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Paris (Burgundy Suede)
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Paris (Burgundy Suede)
Paris (Burgundy Suede)
Paris (Burgundy Suede)
Paris (Burgundy Suede)
$129 USD
Reg $255
CLEARANCE | Attentions: Paris [Burgundy Suede]
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Since the invention of the very first tiny black dress the classic pump has been the perfect accompaniment, and the combination even inspired the very first eyebrow raise from the Royal Court. John drew the Paris with an understated, timeless rounded toe with tunite soles and a sensible & elegant 4" curvy leather wrapped heel, complete with a small platform for comfort as you walk your small dogs down the Champs Elysees. Featuring leathers in smooth or faux-devilfish finishes, or in embossed patterned suedes, The Paris will attract unrelenting attention. Take notice, John brings back the true pret-a-porter experience!

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From the fit experts:

Rebecca, Dustin & Laura from our Chicago store says:
Stunning as always, the Paris is one sexy yet easy to wear heel thanks to cleverly hidden platform and incognito rubber sole. Very true to size in length with a delicate toe box that will need to break in. Stepping up in size is not recommended.

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Posted by Kate from Columbus, OH:
Bought these for my wedding

In the end, they didn't end up matching my dress, but I've worn them all over town just the same. It's amazing- for such a high heel, they are very sturdy. I credit the design of the shoe- it puts your weight on your heel vs the ball of your foot AND the fact that the heel of the shoe flares out a bit, so there's more for you to stand on vs teetering on a small point- so I can go all day in these and not come limping home. I've gotten a lot of complements, I did size up a little bit- ordered a 9.5 instead of the 8.5/9 I would wear in other shoes- but that's exactly what I expected as all my other Vogs are similarly sized. Really, a great pair of heels- I will be trying to save up for other colors!
Posted by Sonomagal:
OMG! I'm 52 years old and can actually wear 4in heals again. These are the best design for a high heel I have ever had my feet in. First, I have a bunion and the round toe gives my crooked toes lots of space. The ball has padding, so the shoes are comfortable. And the red is amazing. It's a beautiful, soft, pinkie red which is great against bare skin. Soooo sexy and sooooo 1940's feeling in the red. I did have to go up a full size from my normal street size. So do size UP.
Posted by Katherine from Bay Area, CA:
LOVE these shoes!

I bought these as my first pair of 'Vogs. I got them in Olive Ostrich. I ordered online and was impressed with the communication from two different stores trying to get me my shoes. I ordered in a 10, but NY called and said they were sold out, but offered for me to try the 10.5, saying they ran small. I was worried about that since they were pumps, not flats - but the 10.5 is PERFECT! These will be my go-to pair of pumps! It doesn't matter that they make me 6'2" tall - they are sexy as hell - and the size is big - but the shoes minimalize the look - my feet don't look big at all! Yay Fluevog! ,-)
Posted by Tammy from Baltimore:

I wore these shoes on Friday to my office holiday party and got lots of compliments. I go between a size 8 and 8-1/2 in Fluevogs and these in 8-1/2 fit perfectly. I was worried the high heel (higher than normal for me) was going to be unbearable (standing all night), but overall my feet did not suffer greatly, even after walking 8 blocks later in the evening, because the footbed is nicely padded. I wouldn't recommend these as a "walk-around-town, gonna-dance-all-night" shoe, but unlike other fancy party shoes, this one isn't constricting.
Posted by Whitney from New York, NY:

I've been in love with these shoes for a good long time and finally bought them when the Olive Ostrich went on clearance. I love these. Love love love. Comfortable for as high of a heel as they are (the slight platform helps) and truly beautiful. Great for a night out or to the office. I'm a 6.5 in the Teapots so the 6.5 worked for me in these as well. Cannot wait to wear these out an about some more!
Posted by AD from Calgary:
Gorgeous, but odd sizing for sure.

I just purchased the sparkly beige ones in a size 9 (which I usually reserve for boots, for the extra sock). The 9 was slightly large, so I asked to see them in an 8.5. Could not even put my foot IN them! Nearly AN INCH difference between the two pairs! So the young lad brought me another pair of 8.5, and those fit. A bit tight, granted, so I purchased the 9. I'll just add a pad at the front. Now I can understand why everyone is so confused on the size on this particular shoe. Not even the same sizes are the same size! DO try them on!!!
Posted by Claudia:
I just received these shoes in Black Devilfish - they're great! My highest pair of heels yet, it took me a while to get used to walking in them. I doubt I'll ever wear these outside because of the heel height, but they make a fantastic pair of office shoes, and are about as comfortable as a 4" heel can get. They're not quite as sparkly as I thought they'd be, which is honestly a point in their favour - actual sequins would have been over the top I think. Fit is pretty standard "runs small" for me, I got them in a 9.5. I tend to order operetta and mini heels in a 9, while skinnier heels like teapots and bellevues I go for a 9.5. My foot is shorter and wider than average and a 9.5 in these fit nicely.
Posted by Callie from Calgary, Alberta:
Pink Paris

I had my eye on these beautiful shoes since the day they came out!! I don't wear alot of heels but from the look and the raving reviews I thought these would be just perfect!! They arrived today and I could not wait to try them on....I couldn't even get my foot into them! I normally wear a size 8 so I bought an 8 1/2 to make sure and honestly I feel like one of the ugly step sisters trying to squeeze my big fat foot into these Cinderella worthy shoes! I don't have wide feet and always fit comfortably into store bought 8's...why are these so incredibly tight? Huge HUGE let down as these are my very first pair of Fluevogs (:`(
Posted by Nicole:
I heart fluevog! I wore the beige devilfish attention paris' for my wedding and they were amazing! Besides being beautiful and adding height (so I didn't look like a child playing dress-up in my mother's dress) the heels were sturdy enough to navigate the rough terrain of the outdoor venue! I'm talking bumpy former sheep pasture aisle to walk down AND unpacked gravel paths to the bathroom... thanks, John fluevog, you are great!
Posted by Kate from Regina, SK, Canadialand:
sexy, stunning, yet suitable for work!

I bought these in black about 2 minutes before they went on sale. When I got them and tried them on, I realized they are so awesome that I immediately ordered a second pair in olive ostrich! These shoes are conservative enough for my office, but the sexy curve of the heel gives them a beautiful look that always gets compliments. (Actually, ALL my Fluevogs get compliments in the office, on the street, etc., haha!) They give me long, slender-looking legs. I really want them in the devilfish colours now, for after work! I did NOT have to order up a half size -- if anything, these fit a bit big on me, but some nice gel cushions on the heels and in the toes ought to solve that.

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