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Luna (Black)
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Luna (Black)
Luna (Black)
Luna (Black)
Luna (Black)
$379 USD
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Adriana | Luna [Black]
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Featuring a men's swing toe last, removable buckled harness, adjustable buckled straps, rubber soles, and 2" leather wrapped heels, The Luna is both equestrian and feminine, making it a solid winter boot for ladies that will allow you to weather the elements effortlessly while looking downright sexy. Combining the design elements of The Adrian Family with full grain Atlas leathers from The Radios that crease and patina, The Luna boots will look great with age. Drawn as a F-Sole Bondgirl Boot meets The Adrian Heidi Boot with high heels, The Luna is named after our favourite down-to-earth sister who studies Chinese Medicine. A thankful person is a happy person.

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From the fit experts:

Petrea and Ali from our New York store says:
Great fit in the foot bed and in the ankle. Some with more muscular calves can't quite get the zipper all the way up, but the leather is easy to stretch!

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Posted by Mia Kitty from Washington, DC:
Luna Love?

I bought these online over a month ago after trying to decide if they were "the boots". I then realized that a girl needs to have many different styles to make her happy! The leather is gorgeous, the style great. I've worn these around the house 5-6 times, and only once outside. I am still stretching these out and praying that they will work out. I always wear a 7.5 or 8 in Fluevogs, as I have many and love them all. I got these in an 8 and they fit perfect on the foot with extra space, but the ankle is still really tight. In fact they cut me a bit there. Might need to add a lift and have them stretched by a cobbler. They have stretched everywhere else pretty fast, (I have a 15 inch calf) which surprised me compared to other tall Fluevog boots. Hanging in there because I would love to wear these everyday! Thanks John for all the great shoes and breaking my heart!
Posted by Beth Fox Brown from Philadelphia, PA:
My Love Affair Continues

I'm at a loss at how to describe this level of boot fabulosity. I feel like a go go-biker-cowgirl footwear phenomenon. The construction is amazing & I can see the leather aging well. I have 13.5" calves and 9" ankles and I'm a 9 in these boots. They fit PERFECTLY! It's not the easiest time finding boots that aren't loose around my legs- but these look sleek & fit well. I love that the harness is removable & the boots look great with or without the straps. I can't wait to wear them everyday!!! ()-)
Posted by Julia:
LOVE these - need winter care advice.

I coveted these boots online for a few weeks before I went to LA for my birthday. I found a pair in black at the Melrose store and it was immediate love. I am a size 10, but run anywhere from a 9 to an 11 in Fluevogs. These were just right at a size 10. Love the way they look and I'm trying to restrain myself from wearing them every day. I'm back in the snowy tundra now, so I'm worried about the leather getting damaged, wondering if these can be polished or a leather protectant applied without ruining the awesome broken-in look? Otherwise I'll have to sadly shelve these unless I'm headed for exclusively shoveled locales!
Posted by Nicole from Cambridge, MA:

These boots are perfect from every angle. They just don't have a bad side, top, or bottom. Will take some breaking in at the ankle, but will be well worth it. I'm a half size and after much debate, selected the full size up, rather than down, which was the right choice. It's a narrow-fitting boot.
Posted by beemaya:
I just bought these in black and I have had to make myself stop wearing them EVERYWHERE I go. I wear them over/under pants, with skirts, with/without the buckle. This is the best boot I have ever purchased... Plus they are comfortable and have an adjustable upper leg buckle to allow for a different calf size. As for the shoe size, I'd go smaller, and let them stretch. I went a size bigger because my size was just right, and I feel like they started loosening up too much within a week.
Posted by Elle Zee from Portland, Or.:
Back again to comment on wear!

I couldn't hold off on buying my boots before a trip to my hometown. I've worn these boots well over twenty times, all of those wears walking all day. I have flown twice while wearing them and even TSA complimented them. My boots experienced their first real Portland rain yesterday and they have dried with no trouble and show no signs of damage to the stacked heel. I have found that I do not need to wear these boots with an insert, even for 8+ hours of wear in a heavy standing environment. No stitching is coming loose and no holes in my lining. I am a heavy walker, as in you can hear me coming up behind you easily. Normally I wear out the outside of my heels within the first week because of pronation and the heavy walking, these are still perfect. I bought a half size larger than my foot size. I have a narrow foot and my calf is 14" around.
Posted by Elizabeth from Los Angeles:
Nice boots

I like these boots. They look wonderful and I got several compliments on day one. I think they make require a little break-in time even though I bought them in a full size larger than usual. The leather is sturdy and may need to adapt around the ankles where it felt a little stiff. Thick socks will also help. They look fantastic, though!
Posted by Meg from Spokane, WA:

Having picked the Luna from a wish list of 5 different boots, I was very disappointed that after 6 hours of wear, I noticed the stitching in the rear shaft was coming undone on both boots, resulting in a hole in the left through to the lining. There is also already a wear spot in the lining of the right boot. Rather than replacing them, I was told to ship them back for repair. I am VERY disappointed that after laying out almost $400 for a pair of boots I thought would last for years, I won't be able to wear them for weeks - a month - who knows ? (I called the store 3 days ago and still haven't received the return shipping label) Plus - I am seriously concerned about how these boots are going to wear over time. Despite being a regular and faithful Vogger, there was no offer of a discount on this or future purchases, or even merely free shipping on a future purchase. Just a curt apology and explanation of company policy. I must say I feel a bit ripped off... Sorry to all of you who love these boots - I cannot recommend them in good faith.
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Hi Meg, perhaps we are confused. I think the Manager is replacing your boots for you. Please contact us if this is incorrect.
Posted by Katherine from Washington DC:
Kickass, Indeed!

After having to return the Heidi's for fit reasons, I was thrilled to see these boots online. Anton at the NYC store helped with advice on fit and finish, and I have to say, these boots are seriously great. The black leather is soft and matte, the boots are cut narrow through the foot, skinny through the ankles, and snug through the calf. Since I have little bony birdie legs (from the knees down at least) they fit like they were custom made for me, me, me. The stacked leather heels are perfect and very walkable, the little arch pad is divine. Expensive, but will only get better with age. The day after these arrived, my old black boots had a complete sole failure! It was just meant to be. More narrow cuts please!
Posted by Marlies from Vancouver:
I just bought these boots!! They are narrow in the calf and I thought the same thing, I am not a big person and had a hard time zipping them up in the store I could not get them done up all the way...But then I tried one more pair, same size and once they were zipped all the way up.....luv em, bought em.... :-D

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