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Assured (Camel)
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Assured (Camel)
Assured (Camel)
Assured (Camel)
Assured (Camel)
$169 USD
Reg $295

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Hopefuls | Assured [Camel]
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Playing mad Scientist, John created The Assured: a comfortable and extremely walkable sandal embracing the fit of The Operetta Family, the soles of The Hope Family, the soft, pebbled leathers of The Prepare Family, and the 2.25" leather wrapped heels of The Thanks Family. Featuring burnished buckles, triangular patterned cut outs, and a soft suede insole, The Assured might even be the best sandal ever invented since the Flip Flop. F is for all things Hope.

From the fit experts:

Kate from our Los Angeles store says:
The Hopeful Assured runs a bit short, so it is a good idea to go up half a size. Very Comfortable!

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Posted by Winona from California Bay Area:
True dat: size up

Couldn't decide between a 9 and 9-1/2. Ordered a 9 because only 1 was left. Asked for sizing help. After exchanging emails, decided to go to local store. The 9 looked good, but I could tell my feet might slide over the edge. The store changed my order, found shoe in overland in 9-1/2 and had them sent. Easy. Good experience. Helpful staff. Honest. So very happy with my new 9-1/2s. Great looking and fitting shoe.
Posted by betty from toronto:
Hello! love at first mailing!

I just received these sandals half an hour ago...somehow i missed out on them when they were new and available at the Toronto store but noticed them after most colours and sizes had been sold out after they went on sale! I saw that the black ones were still available on the U.S. site in my Fluevog size, 9.5. I wear a 9 in most other shoes though. I also noted that i could not as a Canadian resident, have them mailed directly to me :( SO, i asked my dear Florida friend to have them sent to her and she kindly shipped them to me! They are SUPER comfortable and exactly ME to a T!! Too bad that winter is just settingly in to plague us until June here in Toronto, but these shoes will be my fantasy pair as i count down the days til I can wear them outside with everything I own!!
Posted by Tammi from Ogden, UT:
You MUST buy these!!!

I am a passionate Fluevoger & I own about 15 pairs, but these, by far, are the most comfortable Fluevogs I own. When you put them on, if feels like your heels are resting on a bed of feathers. Super cushy soles. You'd be able to be on your feet all day with no problem! The strap across the toes doesn't cut in at all & I do have a little bit of a wide foot. I wear size 8 in normal non-Fluevog shoes but I got these in Aqua size 9 and they fit perfect. Maybe 1/4 inch extra in the toe, but nothing that looks bad. The color is a teeny tiny bit darker than it appears on here, which, to me, was perfect! I promise you will swoon in these! I want to wear them everyday! Now, to go buy more outfits to match them!! haha
Posted by Janet from Whitehorse, Yukon:
My New Go-To Summer Shoe

Really like these sandals. They fit well (unlike some others who posted here, I did not find them short and my usual size 9 Fluevog size works just fine). I love how the sandals look on my feet, and they go well with just about anything in my closet. Well made, comfy...these sandals have it all and are my new go-to summer shoe. Thanks John!
Posted by Justine from Seattle, WA:
More comfy than any heel has a right to be

This is my second pair of Fluevogs and I feel a full blown addiction coming on. Like the Hopeful Rosy's which preceded these, they run a half size too small. I'm a consistent 7 in most other brands, but in Hopefuls I need a 7.5. I got the camel color, which looks kinda cool and funky with a bright blue sole, but should function perfectly as a neutral too. As others have said, the leather is buttery soft with no break-in period. I wore them the first day for hours with no discomfort. The best part is that this is a truly comfortable heel. I use a standing desk at work, and I'll be on my feet in these at least 7 hrs a day. Please Mr Fluevog, more styles in this family!
Posted by VogGirl from New York:
Boo hoo hoo

Love love love these sandals. Unfortunately they are SHORT in length. I typically wear a size 7 and tried on everything from a 6.5 to an 8. The sandals run short for my feet. I own about 7 pairs of Vogs. Never ran into this problem before. Really disappointed. The larger sizes are loose in the front because of the fixed strap and my true size runs short. Boo hoo hoo!!!!!!!!!! John, if you re-design these to be longer, I will buy them in a heartbeat.
Posted by Mina from Montreal:

Oh so nice. I got these in black: flattering to the foot and feel great on, supportive and sturdy yet somehow make my hooves look littler. Was worried the strap would be cankletastic but as it is thick and sits below the ankle it actually creates the illusion of thinner stems. Was worried too about sizing, as my 9.5 vogs are always a little too large except in really hot weather, but my feet are a wide 9 (and one is longer than the other). As the recommendation is to size down, I noted my conundrum in my online order and Andrea at the Gastown store asked for my foot measurements, then measured the shoes, and advised me to purchase the 9. Perfect fit, thank you Andrea! If there is a gripe, it is only that there is a little roughness where the straps are sewn to the ankle casing, and this will require a little sanding/anti-blister goo. Otherwise, perfecto.
Posted by Courtney from Glendale, CA:
Clicking/Jingle Buckles solution

For Danielle, I actually don't have these shoes (yet) but on my Nico boots I had the same issue with this style of buckle. What I did was carefully put a couple drops of elmer's glue in the little metal 'tube' on the buckles. Let it dry and when it does it will hold the tube so it doesn't move around and click on the other metal.:) Safe and easy solution so you don't sound like a cowboy!!
Posted by Danielle Labonte from Canada:
Super comfy and beautiful in aqua

I love the comfort and look of these sandals. My only small complaint is that the buckles click loudly when I walk...anyone else experience this?
Posted by kathy from NH:
I love these sandals

I have these in aqua and I wore them for the first time today. I'm so happy that I went with this color. They are amazingly sexy and yet feel so solid and stable. I think I'm going to wear the heck out of these this summer. They just make me so happy. And yes, I did go up a half size.

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