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Luna (Violet)
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Luna (Violet)
Luna (Violet)
Luna (Violet)
Luna (Violet)
$379 USD
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Adriana | Luna [Violet]
GROUPES:   Botte   Décontracté   Femmes   Talon  

Faite à partir d'une forme pour homme, avec un harnais amovible, des courroies à boucle ajustables, une semelle en caoutchouc et un talon de 2" (5 cm) enrobé de cuir, Luna est une botte pour dames à la fois équestre et féminine assez robuste pour l'hiver qui vous permettra de faire face aux éléments sans effort tout en ayant l'air vraiment séduisante. Jumelant les éléments de design de la collection Adrian avec le cuir pleine fleur Atlas de la collection Radio qui se plisse et possède une belle patine, la botte Luna sera encore plus splendide avec le temps. Conçue en jumelant la semelle F-Sole de la botte Bondgirl avec la botte à talons Heidi de la collection Adrian, Luna porte le nom de notre soeur terre-à-terre préférée qui étudie la médecine chinoise. A thankful person is a happy person. (Une personne reconnaissante est une personne heureuse.)

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From the fit experts:

Petrea and Ali from our New York store says:
Great fit in the foot bed and in the ankle. Some with more muscular calves can't quite get the zipper all the way up, but the leather is easy to stretch!

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Posted by Stephanie Wysocki from United States:
These boots are made for walkin'

This is my fourth pair of Fluevog boots. Once again, it was love at first sight with Luna's in purple. I wear a 9-10 in Fluevog shoes - depending on the design. These boots required a size 10 for complete zipper closure. Big THANK YOU to Jack in the Chicago store for his expertise. The size 10s are perfect and I know they're just get better with time.
Posted by Noella Witte from Canada:
I am a huge Fluevog fan so I didn't hesitate when my lovely man offered to buy me another pair! These boots look stunning and although a bit tight in the calf, they felt comfortable enough in the store. I brought them home hoping to make them part of my regular rotation. Luckily I decided to wear them around the house and quickly discovered that the heel cup was stiff and uncomfortable! After an hour I was in extreme pain! The Toronto staff have been great thus far (I sent them an email stating I am from out of town and need to come in and exchange). I look forward to exchanging them next week for a different super comfortable pair! ?:-)
Posted by christa from alameda, ca:
I bought these in brown to replace my Heidis--I really prefer a bit of a heel and the Luna is just perfect. Love the gorgeous distressed leather and harness detail, plus the adjustable buckled gusset at the top is sheer brilliance because this is an extremely slim-fitting boot and thanks to the bit of ease at the top there is no unseemly bulging or digging into the calf! Usually a 7.5 but an 8 in Fluevog boots, they needed about 15 minutes of wearing before I could zip all the way up, and while they're still tight (I have a 15" calf)they are loosening just right, and the foot and ankle areas felt perfect right away and I anticipate them to be a favorite for many years to come.
Posted by Leslee Larsen from Toronto:
My first fluvie disappointment

This is my fourth pair of Fluevogs and I have been thrilled with all my shoes and boots thus far. I just bought these and they felt good in the store but after giving them a chance for two days I can absolutely say they are the MOST uncomfortable things I have ever put on my feet. The stiching along the outside intersects exactly on my ankle bone causing extreme discomfort with everystep... There is basically no support or padding under the balls of the feet and after walking only a few city blocks I am aching. I definitely would not recommend these boots. They were an expensive mistake.
Posted by Petra from Calgary:
A bit of work me lovlies

These are gorgeous and I'm loving them so far. I don't consider myself to have large calves but they do require a wee bit of coaxing to get on but I feel in time they will relax more. My advice is to only buy these if you can go in and try them on as they are a very particular fit.
Posted by Robin D. from Corn Country:

I just received these scrumptious boots (via delivery) ....and they are everything I expected and more. My incredible boyfriend indulges my boot fixation and purchased these for my birthday. I have the brown ankle shoes in the Adrien family (he also bought them for me...no wonder he is the love of my life) and bought these even though he thought they would be too plain. Let me tell you....these black beauties are STUNNING! They fit slim but had no issue zipping up the calf. You do need to get them around the buckle but it's necessary for everything to the lay the way it's intended. The ankles are very trim which is the only area that will require some break in. I own many boots....and the stacked heel on these are the best feeling I have ever had in a boot. They are classic, slim so they work with wide or slim jeans ...and skirts. Perfect for everything. I adore a lot of Fluevog shoes....not all have been comfortable for me but the Adrien line leather, cut and comfort have invented a new happy place for me. Even though I didn't have to buy them myself, my boyfriends hard earned money was well spent. Delicious...highly recommended. Did I mention I adore them?????? :-B
Posted by Natasha from Los Angeles:
Perfect Boots!

These are my 22nd pair of Fluevogs - I've just stopped buying other brands. The purple Lunas are a thing of beauty. When I saw the color of these boots, I knew had to have them (Incidentally, I feel that way about the green leather of the Radio Ards, but I just can't stand a flat boot). I usually wear a 7 (Hotcakes, Xie Xie) or a 7.5 (Cece) in Fluevog boots, but I went up to an 8 in these so they would comfortably zip over my skinny jeans. They look amazing. The leather is gorgeous, they're so well made, and the silhouette is sexy and leg-hugging. The purple is such a gorgeous, weather color - it works well with everything. I can't wait to take these on my next trip to London!
Posted by Heather Galloway from Seattle:
Finally did it. Yes, this post is long.

There have been two other times in my Fluevog existence that I lusted after a boot but waited far too long. Waited for the right time. Waited to save the money. Waited for some reason to spend my precious dollars. And then the inevitable happened with said boots. They sold out and no one will ever sell them on eBay or anywhere else because they were the perfect boot. Well...I have lusted after this boot for a while and today I threw caution to the wind and said "F it! I will not let this boot slip through my hands." And they are mine. And I am in love. I mean really in love. This boot is is so frakkin' hot, comfy, well made and classic. I finally have the new pair of black Fluevogs I will wear for the next 7 to 10 years. A perfect replacement for my old, beloved, re-heeled many a time, dearly departed black Fluevog boots that graced my feet for the past 7 years.
Posted by Leigh Smith from vancouver, bc:
Love Them and so does everyone else

My boyfriend bought them for my birthday. I was unsure of the purple but as soon as I tried them on, the compliments were unrelenting!! Women in the store told me to buy them and asked where they were so they could try them. Went for dinner immediately after wearing them and got compliments from the host, the waitress, when out to a club and more compliments!! They fit perfect, I am fortunate to have narrow feet and calves so no problem. It is a bit of a pain having to take the strap buckle on and off to take the boots on and off but they are so beautiful it is a small price to pay. Very comfortable as well. :-)
Posted by SK from Edmonton, AB:
A work of art!

I fell in love with these boots on a visit to Van last winter, and soon after, my sweet bf got them for me as a bday gift! From trying them on in the store, I knew they would be tight on the calf/ankle and would need some breaking in. Unfortunately, I have now been wearing them intermittently for 6 months, and the leather is just so thick and unrelenting, that I have yet to truly say that they are comfortable (btw, I usually swim in most boots at the calf). The issue: they are extremely tight at the ankle, so my ankle bones get quite sore (not blisters, but sort of crushed). I tried to stretch them by wear, but I think I need to admit defeat and take them to a cobbler and get them stretched at the ankle. :-( Otherwise, they are so beautiful and I get so many compliments!

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