to a Vog store to get them laced all proper. Also, the gorgeous leather on these is so soft and supple be careful, scratches happen easily and permanently. Wear with care. but do, do wear these :) the effort is totally worth it! xo!
Posted by Doria from Seattle:

I bought these at the Seattle store where they adjusted the laces for me, then a week later I spent 7 hours walking around in these with very little foot pain (only that common with walking for 7 hours)and I wear this when ever I get the chance though I love wearing them with striped socks or leggings! :-D

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