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Giulia (Wine)
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Giulia (Wine)
Giulia (Wine)
Giulia (Wine)
Giulia (Wine)
$315 USD
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Operettas | Giulia [Wine]
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Already a Fluevog classic, this 2.5" heeled bootie with soft Baccarat Patent leathers, soft rubber soles, and a leather wrapped heel has won the hearts of millions of Fluevogers around the world. With a wide toe box, cute buttons, and a comfortable sole, this functional bootie promises to be the love of your life. Your Love Makes Me Sing.

Half sizes available.

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From the fit experts:

Alice from our Los Angeles store says:
A perfect fit for a perfect shoe!

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Posted by Jackie from USA:
Great but...

These are my first fluevogs. I ordered the grey/tan. They fit wonderfully and the quality was what I was expecting. I am disappointed though, grey is not grey. The picture shows a nice light grey but my shoes are light beige. I emailed and was told that was the right color and I can return them if I want. So be aware, if you like grey these are not grey.
Posted by Karen Roach from Ottawa, Canada:
OMG...these are so AWESOME!

I have had the wine ones for about a month now and have not managed to wear them once without someone asking me where I got those awesome/cool/great boots. LOVE them! Comfy, striking, and original!
Posted by S from Los Angeles:
UPDATE to earlier post 'loved them, but

i LOVE Fluevog even MORE now!- the Los Angeles store contacted me after my review and offered to send button to me or to have me stop by the store. i stopped by the store a few days later and they fixed/replaced the lost button cap FREE of charge. awesome standy-by your product!-- love you even more now. many thanks to Keith & on-site cobbler in the LA store.
Posted by Elaine from US:
Not a security risk - I hope!

If you've read through the comments to this point, you know already that these booties have the power to stop cars in the street and provoke salesfolk to trail you through several sections of a store. My friends have begun to notice that "those days" require "these shoes". I would almost take this for granted, but for a few new Fluevog datapoints: (1) I wore these for four days of grueling touristing on foot throughout several cities in the Pacific NW. They stand up to the damp, to the concrete hills, to the fashion demands (leggings, tights, trousers - no problem). (2) People still stopped me to ask about my shoes. (This is probably less of an issue for those who sport the black versions - I'm rockin' the wine.) But never before has anyone hopped out of an airport security checkpoint, abandoning her line and luggage to ask about my Giulias. It's a little scary to see the TSA spring into action about a footwear-related emergency. My goodness, I love these shoes. The 10.5's fit my 10W feet beautifully. They go with everything I own, because they, like me, stand up to the wardrobe. They are engineered so the height of the heel is comfortable, and I can walk (or run) without fear of losing a heel or turning an ankle. I never thought shoes could, or should, fit so comfortably and well - my first pair of Fluevogs have convinced me that these things are possible.
Posted by S from Los Angeles:
loved them, but bummer on the quality

my first Fluevogs. i absolutely LOVEd the giulia boots- they were so cute and go well with ANY outfit (long or short skirts & dresses, long pants, shorts);one of the most versatile pairs of footwear i have ever owned. they are also quite comfortable. i've been enjoying them for the short time i've had them. so i was devastated when i noticed a few days ago that one of the button caps had fallen off somewhere. with exposed metal and needle sticking out where the button cap used to be, the boots are very un-cute and un-wearable now. bummer on the button quality. : ( : (
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Sorry to hear that, the LA store has replacement buttons that are quick and easy to replace. Give them a shout and they can send them to you. :)
Posted by Gladys from southern California:
Beautiful, comfortable, AND sexy

These were my first Fluevogs as well. I got them in the wine color and I get compliments on them every time I wear them. I have a thing for red shoes. ;-) The Operetta family must have been made just for my feet, and I'm so glad they're available in size 5 (I have short feet with wide toes, so the wider toe-box on the Operettas is perfect). I decided to go up half a size in these (5 1/2) so that I could wear them with sock tights. Amazing shoes!
Posted by Joan from Indiana:
LOVE 'em

This is my first pair of Fluevogs and I love em. I have a really hard time finding wide enouigh shoes for my FAT feet. When I wore them for the first time I was truly HAPPY they DID NOT hurt my toes. Plan on buying more cause I don't mind paying for comfort and style on top of that. Just wish I could fit into the other styles also but oh well. THANK YOU!!!! ,-> ,->
Posted by theresa j macdonald from new glasgow, nova scotia:
help..one of my buttons fell off and I just want to weep--these are my favorite booties and I love them dearly..what to do... :-(
Reply from team fluevog at Fluevog:
Montreal will send you a few buttons with a note on how to put them on. :)
Posted by Lena from Beijing:
my standbys

these shoes are definitely my winter standby. They are my first pair of fluevogs and I've owned them for over five years. I wear them all around the city, they are super comfortable and very warm in the winter. Great with jeans and with dresses. I have worn them so much that I have had the heel covers replaced twice. The buttons did fall off, but not for 2 years. And, you can order replacement parts online. You can take them to any cobbler to fix them if you have the parts. ,-)
Posted by Sara from Seattle:
These were my first pair of Fluevogs and I loved them from the first time I tried them on last month. After wearing them just about 15 times, I was so disappointed when one of the button covers fell off yesterday. I was even more disappointed when I went to a Fluevog store and was told it would take 1 month to repair them! I wouldn't have thought that this quality shoe would have needed repair after just one month. Other than that, I love the boot.

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