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Qtee (Noir & Beige)
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Qtee (Noir & Beige)
Qtee (Noir & Beige)
$159 USD
Reg $285
LIQUIDATION | Minis: Qtee [Noir & Beige]
GROUPES:   Vente   Chaussure   Décontracté   Femmes   Habillé   Sandale   Talon  

Cet escarpin menu de deux courroies a été conçu et fabriqué pour être à la fois confortable et tendance. Il se démarque par ses couleurs vives et ses boucles d'argent. Fabriqué d'un cuir de qualité, avec un talon solide de trois pouces, il possède la - si stable et si durable - semelle F-Sole de caoutchouc qui ajoute un demi-pouce à votre grandeur. Go on, fall in love. We dare you! (Allez-y, devenez amoureux. On vous met au défi!).

Talon : 3"

Instagram @fluevog #vog_qtee

From the fit experts:

Sean C. from our New York store says:
The QTee is true to size in length but fits a little bit wide in the toe box.

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Posted by Rachel from Weymouth, Dorset, UK:
My best shoes

Saw these in the shop window on a trip to Boston and had to buy the black and beige ones. They are my favourite shoes by far and I wish I had bought the red and pink ones too. Get compliments every time I wear them, including from the interviewer at a job interview (think that's why I got the job). Definitely going to buy another pair - maybe Elifs too - hang the shipping expense (please please open a shop in the UK soon!)
Posted by nici from pittsburgh pa:
nothing else compares to you!

These were my first vogs. I get nonstop compliments from guys and girls and they're the only heeled shoe I can wear as an outside salesperson where my feet didn't feel like they're bleeding @ the end of a busy day--now it feels like I wore sneakers instead! It all started on a lark when I visited the melrose store before I moved from LA in 06. I left w/ a turquoise pair & when I arrived in arizona & realized I was in love but there was no vog store to be found! On a trip back to LA in 07 I got a pink pr & green pr. Since they fit so great I ordered off the web a black pr plus a backup turquoise pr since they're my favs & were the last pr in existence in my size! In 08 again off the web I ordered the new colors red/black & brown/red plus I experimented w/ the darlings & purchased them in red & brown but the darlings never fit like the qtees do. Since I have all the qtee colors to date (make purple & orange please! :) I'm considering the zazas and babydolls but since I'm also storeless in Pittsburgh now I'm unsure about what size I'll need to get the awesome fit from the qtees. I'm up to 9 pr @ this point but I think a roadtrip to the New York store might be in order : ). Viva la vogs! lol
Posted by Colleen from Edmonton:
First pair...heavenly!

I saw a woman wearing a pair of these in brown and probably cream at a concert and I set all social standards aside and pushed through the crowd to ask where she got her shoes...we were at the Orpheum theater, right across from the Vancouver Fluevog store on Granville and she pointed to the store and I was hooked! I bought the black ones almost 5 years ago and still love them to bits! Sometimes for a change I criss-cross the straps (thanks to an awesome suggested from the vog salespeople!). They are very comfortable, nice and wide and look great with pants and skirts! Never fail to get a compliment when I wear them! Now...if only I could find the brown ones!
Posted by Emily Sullivan from Indiana:
Finally, heels for me!

I have extremely wide toes and a very narrow heel, which makes finding shoes a PITA. I bought these, figuring that if I only wore them for special occasions, then I would be doing good. Not only can I wear these for special occasions, but they are comfortable enough for me to wear for work. They do need a little bit of breaking in, but that's mostly to get my foot used to the shoe. Now my only difficulty is figuring out which Fluevog I'm going to buy next!
Posted by Julia Friedland from San Antonio, TX:
They are here!

I love these shoes beyond all reason. I admired them from afar for a couple of years and when they finally arrived on my doorstep it felt like homecoming. They are pure perfection, sexy and flattering, and everything is improved by wearing them - including my mood! Just looking at them makes me happy. I have worn them with everything and they are always appropriate. On our first outing together I wore them to an event with a black dress and pearls. Next, to work with a skirt and cardigan, then later for shopping with jeans and a tank. They are comfortable, stable, and a joy to walk in. I wear European 38 and US 7.5 to 8. The helpful people at the Seattle store advised me to order a 7.5 and the fit is fantastic. I am totally converted and never want to wear anything but Fluevogs ever again. I find myself planning my outfit around my shoes and I can't wait until the next pair arrives - I cannot get enough! I've received compliments from friends, co-workers, students, and customers. Strangers really do go out of their way to inquire about them and I've received more than one envious glance while wearing my Qtees. I don't know if it is the sexy, strappy Mary-Jane style, the distinctive Mini heel, or the happiness I radiate when wearing them. Do yourself a favor and don't wait as long as I did to order these shoes!
Posted by Laurene from Idaho:

I LOVE my cherry red/black/brown pair with multi colored striped tights and a skirt, as well as dress pants!
Posted by N-Q from Vancouver:
Not as clunky as they seem. Roomy width.

In my eyes, these shoes always looked a bit clunky for my short frame. However, once you try them on, not so. I've only worn them with a pair of jeans and they looks very cute. Hubby tells me that they are "very VERY cute". The thick soles are a relief to the feet. Ah- Note for people with VERY wide feet: Unlike some other comments here I went down two sizes from 7.5 to 6.5. Considering I usually buy one or two sizes bigger than my feet length, I'm assuming these shoes are designed with lots of room width wise.
Posted by christa from alameda, ca:
Love Them!

Yet another fabulously comfortable Mini shoe, although I admit being utterly perplexed as to why the sizing varies so wildly; I am reliably a 7.5 and the Dollface fits me perfectly in that size, and in the Qtee I'm an 8.5! Another reviewer suggested it would be helpful of Fluevog were to post insole sizes for each style, and I agree.
Posted by sheri from State College:
my Good God..i need more!

holy hell----my anniversary trip back to Boston... the best city EVER.....NEWBERY STREET AND FLUEVOGS. SOOO COMFY. i've had more compliments on these shoes than any shoe i've owned.. ever. they are 3yrs old and keep getting more n more comfy.
Posted by Donna from Sammamish, WA:
Love 'Em

I took a chance on these. I got the red/black, and they were my first pair of Minis, so I wasn't sure about them. But they do go with so much of my winter wardrobe (which is all black, brown and grey anyway), and they are adorable, and very comfortable. I like them a lot and will definitely be shopping for more Minis in the future!

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